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Handstyle Battle; Midnight Benching

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Proper, Feb 2, 2009.

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Who's Benching Reigns Supreme?

  1. pencilpusha

  2. E1 5P4R3


  4. ZooM_GunShot

  5. dredwriter06

  6. Haste

  7. Vela

  8. Fantaaa

    0 vote(s)
  9. SeicOne

  10. Bonus

  1. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    well, i can just like anyone.
    i like to make my handys wild, doesnt always require structure or proportion, just look at peices and such.

    its the way i roll man. just coz i didnt do well on this battle dont mean i cant handstyle. see how i do on the nxt ones
  2. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

    • Messages: 1,940
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    vela, clean an steezy without goin over the top

    woulda voted pusha.. but your B is an R and your second N looks like a V. eye candy
  3. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

    • Messages: 4,876
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    Actually, you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I didn't mean you, specifically, couldn't give criticism. I meant that in general. As in, it's hard to criticize handstyles.

    However, you have an arrogant way of approaching handstyles. You shouldn't just go straight into "wildstyle" handstyles because they'll never live up their full potential. If you're serious about graffiti [which is apparent that you're not] you shouldn't rush the learning process. You're only going to hinder your own capabilities.
  4. knowme

    knowme Senior Member

    • Messages: 453
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    shut the fuck up. you're shit and you scribble.
  5. Chaserwon

    Chaserwon Senior Member

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  6. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

    • Messages: 141
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    well i didnt just go "straight" into this style, ive gone through loads but i prefer the wild style...
    everyone has a different style and this is mine, its not a scribble as the knowme dickhead said who clearly has no constructive crit about him either, just out to judge...nice one geeza...joker

    im not totally serious about graff no, i have more important life skills i work with, its a hobby and occassionally i do more...anyone fancy criticising me on that?
    graffiti isnt a serious thing, only if you need to do it to make a living otherwise its just a taste for a buzz. and public fame.

    im not beefin at all, i take my time with things totally, i know how it all works, i just dont appreciate people who are out to say "your shit" rather than state why or give out concstructive that not a fair comment?
  7. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

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    very helpful man, where was your entry...did you get your best mate to do your sig or what.

    hit up in the comps man dont just slag off..joker
  8. asiam

    asiam Senior Member

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    yeah bonus-bit too much..

    seicone ftw

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    i was torn between pencil and haste but pencils b bugged me out soo i went with haste....

    good job tho to everyone.
  10. 56ACE

    56ACE Senior Member

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    pusha and bonus are lookin dope
  11. knowme

    knowme Senior Member

    • Messages: 453
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    looks like my 'best mate' thinks you're shit too.

    [Broken External Image]:
  12. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

    • Messages: 4,876
    • Likes Received: 9
    Your one deluded motherfucker. Did you not see me give you advice, about three times? You're about as arrogant as they come. However you'll most likely be gone when the next winter rolls around. People like you, need to fucking get the hell out of here and get a clue.

    By the way, Knowme would crush you so fucking hard it's not even funny.
  13. Bonus

    Bonus Senior Member

    • Messages: 141
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    jesus christ man chill out. i took your advice in and all i did was talk for myself...i appreciate the advice by the way man no beef but im just talking to you, having a discussion!

    lol knowme...i find it hilarious you are so into yourself that you took the time to start beef with someone over the internet by writing their tag name and following "is shit"...its pure genius man.

    anyways chill out, bring on the next battles and i would like to see know me in them too plz
  14. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    ya'll got raped by pencil pusha
  15. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    ya bonus your too fucking flashy bud
  16. Terrible N

    Terrible N Banned

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    Pencil's isn't even a fucking hand.