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Have you ever caught someone bombing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by simplyme, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. simplyme

    simplyme Guest

    Hey.. thought it would be nice to know if you have ever caught someone bombing...and if u have what did he/she do or say???
  2. ArTiStIc_ObSeSsIoN

    ArTiStIc_ObSeSsIoN Member

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  3. Mori

    Mori Senior Member

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    Yea. That's how I met my mentor. Caught a glimpse of him at a spot and waited till he was done. Been great friends ever since
  4. Numbah-19

    Numbah-19 Member

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    Hahaha once i caught my buddy bombing, so i thought it would be funny to mess with him, so iwas like, in my deepest voice,"EY! THE FUCK YOU DOING CUZ?" But instead of answering, dude just starting running the opposite way. So i had to call him on his cell, and i said "hey, come back and finish your throwie you pussy."
    He hasnt forgiven me yet.
  5. Saiko

    Saiko Senior Member

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    Every writer i've met except for two have been while they were tagging.
    ...And one of those two i met while I was tagging.
    The other tagged my skateboard to tell me his name.
  6. Senior Member

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    Not down here, but back home, i met lits of ppl that way, it was more lax up there, daytime peicing and shit, kinda miss it, but dont mis -40C
  7. simplyme

    simplyme Guest

    thats NICE!!!!!!
  8. am1er

    am1er Senior Member

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    Always thought that would be the funniest shit in the world
  9. am1er

    am1er Senior Member

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    that is hilarious
  10. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    "have you ever caught someone bombing?" No, but I did catch someone taking a shit in public once
  11. toopski

    toopski Guest

    never caught someone bombing nah i know about 30 people have caught me bombing tho usually just randoms and 1-2 cops never another writer tho i always contact people when i go out to paint if they gonna come
  12. Leopold Stotch

    Leopold Stotch Senior Member

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    I saw my friend hitting a bus years back, he was the one who ended up getting me into graff after that.
  13. theEmenhiser

    theEmenhiser Member

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    Saw a dude downtown. I was throwing up stickers, and heard that familiar sound....looked over and he was hitting the wall of a building across the street.
  14. E1 5P4R3

    E1 5P4R3 Senior Member

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    where's back home????
  15. drewskii2088

    drewskii2088 New Member

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    Down by these train tracks some guy was bombing and me and my friend yelled at him as a joke, and he sprinted away and left all of his stuff there, so we took it.
  16. BennyBoii

    BennyBoii Senior Member

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    there's a big long wall going past the highway... kinda, anyway me and ma mate were walking past the fence that blocks the wall and we found 2 guys, one with a duffle bag, and we yelled some and they gave us the finger and jumped the wall. some nice pieces up there should get some pics.
  17. simplyme

    simplyme Guest

    nice :D
    ive never caught someone but if i ever do i would make the shit in their pants ;)
  18. Strange Journeys

    Strange Journeys Senior Member

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    i saw em and arrested they asses
  19. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    I doubt I ever will in my stupid town. I know there's only two other really active taggers in my area, I hope I bump into one of them.

    If somebody every caught me I wouldn't be one to leave all my stuff and run.
  20. spiltink

    spiltink Banned

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    wtf thats messed up you sick