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Heaven Spots: How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xan42, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Xan42

    Xan42 Member

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    Ok, everybody knows that heaven spots are perfect for proving your worth. But how far are you willing to go? Billboards are pretty good spots but have a high "getting caught" factor. Bridges and smokestacks, especially the big ones, are they worth it?

    Im asking the writers who have survived getting waaayy up, why, how, and where do you draw the line.

    Im asking all else, would you do it? and if you have a canvas in mind, Post it. Before and after.
  2. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    wonder why noone posted in this thread...

    getting caught on a billboard is slim when you kill the lights that are controlled by the little box at the bottom of the pole.

    rooftops are pretty tits. i think highway signs have the biggest getting caught factor. but rooftops off of the highway ftw. i've seen cats climb highway signs and damn near shit their drawers because they were praying that the next person driving by wasn't a cop.
  3. BATER

    BATER Senior Member

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    i've hit plenty of heaven spots ..billboards are pretty safe theres always a gettin caught factor but otherwise it all depends on whether the sign has a guard rail cause most dont have one but the platform is wide enough and safe and also if it sways back and forth due to its height

    ...ledges are pretty scary cause if you slip your gone unless your holding on good sum it all up its all based on the risk of falling cause if its 40 feet up and you fall its still gonna hurt but if its 100+ feet i'm sure you don't wanna risk going out on that shady ledge when its icy
  4. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    I wud go to da end of a fukin talll ass wall just to cactch my tag cuz i gotta hav every1 kno im out thar lol i dont even giv a sh#t if i fall lol hahahah fuck you toys
  5. peacebomb

    peacebomb Senior Member

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    There is a new heven spot thread evry other day......
  6. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    My line is when there is high traffic visible to the spot and it has a death risk.
    At night,I dont give a flying fuck.
  7. 7thIncision

    7thIncision Senior Member

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    Lmao Cause you're a straight up GANGSTA G THUGG HARDCORE MOTHAFUCKIN TAGGIN GANGSTA.........right?
    you're a joke.
    Look at what you just wrote there.
    Last time I checked, Graff is words, and words?
    Words need English.
    Do you Speak it?
    .....apparently not.

    If you wanna come in and diss everyone posting in a thread - go ahead. Just try not to make yourself look like a retard when you do.
  8. Decide

    Decide Senior Member

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    chill boy just wasted ur itme on that shit
  9. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    I don't think the guys sarcasm couldn't have been more obvious, you must really have a pile of shit that substitutes your brain.
  10. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    okay if you cant find the box that controls the lights, if you go up there and smash the lights out with your can, if you get caught will you get charged with vandalism twice?
  11. Bink1

    Bink1 Elite Member

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    no you get free candy -.-
  12. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    if youre going to be hitting a billboard, you shouldnt be concerned about breaking a few lights
  13. Aesir

    Aesir Senior Member

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    I put bags over the lights instead of breaking them so that people can see my ups at night. Plus, if they have to go up to fix the light they are probably going to buff your work at the same time and it will happen a lot sooner.
  14. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    those lights are hot as fuck... if you throw a towel over a billboard light it WILL catch on fire.

    and by the way, aesir, billboards get buffed in two days tops anyways.
  15. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    We've thrown jackets over the lights and it was fine.. but the first cop to drive by did use his search light to look at the billboard, I'm guessing because the light was gone.

    BARACK OBAMA Senior Member

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    if i knew i could get up there/do it it would be done!
  17. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    damn that's crazy, you get roped up? and i wonder what would happen if you got caught on a billboard with no paint with nothing on the billy yet.
  18. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    Nah, never got caught for it haha, all we did was lay down on the platform and then roll off to the side and hang there so he couldn't see our body lumps. After that though, my belt broke so I had to do the whole thing while holding my jeans up with the other hand.
  19. neuk

    neuk Member

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    fuck that, you hang from the platform? just bodies dangling from the edge? that's some hardcore shit, i just finish my jam, get down and walk off; cop or no cop
  20. 7thIncision

    7thIncision Senior Member

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    No bro. Legally you can't be charged twice for the same offence. It would just be one vandalism charge, but a bit more severe.