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how did you get your graffiti name?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faymos, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    ayo, i thought it would be interesting to know how you guys got your graff names. i see some sick ass names & it makes me wonder "how did they get that name"

    type away,

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  2. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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  3. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    i randomly thought of it. its optik (and no i didnot copy it from the optic clan.
  4. Tyler.

    Tyler. Senior Member

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    MArty McFly gave it to me.
  5. Sim2

    Sim2 Member

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    I was just screwing around with different handstyles and I just busted out "Taster" added "167" to the end and BAM! Taster 167 was born
  6. JOA1296

    JOA1296 Member

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    Even though a lot of people find my name weird, I really don't care, but I got my name "JAG" because those are my initials of my name
  7. Skeptic90

    Skeptic90 Member

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    Blasto...! from the game blasto when i was a kid and i first started writing. seemed cool so ive stuck with it.
  8. DECK64

    DECK64 New Member

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    Was messing around in math class with the alphabet and couldnt do K's and my friends were talking about skateboards so i thought of DECH
    Then i got DECH A cuz it sounded cooler, Ended up with DeCKRz and got rid of RZ because it would take me longer to peice so now i got DECK!
    Cool story, eh?
  9. PANiC978

    PANiC978 Senior Member

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    I got my name from the lack of PANIC we should be seeing from our people during what I see as a transition into capitalism this country is heading towards so its political it also gives a certain hysteria to look at but at the same time its art I just really liked the name and message behind
  10. Squawkward

    Squawkward New Member

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    Got my forum name from being a beast. Squawk squawk squawk....erm...hey there...this is awkward.

    Actual graff name (Aural). I was researching the paranormal and came across the term "Aura." I do audio-related stuff, so I related the word with the word "Aural" which means "of or relating to the ear."
  11. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    someone else had it for a while and i thought it was a pretty cool word and i could work with the letters so i started writing it when they stopped.
  12. dankbudz

    dankbudz Elite Member

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  13. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    dank buds fuck off i know u love me so much u have to follow me around this forum but its getting rediculous ur public shows of affection are unwanted okay? got it? yeah cool story
  14. MaSeR

    MaSeR Member

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    Simple. I always used to see Maersk containers and thought the name was cool - and I like tags that end in "SER" Mix them together to get Maser!
  15. HailSatan666

    HailSatan666 Guest

    Im not even sure, mine at them moment is 'Zapper'
    it just kinda came into my head. it used to be Skop3 but im aways trying to find cooler shit. anyone have any ideas?
  16. Riga One

    Riga One Member

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    Damn sure i remember how i got my name... (Riga)

    We were playing monopoly during my whole childhood, ang i've always bought riga... (even buying it on the iPhone version of monopoly :) )
  17. YGK_TOKE305

    YGK_TOKE305 Member

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    got the name toke from a song i was smoking out heavy with my boys and we were jamming to that 8ball and mjg relax and take notes!!!!
  18. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    @smokeitup. face it
    the guys in love with you,
  19. Taro_AAK

    Taro_AAK Senior Member

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    My boy got caught and took the heat for both mine and his name so we were chillin tryin to come up with new names and i happend to be drinking a bubble tea and it tasted fucking amazing. So i asked him, wtf flavor is this? he said Taro, and as soon as i heard it I wrote it to see if i liked it and BAM, 3 Years later I still love it. I think im gonna stick wit this one for the long haul.
  20. xsteamzx

    xsteamzx Member

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    I got mine from my friend teaching me how to tag :)