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How Did You Get Into Graf

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Puffer, Nov 23, 2005.

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How did you get into graf?

  1. Siblings

  2. Friends

  3. Internet

  4. Other

  1. Puffer

    Puffer Senior Member

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    Just wondering, i got into graf cuz of my bro, he lisnt to hip hop and i started to notice the music was bringing in graf, its one of the elements i found later, but then my friend got me into it, called me up one day and said you wanna go out bombing, he knew i graffed for a while so he asked me, i had no idea he did, so i guess its my bro and my friend. ive had alot more now from my friends tho
  2. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    i think there is already a thread on this.

    a pencil and a piece of paper?
  3. chas

    chas Elite Member

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    my brother got me into it
  4. badsanta170

    badsanta170 Senior Member

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    I was on some photoshop forums and they had a "others grahic" and i saw some graf on there and tryed it out.
  5. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    saw some guys black book at school...and from that moment it was on..
  6. minesweep

    minesweep Elite Member

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    i grew up with it by my neighborhood and i liked what i saw
  7. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    sketching in like grade school after seeing other people do it.

    painting after getting inspired by pics online.
  8. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    1 was fascination with graffiti in queens
    2 was a blue can of painters touch
  9. Ekwol

    Ekwol Senior Member

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    when you see it for long enough, you tend to do it yourself
  10. InvisblSkratchPiklz

    InvisblSkratchPiklz Elite Member

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  11. stigma 2k6

    stigma 2k6 Senior Member

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    i got into it when my bros friends came over an we all got drunk then we went out 4 a walk an they were taggin an shit in i was all scared of cars an shit i was madd toyyyyyyy
  12. Kingz514

    Kingz514 Elite Member

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    didnt pay attention to graff until like.. 7th grade..
    i started taggin but i sucked shit
    i got rly into it when i saw crazy graffs downtown n on sites
    and yeah
  13. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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    i saw a shit load of it then i saw people doing it and i wanted to see more so i looked for it then i started train spotting then finaly i was like whoa this is sum cool shit.
  14. NOX

    NOX Member

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    going down to ny every year i see a whole lot of graff even in the suburbs, and ive always liked art. i see it as self expression, and someday i might accually get good! lol, yea right..
  15. ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu.

    ! PrOPeRr ! .aOk.cRu. Elite Member

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  16. Escape

    Escape Senior Member

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    I saw peoples names on the wall, then wanted to see my own name on the wall. So i looked up stuff on the internet then eventaully went out and did it.
  17. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    in france,were i lived, in class, thers always someone with a blackbook..dis guy who wrote joker showd me.. than dis guy whu wrote smekta did my sist her name, was i started, doing my first name..haha toy first blackbook is priceless..
  18. mechguy

    mechguy Member

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    Yo wassup mike its me dude. Btw Im the freind who got him into graff lol
  19. klipa

    klipa Senior Member

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    started drawing tats, tribal and stuff wich sort of developed into graf
  20. Ace_young_kid

    Ace_young_kid Member

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    i got into graf because when i went to eroupe and i saw all the graf they had there it ;ike inspired me lol.......javascript:add_smilie(%22:p%22)