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Handstyle Battle: Above and Beyond!

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Proper, Feb 17, 2009.

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Who's Above and Beyond The Others?

  1. Vela

  2. whocares!?!?

  3. E1 5P4R3

  4. Proper, FTW. I will join the next battle, also.

  1. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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  2. GraffitiZoo

    GraffitiZoo Banned

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    who cares owns. similar to my handstyle only better
  3. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    WORD/PHRASE: Welcome Home.

    SPECIFICS: One entry per person [paper or wall].

    DEADLIINE: Saturday, February 21st, 2009.

    RULES: No digital modifications. All skill levels welcome, and polling depends on the number of entries. You must send the photo posted in the private message or your entry will not be accepted. Also, keep the photo resolution [size] reasonable. 640 x 480 would be optimal.

    MOD IN CHARGE: Proper

    Neg_INFLUENZ Guest

    ewww theres a w in the new battle. whocares wrecked
  5. delliproof

    delliproof Senior Member

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    whocares on this one
  6. Fusion

    Fusion Senior Member

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    In all seriousness and not trying to be a prick or start anything here at all, but what is so great about whocares style everytime? Or is it just the people he goes against? No offense but I really am not feelin his style. I guess it's just my personal taste. I'll be the first to say I don't think I have a great handstyle...but can someone explain why everyone loves his? I don't see anything special about it, and personally I think it looks sparadic and messy. Sorry if I'm coming off harsh but I'm seriously trying to learn here...I seriously look at the polls everytime these battles come around and am so confused why people vote the way they do. Maybe I just view graff in a totally different way than most. I must say I am a sucka for a "cleaner" looking style which to some people is too "simple" looking so maybe that's my issue lol.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2009
  7. conartist0ne

    conartist0ne Member

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    i liked vela's. I mean u can acually ready it and it looks fresh.
  8. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    i would say whocares is best and to answer your question fusion i think its coz the letters are a bit different to the normal swervy style that most seem to do..its quite sharp and wild which is my personal style.

    although i would agree, it does look a bit messy coz the letters overlap too much but if you look at each letter seperately i think you can see th style hes going for and he seems to be pullin it off

    fair play
  9. Vela

    Vela Member

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    adding to what bonus said , i think people are looking always looking for a new and exciting style other than the basic letter structure like i did. Then again its all preference, in graff in general, but more specifically in handstyles its what u like. In battles like this, people tend to lean towards newer and fresher styles that spark and inspire creativity.

    whocares gmv, gj =]
  10. E1 5P4R3

    E1 5P4R3 Senior Member

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    "Pimps ride with Pimps, Hoes fuck with Hoes, . . . . Toys recognize Toys"
  11. mplswriter34

    mplswriter34 Member

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    who cares took it but this one was weak
  12. Decide

    Decide Senior Member

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  13. GraffitiZoo

    GraffitiZoo Banned

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    its not that he has an amazing handstyle or anything its dope...but everything else in this contest sucked. el spares is usally better
  14. .HATESONE.

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    who cares.but it wasnt mcuh competition in my opinion...
  15. Fusion

    Fusion Senior Member

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    Yeah I see all your points. And I do agree it is a unique and different style for sure. I guess my personal preference is something like bonus's & pusha's style or on the opposite side of the spectrum, a straight forward and "simple" clean one. Again, I'm not expert and I'm not trying to start something, just trying to understand.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2009
  16. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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    Proper FTW......I guess...
  17. whocares!?!?!

    whocares!?!?! Senior Member

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    i voted to enter next battle!
    this was a hard phrase
    i know my stuff overlaps a bit too much
    i've had that problem for years
  18. RegalER

    RegalER Member

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    WC has a fresh style kinda hard to read tho
  19. mistikk

    mistikk Member

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    whocares took dis one
  20. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    see, youve just answered your own question i think, its all about preference. pusha has a cleaner wild style but i like mine more crazy and love that stuff so theres no way to crit handys just like proper the mod told me in "midnight benching".

    good to see someone taking an understanding to things though, shows theyre willing to learn and shape their style