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How Did You Get Into Graf

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Puffer, Nov 23, 2005.

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How did you get into graf?

  1. Siblings

  2. Friends

  3. Internet

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  1. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    I started at like 6 years old, because we had a dry erase board at my house and i would try to do wildstyle stuff.. Idk what made me start doing that but ive done it ever since
  2. pdxmith

    pdxmith Senior Member

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    seeing my brothers blackbook he was fuckin awsome but he got caught fucked up his life
  3. ca$hville

    ca$hville Senior Member

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    i had to hold a spraycan for 2 minutes while i get jumped by 5 dudes then i had to kill someone by suffocation to get in the krew im in today.
  4. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    we wanna no wat got u into it, not wat u do while ur doing it.
  5. ca$hville

    ca$hville Senior Member

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    oh sorry . i wanted to build a alter ego and be able to express my way through doing it and because of friends,and just hiphop culture word up!
  6. Jase

    Jase Senior Member

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    I got into graff, cause a writer joined my school in year 8. and him i always saw him sketching and shit. And we became friends and i would catch the train with him and shit and he would hit the insides while i watched out. after this for 3 months i started on paper for 3 months then hit train insides every arvo that was it though. But it escalated, me and him and mad beef now

  7. BaSiC222

    BaSiC222 Senior Member

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    I actually go into it by going by an amazing piece on south street in philadelphia and then I started looking at other stuff that was up and low and behold I started my first blackbook and now I just started my third
  8. baseone250

    baseone250 New Member

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    ive been seeing it all of my life and always loved it so one day in spanish i was bored as hell and decided to give it a shot and that was in 9th grade and now im in tenth and ive gotten serious about it
  9. Olick

    Olick Elite Member

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    it seduced me
  10. Abeone

    Abeone Senior Member

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    few years back, on a trip to montreal, all i could see was SAKE SAKE SAKE SAKE SAKE like a fucking rally down a block. it amazed me, and i think it was the first time i ever took graffiti seriously. that and the intro to fresh prince of course. and then like 2 years ago, at still a young age, i started drawing my own little letters, and i never tied it to graffiti at all. then one day, all this media coverage started going around my city about the huge graffiti "crisis", and it hit me that i really wanted to do it. so...2 years later, im a developing toy. ahahha, like everybody who starts i guess.
  11. SprayBomb

    SprayBomb New Member

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    i just got into graff well, i always remember seeing at on trains, under overpasses, on buildings stuff like that and always thought it looked cool. never really new how to do it though or tried. and one day started browsing the internet for graff. found bombing science and well now im here.
  12. j-f

    j-f Senior Member

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    seeing it everyday in my neighbourhood
    then seeing alfa everywhere
    tried comin up wid some stuff
  13. The_NaMEz_BaNKz

    The_NaMEz_BaNKz Elite Member

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    ^^ LMFAO..GOoDD SHiT
  14. pretentious asshole

    pretentious asshole Member

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    I may let you touch me if I feel you are worthy.
  15. wrekstyle

    wrekstyle Senior Member

    • Messages: 145
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    used to see it in boston on the highways and always liked it but never but never figured out how to do it untill a friend from florida taught me....and the rest is history
  16. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

    • Messages: 877
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    my boy cope 2 and i were hanging out awhile ago and hes said to me "HEY, I HEARD OF DIS NEW TING CAWLD GWAFFITIS, LETS BE KINGS, ROFLAMINGO"

    and the rest is history...
  17. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

    • Messages: 623
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    my home boy and i were all into art and shit and just decide to explore graff and now we cant stop...been to jail for that hit love it and will do it till the day i die
  18. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    this could be a risky post, considering it's pretty specific... ahhh fuck it..

    me and my friend got stopped by police one night... and it was a dickhead ass bitch cop who was eggin' us on to talk shit, by saying "why you driving like such a dickhead?" and my friend says "fuck you guy".. lights go off, it was a DT who had a rather large ego... he had claimed my friend was going to jail for a couple years because of some shake that was nonexistent on the floor in his car... and he said "you can redeem yourself ya know... i see you have a king size sharpie... you taggin?" my friend says "i have before, but i've tagged stupid shit like "**** loves ******" and the cop says "we have pics of that, come into the station to make a statement and you'll be free to go" and so he gets to the station to say "well sir, you're under arrest". me and my boy didn't even tag back then, i swear to fucking god. then i thought "holy shit, i wanna kill people. but it's pretty easy to get caught killing people, so i might as well do graffiti as much as humanly possible".
  19. gunsofbrooklyn

    gunsofbrooklyn Senior Member

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    seeing bombs on trains when i used to go to soccer practice when i was a kid really got me liking graff
    as i got older i decided to actually try it
  20. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

    • Messages: 877
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