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Handstyle Techniques

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Pony_1, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Pony_1

    Pony_1 Member

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    Ok, A while back i wanted to get into handstyle writing. I stared out with one of those industrial black permenants writing under Z.O.E and a pending name until I came up with something better. I boosted a few Prismacolor markers today (a pretty damn good upgrade) and some paint markers, and made up the name Lo Ark. Anyway, I know that when starting handstyle you should take it slow and develop your own style, but I was just wondering for future use, what are so handstyle techniques? I mean today I was practicing and got a really nice flair, then I tried it again and couldnt, so I was just wondering some so I could practice. Thanx :ph34r:
  2. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    dont tag with prisma colors.... well u learned flairs already thats dope...
    experiment with that a lil bit n fuck around with some different shit..

    i dunno.....
  3. all city

    all city Senior Member

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    Okay, can anyone tell me what "spanish" means as in "spanish montana"?
  4. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    There are two different kinds of Montana (apparently). Spanish and German. Spanish is the stuff BS sells in the online store. I'm not sure which is better because I've only tried the German, and it's damn good.
  5. Pony_1

    Pony_1 Member

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    Thanx TailsOne, i'm just using the Prismas unmtil I can get some Montana's and Sakura's :D
  6. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    go get a pilot or even a magnum 44...

    prisma colors are for like sketchin.. any other marker is cool
    but prisma colors are too good.. n you'll fuck up te nib...
    one of my friends tried doin sumthin on their shoe with 2
    of my prisma colors n totally fucked up the nibs... i had to throw
    em out...
  7. cess!

    cess! Elite Member

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  8. Pony_1

    Pony_1 Member

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    Thanx for the advice, but still, can someone tell me how to do some other techniques?
  9. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    you can go to michaels and buy things called zig poster markers
    those work really well
    sharpe sells a magnum marker

    just make it up
    my ex girlfriends dad who does graff
    told me to just keep writing your style over and over
    and you will learn it
  10. Pony_1

    Pony_1 Member

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    Ok thanx, I seen some of those today at Michaels, I was gonna take them, but my mom came, so yeh.
  11. RESA

    RESA Member

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    yo man just rack a bunch of 44's and paint markers. or make one with a pipe or bingo marker. look on bs it shows u how
    ps, if u make your own marker cook the ink with brake fluid. it stays 4 a long time . peaceeeeeee
  12. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    Generally with handstyles (throw-up's aswell) as you keep doing them they change and advance. Sometimes it's deliberate, sometimes it's not.
  13. Tails0nE

    Tails0nE Elite Member

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    fuck the 44's i was just sayin that for beginner...

    but pilots are the best... try n get a pilot..

    NEVOS ONE Senior Member

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    u cant tag with prismas...there to good to waste and they dont stay
  15. FaMoU$ NaMo$

    FaMoU$ NaMo$ Senior Member

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    blah blah blah blah

    sick hands

    STEP 2:
    bite those

    STEP 3:
    throw em' up!

    STEP 4:
    collect money, bang bitches.

    STEP 5:
    bask in you fame
  16. Scene*

    Scene* Elite Member

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    half of those suck my dogs balls
  17. all city

    all city Senior Member

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    I second that opinion. ^^^^^^^^^
  18. K0tt0nKandyandP0psicles

    K0tt0nKandyandP0psicles Elite Member

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    don't listen to the people who are telling you not to use a prisma for developing a tag. yeah they're no good to be tagging shit with because they're nice markers made for dope coloring, but your racking them so it doesn't matter.
    for your purposes, they'll do just fine. i've seen some dope prisma handies. it more or less comes down to the chisel tip.
    i wouldn't recommend using a magnum or pilot for this simply because the nib is so large. one tag will take up most of a notebook page.
    what i would recommend you do is get a notebook at the dollar store, and pretty much anything with a chisel tip, and cover every page with handstyles.
    after a few dozen filled notebooks, and a couple months of diligent practice, you should have something to work with.

    oh, and do what name said.
  19. C H E N Z O

    C H E N Z O Elite Member

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    that orange flared name tag wis a meaty beast man.
  20. The Incredible D

    The Incredible D Elite Member

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    wow... im suprised that nobody gave this guy shit...
    the last guy asking about handstyles yesterday got raped.