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Graffiti Scene

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kronone, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. bloodlandmoney

    bloodlandmoney Senior Member

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    where im from it seems like all you need is a fitted cap, tall tees, shitty can control and you are the scene, everyone just wants to be the og's from the get go
  2. ReadyToStrike

    ReadyToStrike Senior Member

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    lol thats when you and your boys rob the toys and cross their shit out..
  3. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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    you gottta blast little mijoes. i think you know what im mean
  4. Get Rekt!

    Get Rekt! Senior Member

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    New Hampshire is dead..
  5. MTK

    MTK Senior Member

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    Albuquerque is full of gang bull shit not very many writers that just write for them selfs.
  6. MVUV4l

    MVUV4l Member

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    i havent got to check out all sides of ohio but in columbus PBJ n HWC crew are runnin it artist such as alot desko bazooka reno but the prt of ohio im from the graff scene sucks its really jus my krew n maybe 1 or 2 other ones that why we travel n bombs freights n semis
  7. Mr.Hater_666

    Mr.Hater_666 Member

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    Everyones gettin up in Delaware :3
  8. Jeffrey Inpho Daniel

    Jeffrey Inpho Daniel Member

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    our scene is nothing but shit talking and ego, we got a writer from chicago who's dope and straight terrorizing our scene, motivated a bunch of writers to bomb, overall, alot of history, but periods of on and off graffiti wise,
  9. SkyWalkerr

    SkyWalkerr Member

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  10. theEmenhiser

    theEmenhiser Member

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    Scene around here is ok...I've mostly just scene a few tags here and there on power boxes and bus stops. Found some decent bombs and a roller at this old abandoned factory a couple months ago, though.
  11. walkdatline

    walkdatline Senior Member

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    I used to tag a lil bit up around delawere and md....but I moved out to fucking washington state...where there is almost no scene..there's a couple of alright crews out here but other than that...its just a couple of alright tags here and there... which is fine...just wish there was more...I've been taggin a lot again...tryin to pick up so momentum..but it'll prolly die off real quick...can't wait to get back to the east coast
  12. Sinister151

    Sinister151 Member

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    DSCI0335.jpg Kitchener On >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it sucks . but Im workin onj it
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