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how did you get your graffiti name?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faymos, May 17, 2012.

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  1. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    calor... heat in spanish
    another side project was ivan, i was doing the persona of a man tagging/bombing on behalf of his dictatorship
  2. "ONE!"

    "ONE!" Banned

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    "Simo1!" i came up wit mine by playin around wit some letters that i liked n it all just came together
  3. Somewhereinnevada

    Somewhereinnevada Senior Member

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    Prose search the dictionary for the perfect word.
  4. Fernando Estrada

    Fernando Estrada New Member

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  5. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    i was watchin some movie with denzel washington an it just came to me.
  6. Lag

    Lag Member

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    I was at my friends house and he was playing xbox and he said he hated lag so i thought vandal squad would to.
  7. junkbox

    junkbox Senior Member

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    my original was extracted from my wannabe hacker computer nerd handle... interestingly, this Shit-Receptacle doesn't have much of a word now, thinks it too bad 'Heroin' is taken by that rather skilled guy in Van (and possibly another from Bloodclots crew, or are they one in the same?)... thought today '80four' (rereading Orwell's classic dystopian warning) would be cool, cause its not often I see numbers and letters actually in piece, or numbers at the beginning. Guess I'm just a Fisher Price fuckin' Perpetrator these days, sketching this word or that all day, but haven't stepped to to a wall in some months... I apologize.
  8. skets

    skets Senior Member

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    I was a toy and I wanted something that looked cool when I wrote it.
  9. skets

    skets Senior Member

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    I first had a name that when I wrote it I found it to hard at the time so I changed it to D.A.P. Back off toys looking for names its not open!
  10. skets

    skets Senior Member

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    And I did reasearch at the time so it was opn now there is some russian who writes it but who cares hes a toy
  11. SNERE

    SNERE Member

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    got mine cos of the facial expression i constantly pull at wack shit, simple.
  12. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    my first name was BRS wich are my initals and my thorwie was SOUR after 2 years the cops busted me (NEVER USE YOUR INITAILS) then i layed low for a while then my soical teacher was reading out of the textbook and said "subside" then after i thought of the band my freind listens to "BrokenCYDE" and i made my new name "SUBCYDE" and my other tag "VOLITION" is from the gameing studio that made saints row
  13. Sicotik13

    Sicotik13 Senior Member

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    i was drawing in my sketch book for school and idk what it was but it was messed up and this girl called me a sicko for that and a few other drawings i had so i wrote sico as my signature for it and gave it to her, then about a year ago got busted by the cops for sico. i tried changing my hand style and all that so it wouldnt cause any problems in the future but i just couldnt do it so i just added "TIC13" at the end to just change it up a bit but still keep the original idea
  14. Dak_Two

    Dak_Two New Member

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    My brother was dak one so i just became two
  15. SE3andhisTrees

    SE3andhisTrees Member

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    i originally wrote sero for like 6 years, its parts of my first and last name. so i was pissed when i found out theres a sero in nyc, and hes fucking awesome at painting, so instead of trying to beef like a little toy i just decided i would relinquish the name out of respect for an artist i consider quite talented. so i was writing Se and Se3 but i wasnt challenged enough so i wanted to start over so i took some more parts to my name and came up with sergo. so now thats what i write.
  16. omiz

    omiz Senior Member

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    my niece was playing with fridge magnets.
    she made the letters o,m,i,z.
    then asked me, what's this say?
    took it and it stuck.
  17. thanewfaze

    thanewfaze Member

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    "Conflict" because thats what i am.
  18. fingerlickingchicken

    fingerlickingchicken Senior Member

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    It's four initials of my dead homies name. Rep that shit till I stop writing and then some
  19. PKS

    PKS Member

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    Hello brothers by the paint.
    This is actualy my first post so I will kinda introduce myself.
    I write PIKAS/PKS and i rep a city called Velenje in Slovenija.
    I write for a quarter of dozen years.
    Name firstly came from a drunken dude screaming something like "here we have a new picasso" when I was bombing (even tho im a zilion years from him(for now:p).
    Secondly Im in a coal mining en and word "pikas" is reffered as a type of shovel I was using on practice (I graduated from mining college).
    Thirdly I'm into poker and "pik as" is literaly translated as "ace of spades".
    I rep a crew called NPD/Naravnost Pa Desno. Literaly translated that means "First go straight and then turn right" as commonly seen on toilet signs in bars.
    The idea behind it is that toulet is used to take a piss/shit and empty yourself.
    And that is what I do with my graffiti.
    Artisticly piss on society while emtiying my desire for creation.
    Im sory about spelling but english is my third language=)
  20. MaOner

    MaOner Member

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    I write MA Oner The name came from Misha who was my American Staffodshire Terrier (pitbull) i had for my entire childhood and teenage life she was about 14 years old and was the best dog anyone could ever ask for... I wrote Misha for a while after she passed away which occasionally i will still do if the time is their but basically i broke it down to the first and last letter MA. Then later on added Oner to be alittle different incase others had MA. So thats where MA Oner came from and will occasionally be seen as Misha with an MA not to far from it. :) LI BOUND
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2012