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Handstyle Battle-Poison Control

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Proper, Jul 26, 2008.

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Poison Control

  1. Dukone

  2. Baek139

  3. Mekosbc

  4. Noise Not Music

  5. Mistikk

  6. Drunkenshits_One

  7. Freshair

  8. Properlicious

  9. 2345

  1. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

    • Messages: 4,876
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    Well, If I see him online i'll be sure to ask him myself.
  2. noise not music

    noise not music Senior Member

    • Messages: 242
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    The Y one wouldn't be considered as a add on because its part of the letter, the star for the I would be considered an add on by my standards . The point of this battle is to restrain from using little letter gimmicks and swirly doo dads and dots. Just try to do a solid sick font without trying to make it complicated or adding things that aren't directly attached to the letters.This battle is supposed to revolve letter structure. Nah what Im sayin?
  3. drunkenshits_one

    drunkenshits_one Senior Member

    • Messages: 358
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    yea man, sounds good. what about like a dot for the i? something to make it seem more like an i.

    good idea though, this'll be interesting
  4. Pesky_Human

    Pesky_Human Senior Member

    • Messages: 242
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    Holy shit! Excellent battle. NOISE takes the creative edge, but MEKO is so sick he can't be denied, and GMV.
  5. spitbot

    spitbot New Member

    • Messages: 2
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    lol i like the one thats really straight, but i just have one problem with really super duper elaborate handstyles like that..... you dont wanna go bomb and spend like 4-6 minutes at a spot bombing the same damn thing....
    unless you want to put like 50 tags in one little area... i dunno if you just put up one tag like that it would be sick, but time consuming.

    sick though.
  6. Riss

    Riss Elite Member

    • Messages: 561
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    Voted proper.. I can't see noise's pic
  7. rsakens

    rsakens Elite Member

    • Messages: 719
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    Baek139 all the way ............