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Homemade guides(drugs,ink,markers,techniques)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drapes1125, Jan 22, 2020.

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  1. drapes1125

    drapes1125 Senior Member

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    I just write homemade guide on a sheetof paper andkeep tryingshit and whatworks iwrite it down and makeit into a guide.I like drank soap once to try and keep my high from a pill and it worked like i thought itwould i peaked can probably peak aboutthree times ifyou do that a couple times.why do i keep doing this lol.i wonder if i write homemade guide to drawing or creativity orsomething i wonder if i will beable towrite anything significant.Im bout to try any damn ways if i do anything worth it i will post it in this thread.much love toall the brothaz and sistas out there bombing and writing and tagging.keep doing what yall do this is probably the only thing in my life that is consistant and istill do.
  2. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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  3. SHUVEL3

    SHUVEL3 Member

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    idk sorry i wasout my mind tired to start this bitch off!!!!!
    you can drink like a haf a bottle of robitussin and get high as a mug first time only half then you can drink ike a whoe one and get super lifted.I did this shit when i was 13.Someone told me about it so i drank half i remember watching this badass cartoon and then seeing vidusls like a motherfucker
  4. The_D0WN3R_0ne

    The_D0WN3R_0ne New Member

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    Delsym cough syrup!!- drink the whole bottle and clear your schedule for the rest of the day.. kinda like an Acid/shrooms trip