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Graphilosophy: Exploring how our views on life shape our graff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scipl, May 24, 2012.

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  1. scipl

    scipl Member

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    I know that we all don't have the same views on life, what's right/wrong, the best ways to use our strength and intellect while on earth, what to do with our time, what to promote, etc.

    I want this thread to be a place where we can share our world-views and how they shape our different approaches to graffiti..

    What's a world-view, it's the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point-of-view, including natural philosophy; fundamental, existential, and normative postulates; or themes, values, emotions, and ethics.

    Your world-view refers to your framework of ideas and beliefs through which you as an individual, group or culture interpret the world and interact with it.

    And your world-view describes a consistent (to a varying degree) and integral sense of existence and provides a framework for generating, sustaining, and applying knowledge.

    I don't necessarily care what your world-view is, at the same time if you view the world the same way Hitler did then both I and most everybody on earth is not going to accept your world-view.. assuming that no artist on this forum views the world in a way that
    condones unnecessary death and destruction or anything dumb like this, I know that we will most likely disagree with the ways some of us view the world differently from one another, but just because we disagree doesn't mean we can't respect each other as much
    as possible!

    ---------------------- continued below
  2. junkbox

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    Good subject I'd say, although I don't know where to begin.

    I've stuggeled a lot with my world view at the core, not like, finding my own world view, one that suits me (although I suppose thats part of it). My view of the world, the way in which I perceive/d it, was/is flawed to the point it became/becomes increasingly hard to live. But I'm getting better.

    Hitler... hmm. I'm not condoning the mans actions, but I'd like to think sometimes someone is just so fucked up that their attempts to correct that lead to all kinds of horrible shit. So, an essential part of my personal philosophy deals with understanding people, their problems, and trying to help them actualize their limitless potential while at the same time maintaining myself, and reaching for the same goals. Sometimes its hard to balance, you know, universal love, altruism, with taking care of yourself.

    I try to expand, grow, go for constant elevation, be mindful in general and pay heed to what I perceive to be life's divinity. Ponder the mysteries of existence.

    Staying positive is key. What I now view as cool synchronicities, a nod from GOD or whatever it may be, I once saw as proof that I needed to destroy myself. I spent a bit of time as close to Hell as I've ever been, and I try not to go back, and be aware of who may be there themselves and how to avoid what might keep people there or take them to that place.

    It may sound corny , the ol' love/hate dichotomy, as a matter of fact I think I saw a post on here clowning on an image of some kid with LOVE & HATE four-finger rings [EDIT: Seems this is just someones signature? I guess the LOVE/HATE knuckle tattoos are a bit over done, but if thats what you're feeling go for it big daddy], but I've been an unbalanced scale of self-loathing and a kind of love & kindness. Duality in general and its pervasiveness is more than worth noting. I haven't dug into it much.

    How this shapes my actually style, I'm not sure.. I'm big on curves & hearts, kind of a loopy fluid acid-style. As far as what motivates me, call me a untrue to the game or whatever but I don't care much for smashing shit, I've always loved chill walls and attempts to master the piecing part of this craft.

    I'm just recently coming into my own, spiritually/philosophically AND with my writing. Still much work to do in realm of real-world relationships though.

    Thats just a bit, I hope to reflect on this more later..

    Take care writers.

    side note while here: I fear I may've came off as a weirdo and/or made improper assumptions that irked you as I haven't heard back from you scipl, I still hope to.
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  3. scipl

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    The following is the world-view I discovered and settled on while painting both illegally and legally in life over the past 8 years. I have taken time to sit down and ask myself questions and examine what I'm doing and from this I've
    developed a kind of philosophy or graphilosophy (random word I thought of.. ) … a title for this info randomly popped into my head "My graphilosophy says grafflicitly" hope others will share their ideas too, because human ideas are extremely fun to explore….


    Illegal Writers…

    1) You have to deal with pressure because ppl are gonna hate on you just because of what you do:
    police, regular citizens, etc.

    2) You risk loosing your clean record, which can effect multiple things..

    3) You risk surrendering your time usage while alive on earth to hours of community service: you
    can't hang with your friends as much, you can't do what you want to do, you have to clean or things
    just get worst… although, cleaning up the community isn't bad punishment, it's nice when things are
    clean.. still, your time is precious and you risk handing it away to service hours which can hurt you
    if your time is most usefully spent doing other things…

    4) You risk missing out on tons of friendships that you could build just by asking the owners of
    places, "Can I paint on the bare wall of your building?"

    5) You risk having to cover up your own work immediately after you just got caught for doing it..

    6) You risk wasting your time painting to promote you and some mysterious movement when you
    could be enjoying your fellow citizens and getting to know them by asking for permission and
    learning how they view spray art and it's place in society.. ultimately you struggle when speaking to just anybody and
    you assume that everybody is connected to the cops and trying to get you arrested, so you risk
    enjoying regular interaction with other people around you where you may have a chance to do
    work on their building or help them understand spray art if they have a twisted/ignorant view of it.

    7) You risk never getting paid for your hard work

    8) You risk your safety when you're running from police in certain environments

    9) You risk your safety when you're trespassing and have no clue what the real hazards are in the
    environment you've entered

    10) You risk teaching others a lifestyle that could expose them to unnecessary pain or even death
    because of the risks you take and lead others to take

    11) You risk making people really upset and having to deal with their retaliations to your illegal work, retaliations that could expose you to unnecessary pain or even death

    12) You risk making someone angry and having to deal with their anger towards you for your entire
    life on earth (although this could happen in any circumstance, why let your choice to paint illegally increase the possibilities??)

    13) You risk getting fined a large amount of money that you will have to find a job to pay off, a job you may not like that will take up time that you could be spending differently

    14) You risk missing out on opportunities to make money by doing spray art work for local building owners, because instead you spend time carefully planning illegal work..

    Legal Writers…

    1) You don't have any added pressure because you paint your name in broad day light. People may still give you an attitude but you
    can be completely open and honest with them because you aren't hitting random stuff on the streets: police respect you (hopefully), and regular citizens have an
    opportunity to respect you, plus painting with your friends in the day light gets more of a return for your effort, you don't have to waste so much time planning
    illegal work because you're not breaking any rules..

    2) You never risk loosing a clean record, a clean record can have many benefits..

    3) You aren't forced to give your time on earth over to community service because you will never get caught for breaking rules, You won't find yourself painting over all
    your hard work with white paint the same day you finished working on it..

    4) You have endless opportunities all over the place to meet new people who own buildings and learn about their view on spray art and if they'd like to incorporate it on their

    5) You don't become a stuck-up and weird stand-offish human who's full of themselves and never taking the initiative to pursue variety and ultimately enjoy life for what
    it's worth, you don't live in fear of the police and what they may do to you, you don't live scared of anyone who isn't in your crew or a crew you know of because you paint legally
    you have none of these cares.. in addition to this you're not wasting your time and getting confused trying to promote your crew all over town or some mysterious
    movement that doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast.. you just promote art as an entertaining medium to view, and build relationships through your art with local
    citizens; using your art talent to help others enjoy life.. so then you don't have an ignorant and narrow view on everything outside of writing, you are well rounded and
    everyone who's not being dumb can enjoy who you are by the way you express yourself..

    6) Because you're known for legal spray paint art you are able to spend more time looking for art-related projects, you don't have to spend time planning illegal work,
    instead you can ride around and pick up projects at local cafe's etc. where you can be open and true about what you do and who you are..

    7) You don't have to risk what may happen when running from the police because you will have no police after you

    8) You don't have to risk what may happen when you trespass because your painting environments are found on active territory (hopefully free of hazards!)

    9) You aren't teaching others a lifestyle of vandalism you're teaching them a lifestyle of painting to express yourself to others for the benefit of getting to know others
    and enjoying such interaction, what you teach you won't have to feel guilty about later or wish you hadn't taught, no regrets..

    10) You won't make local citizens upset because you decided with them what you will paint on their building and that is all that matters, people will find respect for you (hopefully), so you
    won't deal with ridiculous and unknown retaliations on such a grand scale by doing illegal work only

    11) People won't be angry with you in places where you're caught painting on their entities, since you always ask permission what you do is expected to be on other peoples
    entities, they have nothing to be angry about.. unless you paint a huge penis instead of what you agreed to paint!

    12) You won't have to pay your hard earned cash to the government for working hard on an illegal piece that you were caught painting because your work is legal and getting fined is
    not even a care

    13) Since you won't get caught you get to build and strengthen your resume in your local sphere, the more projects you complete the better known you become, the better
    your portfolio looks the greater a desire people will have for what you have to offer, the opportunities that stack up are great as compared to what's missed by being out and
    writing the same-old-same-old and getting the same-old reactions your whole life..

    My personal Exceptions to illegal writing:

    1) Concerning the mysterious movement behind spray paint art in general, I know they're some illegal artists out there who swear that what they write illegally will be noticed,
    and after it gets noticed it will some how send off sparks in the minds of the powers that be, and in turn because they painted their illegal work they have in turn changed
    the minds of the powers that be and in turn changed how we're governed in america.. In… This…. Case… I actually think that illegal graffiti is needed if someone really thinks
    that their work can do this, because I totally hate the choices that our government makes in this country on all sorts of levels and I wanna see SO much change, especially
    how money is used… (this is a whole different discussion, "Can an abundance of illegal graff cause anything to change?")

    2) If illegal work saves someones life, I have No… Clue… how this would come about, but if painting an illegal work at the right time and the right place is to save someone
    from suffering an unnecessary death, then so be it, I know there's such thing as art therapy… If your illegal work helps someone heal from cancer then go for it..

    3) Moments of Injustice or other things you're getting affected by: Again, I have No.. Clue… how this would come about, but if painting illegally would some how resolve unjust
    actions that are being done against you or resolve an evil agenda that's being forced on you then by all means take the chance of getting caught and paying a fine or whatever
    in order to put an end to injustice or evil agendas that are plaguing you or others..
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  4. scipl

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    My experiences both illegal and legal:

    When I painted illegally I felt… pretty lost and empty afterwards.. I mean, I knew I had just done something cool, my crew buddies or the toys who looked up to me thought I was cool for climbing up and painting the billboard, sure, but at the end of the day, it GOT STONE COLD BORING AS HECK.. and I wanted more out of the habit then what it kept offering..
    I felt lonely, very lonely inside, despite knowing other artists, painting with them, etc, the lonely feeling was intensified as my habit was fed, I felt like an outcast, and something
    was telling me that I was missing out on a ton of awesome experiences and things by using so much time painting illegally, something told me that I wasn't supposed to feed the
    habit and let the feelings of loneliness, unproductiveness, and consistent desires for more more more effect my life.. I felt I was becoming someone I didn't want to be. I realized that all the feelings that came with illegal writing and that intensified over the years made me feel miserable and were turning me into a person who didn't GIVE A CRAP about anything anymore but just painting on whatever he wanted for whatever reason he wanted to feel good for a moment and then repeat it mindlessly just because that's what it was about (btw this is practically the definition of insanity).. I was full of myself too, I felt like I deserved credit from other artists for my illegal work and that if I didn't get it they were stupid, I sized up people based on their experience and alienated myself from people just because they weren't on my level and didn't do the things I did, I started not liking myself because I met others like me and they treated me and others LIKE CRAP and were full of so much apathy that it was like I had entered a dreamworld and left reality and what a life outside of illegal graffiti had to offer me.. I never felt like I was really good, I just wanted others to see my work and tell me they liked it, that's all that ended up mattering, I just wanted to see my mark on society but I always felt after looking at a billboard I'd done while driving by in my car "what's next?, what's the real point?, isn't there more to it?, is that all you got? that was fun while it lasted but only I enjoyed it, does anybody even care about me? Does this art even mean anything or help anyone in any way? Is it supposed to be all about
    me and this little graffiti-world i'm trying to be a part of?"

    When I decided to only paint legally.. At first I didn't even know if it was going to go anywhere.. until I found out about these guys: .. I decided, I'd go to
    a store near my house that has a side of their building that's bare and ask them if I could paint on it.. So I went to a tool store, had a huge white wall on one side facing the train tracks, I proceeded to ask if I could practice and then maybe paint my name or something decent and not vulgar on the side of their building.. to my astonishment the guy I asked was one of 3 owners of the tool store, he had actually graduated from an art college and was totally open to the idea, later, the other 2 owners said that my work would likely attract the people who just come and paint stupid stuff all over and make a wall look like a scribbly mess of ugliness, they said this would likely happen because there's a walking path that
    goes right over the tracks and that many people would see it, so they mentioned that if the path wasn't there they would be happy to let me paint under one condition: If I painted
    anything controversial or vulgar I would have to paint the whole wall white again. So, it was a hit and miss at the tool store, so I went to a relatively new vegan cafe a week later,
    met the owner and asked her the same thing, amazingly, she was totally open to it and wanted to do a trade: If I decorate her bathroom in her cafe for her with art then she'll
    let me use the back of her cafe building for my spray art.. she just wanted to see some examples of my work first and said I could get started right away..

    The Philosophy and the vision:

    I think some spray paint artists are talented, unique, and inspirational in many ways. I don't think this art form is for everyone, not just anybody can pick up a can and create some-
    thing fresh and unique that shows they have serious talent and that inspires others. Those who do have the know-how, who are known for bringing across words/characters/etc
    uniquely are those who can find legal work to be MUCH more rewarding and enjoyable in this life than illegal work. Those who aren't talented, who don't take time to hone
    their skills and develop a style specific to them that inspires others aren't going to get the same results from doing legal work only. Those who are in the game with skills should
    be able to find tons of legal work to do, especially if they can do characters and scenery. I think these select artists need a network where they can really spread their art all over
    the place, a network that's beyond brick and concrete buildings or common public entities that can be painted on legally, they need a network of some sort that can help their
    unique work permeate the world, where they can do canvases and work on other surfaces that people can enjoy (vehicles, building/home interiors, etc.). In the world right now
    they're probably 1000 spray paint artists that are top notch and produce work that is extremely unique, clean, uses tasteful colors, etc. .. out of these artists many of them have
    built their own networks and paint professionally today. In the years to come, as communication becomes more influenced by technology I think we could see some sort of
    network where spray paint art enthusiast can come to browse through all the works by these 1000 or so artists and find what they like and ask one of them to come and
    complete a project for them, whether it's on the side of their public entity, or wherever the art is written it will be acceptable to the owner of the entity that it's sprayed on, it won't
    cause anyone to get angry and it won't draw police attention, instead the artist will enjoy a rewarding hobby that allows him/her to express themselves and help others enjoy
    art for what it's worth.

    Some people want murals done that express good messages:

    Some people want work done that advertises their business and how they make a living:

    Some people want murals to promote their causes to help the community:

    Some cities just want artists with real talent to step up and ask if they can make the city more beautiful:

    Some places are really taking things to a new level for the talented artists out there this is my FAVORITE video of all:

    At the end of the day, after sitting quietly and thinking about why I pick up the can I realized that I would much rather paint a piece that inspired a parent to love their child than to just paint "another" piece of my name in some random abandoned place that can just be seen and admired for no more than being "another" cool piece, I'm real glad my parents love me and are still together and still doing their best to help me in life if I really need them (promoting such love is worth it), I realized that what needs to be seen is what can help others, I want to paint to help others rather than just help myself and my own little world of similars! I know that graffiti sort of birthed out of a desire to express the ideologies, needs, emotions etc. of regular citizens to the rest of society, and in some cases like I mentioned above it's good to expose/fix problems with our artwork, at the same time all us humans realize that for example Hitlers agenda was wrong, though some still carry a Hitler-like worldview today, the masses disagree with his views, so at the end of the day whatever you choose to paint for, make sure you're getting up with purpose and not just wasting your time when you could be enjoying the fruits of painting legally and finding out what your art can really be worth in this life on this earth..

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  5. scipl

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    yeah, I wasn't able to finish the intro posts to this thread, but you've shared your ideas and that's always worth sharing, I'm not big on picking apart other peoples ideas, and I'm not the best at responding to ideas.. If I do have something more to share related to your ideas then I'll share. This thread doesn't have to be a place where we pick apart or even relate to each others views, it can be, but not everyone even cares about what others think, so why waste your time typing a response if people just don't care? I really just look forward to reading everyone's ideas and responses to what I've shared, if anyone wants my opinion I'll give it in PM's or give it if they request my response here in the thread..

    Personally I can relate to you, more so 8 years ago than today though, I found life throwing nothing but mysteries at me, and I lived very a confused, apathetic, and most of all selfish life. For me, I had a friend who I taught how to bboy approach me after he had a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. I thought it was crazy, but at the time I had just embarked on a spiritual journey to see if there was anything real out there that could maybe help me in life, as in some non-human entity of some sort, and just so happened that right after my search started my best friend claimed to have found a spiritual existence, so I gave it a chance and took it seriously, sure enough I finally experienced what I'm convinced was Christ, it hasn't left me the same, I still have a lot of questions, but because of the terms that I've agreed to accept and follow out of the New Testament I have this access to a spiritual life, and this life I have because of Jesus has over the years became extremely real, it's helped me find my world-view and better understand my existence..
  6. junkbox

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    That side note of my mine at the end, I had wrote a few PMs to you and failed to get a response beyond my initial one giving props for your work. Thought there was more to that, perhaps you didn't get them, or perhaps you ignored them. One assumption I did make was that while your sketches show quite a bit of skill on all fronts, you might be fairly new and/or inexperienced when it came to painting. Seems after reading your posts here I may be wrong.

    I'm glad you've found a spiritual path that suits you, or perhaps it (you might say He?) chose you. I was just remarking to an old friend thats a heavy Christian the other day that I still bust out the Bible he gave me on occasion. I'm not much for Christianity myself but I was thinking about it and spiritual pursuits in general while working this morning. An MC I like said as one man he couldn't change the world, but he could give one ingredient to change one's self, and that everyone did that the world would change. This was to delve inside yourself and remove the negative characteristics of Satan that exist inside you. I'm trying, I could try harder. I'd like to set aside time to meditate, ponder how I'm living these days, but I do, in everyday life, reflect on how I can do better and act on that to the best of my abilities.

    I imagine our paths have been quite different (another assumption, however). I've had pretty big problems with drug abuse (hence the User Name), I was an incarcerted teen well before I ever got into graffiti, and a bit later on in my life I 'lost my fucking mind' (more on that next paragraph). At one point I spent a little time in & around various 12-step groups that introduced me to certain aspects of spirituality, spiritual growth...then again, LSD & Mushrooms were helpful in a similar regard. I've kinda left those (AA AND psychedelics) alone for now but they have been part of my growth and particular path and I feel its worth mentioning.

    I guess part of what I was getting at in my original post is I dealt with what I might call a curse (maybe curse has a kind of Magick connotation, perhaps Judgement is better). I was living in a manor, maybe like yourself eight years ago, that was quite selfish; narcissism was my everyday. Sometimes I view MCs and maybe alot of people down with Hip-Hop as God's modern-day Soldiers. Rastafarians talk of burning wickedness with the fire of judgement. I think its this this judgement I felt, not just from a lot of lyricists in their music, but in strange unexplainable coincidences. There's really only one way, to me, to explain these synchronicities. I did and SAID some pretty careless, stupid, in my mind wicked, things as a youth. Western Medicine calls one psychotic. I thought I was the shit and I got taught that I'm not, but the Hellish experiences and self-hatred I later felt taught and teach me every day to be more mindful of how I act and especially what I say say. The self-destructive lifestyles & acts I've stuggled with taught and teach me to respect life. So it's all been a blessing.

    The word is powerful, you know. Your Bible says it was what was there in the beginning, and it was with God and it WAS God (originally read 'I think,' I just decied upon re-reading to check for myself. John 1:1, you probably already knew that [no doubt you have your own interpretation], its good stuff though!). An old writer (back to the graff), I think it was Bando, quoted in Spraycan Art, he said he wrote letters 'cause 26 letters was enough to describe everything that exists in the world. William S. Burroughs (about as far from Christianity as anyone) said if he knew how to really write he could write some that someone would read it and it would kill them. Ironically, I'm not exactly sure how to say where I'm going with this, but maybe you'll catch my drift? [ On re-reading: what I'm trying to say is I was careless with my power, my word ]

    I love Hip-Hop but I don't consider myself a B-Boy, I wasn't properly introduced, inducted, into that life style. People, I'm sure you know, write graffiti for many different reasons, all types of writers out there, and I'm sure many continue writing now for reasons completely different than those they started for. Theres a lot of different MCs out there (some more poets, some straight-soldiers, whatever it may be). The ol' wheels of steel I don't know much about, as far as I know people were doing disco blends in the '70s, nowadays many people spin hip-hop, various electronic music, some scratch, still theres a lot of people in it doing different things, and I'd imagine for different reasons. I don't know much about breaking, I peeped your profile and it seems you do, so it'd be cool if you could tell me what you think about it and people's reasons for doing it. I had this idea that breakdancing is perhaps the one element that people do purely that hasn't came from (other than expressive dance in general) or been appropriated by anything else.

    Shit dude, here I am going off on a tirade just sharing my own ideas. Being a human myself I love humanity. The more I do for the greater good and the less for self the better. (That the two can be rolled into one is interesting). It would've been dope if young Hitler saw a piece that made him turn to spirituality (although its my understand he was all into the Occult, so even the spiritual has pitfalls, I guess), or if young fuckin... Slobodan Milosevich heard an emcee that put him on the path to righteousness. Whatever.

    I see we're the same age. What you do is wonderful, and if you think you're good with where you're at now, image 20 years from now, God-willing. But you probably already know that. Hopefully you're not to offended I haven't stuck to what is apparently your script. Keep on, I'm just taking an attempt to put this all out there.

    If any young or old writer out there wants to shoot the shit about their struggles with self, their latest piece, how they got sent to a youth facility for their fourth racking offense (or stealing a car and crashing it running from the authorities?), feel free to PM me, anytime. If any old or young writer out there wants to call me out for being a funk-faking-faggot, tell me I'm retarded, whatever, you can do that too. I love you too.

    Major relation to graffiti: Like I said in my first post, I prefer chill spots; although illegal, I like everything about it. The only advantage I really to see to fame, for me personally, is that I might have an opportunity to meet those who've inspired me on their own level. I should mention this idea of taking advertising, reality-hacking, fucking the system; its revolutionary I think. I don't want to see a McDonald's billboard on my way to point B everyday, I don't even want pop-up advetising eating my computer resources when I'm browing this here internet. Graffiti takes that shit, its taking back what should be the people's anyway, We may not have the money, the big-business connection, whatever, fuck it, were taking it for free AND giving back too, some kind of love, giving it to the world and showing it to ourselves at the same time. Graffiti is one of the few things, perhaps the only thing, that consistently brings me joy. I'd rather see even a poor attempt at self-expression and taking control than some bullshit Golden Arches. And I like beautifying otherwise blank, IMO fairly ugly wall (I'm not some LeCorbusier, I fail to see the aesthetic value of plain concrete). I enjoy trying to master this craft, if it is art, its where I've fit into the art-world, and a place in the world in general. I also like to think about some youngster seeing what we do, trying to do and succeeding in doing it himself (I'd like to think thats what happened to all of us).

    In love, wishing that, power, and the best to all the misfortunate, --JBx
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  8. scipl

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    Would b cool to see other reactions to this topic..
  9. deathorglory

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    It seems you are just attempting to get philosophical about why you are too pussy to get up. I bet your community college loves this shit, but we sure as fuck do not give a fuck
  10. Skeptic90

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    thank you
  11. scipl

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    Well.. I don't go to community college... and I already bombed illegally for 3 years, I was up with different names all over the place, down highways, on billboards, and for me it was all worthless painting. I didn't post what I posted in this thread for you to slam me with some dumb response that makes fun of me... doing that is just as worthless as I've found the illegal scene to be.. I posted in this thread so you could "respond" to it, if you don't care then don't post, I'm not asking nobody to approve or disapprove my actions, I've decided what I wanna do and it's because I've thought about it, I'm asking you what your world-view is and how you think it shapes your painting, I was the last person who was too pussy to get up, and I still am, I choose to not get up illegally for reasons that I've expressed, so don't come in here talking some damn non-sense that doesn't even belong here, you waste everyone's time including yours..
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    my world view is pretty strange i terms of what i see as morally correct and what isn't. Im very left leaning politically, i dont view theft from any retail location to be morally wrong for example. The fact that retail is based entirely off of the idea pf selling shit for more than it's worth, just to make the next man rich and make you more broke than you need to be, makes stealing from them morally righteous. Same basic idea goes forgraff. Everything in this world is built up to make the next man rich, even if it does serve the additional purpose of housing someone or something else that isn't why it was put there. So if i want to write my name on shit that was built out of greed, i see nothing wrong with that.

    Or maybe i'm just rationalizing so i dont feel like i'm going to hell.
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    Response: No one cares
  14. junkbox

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    I hear you (I heard once this song Looptroop or maybe just Promoe himself did about racking, doing his part to balance the economy I think he said), I was told once big corporations like WalMart set aside a large sum, part of their budget every year, to account for shit they know is going to be stolen.

    its only Politically Correct you might say ;D
  15. "MONSTER"

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    graff is not a hobby its a way of life and if i wasnt doin graff id prob be dead nuff sed.
  16. lakim shabazz

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    do what ever the fuck you want just remember the universal law, cause and effect

    i don't bomb mom and pop shops and alike city property corprat property etc is fair game.
    same goes for racking if and when i do.
  17. scipl

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    eh this is great, thanks for taking a moment to type your thoughts down, enjoyed getting to view your ideas.. .. last line about hell made me laugh.. I mean, like I said, I'm not starting this thread so I can bash your views on life or respond with some long response... This thread is just for stating your world-view and how it shapes your painting.. that's what you did, thanks.. if people want others to respond to them, then please say so.. I think this topic is personal and really subjective, so responding to each others views is likely worthless unless a request is made...
  18. graffiti bad boy

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    dont listen to ex writers that look down on tags or their wothless opinions
  19. scipl

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    ?... I don't look down on tags, some tags on buildings and things look like crap though.. and then many look great (you can tell they've worked on their handstyle)

    I didn't wanna open up much about this, but nobody's opinion is worthless, if an opinion promotes unreasonable death and destruction then it's worthless.. the majority of the world agrees..

    Today I see two different writers.. illegal and legal writers.. As I mentioned above, illegal writers have reasons they do what they do, and I thought about it and shared my views above, and also legal writers have reasons they do what they do.... I think it's Daim over in Europe who sticks to legals, he mentions in a video how unreasonable it is now to paint illegally, well, Daim's ideas/philosophy is his, if you don't like it, ok, but respect it.. the guy can paint..

    The real question then becomes, what kind of writer are you? Do you stick to the roots of graffiti writing by just writing on anything you want- anytime you want- and for whatever reason you want? Or, do you choose to paint legally and not mess with the illegal scene? All of us see benefits to both in our own ways, I've shared my thoughts, so I'm hoping other writers will share theirs in here..

    telling people to not listen to ex writers and assuming I look down on all tags and that I've shared my opinions doesn't make any damn sense in here... I wish people would stop hating and just SHARE, screw your personal feelings about me! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN what you think about me, this thread is about YOU, You can waste time in here telling everyone i'm dumb and have said worthless things.. but some people are choosing to share what their views are.. so you slamming me with personal opinions about me in here is not for this thread.. the whole point IS to share opinions in here.. I don't have any more opinions to share, I'm just eager to read the opinions of others that are actually related to the topic of this thread.. quit saying chump stuff that doesn't relate to this threads purpose.. please & thankyou
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  20. Tony

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    it was all "worthless"?? me no understand... did you expect to get something out of it besides the joy of painting?