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how did you get your graffiti name?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faymos, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Backalley Abortion Doctor

    Backalley Abortion Doctor Elite Member

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  2. BigO

    BigO Member

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    I got mine because the area I'm originally from is really well known for seafood, especially crab cakes, so it became KRAB.
  3. SneikT

    SneikT Member

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    I'm never at peace with myself so I became Warhead
  4. veeksone

    veeksone Senior Member

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    skeevey wonder, because im skeevey n stevey wonder is a g!
    but main reason is my little nephs ether gave me tha name.
  5. rave316

    rave316 Senior Member

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    jekler- a mix of joker, jester, and juggler. I like seeing people smile and i like to put on shows for crowds (slightly decent juggler so...yeah)
  6. SKOG

    SKOG Senior Member

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    my name is skog. i got this name one day when i was skogging so i was like "SKOG" then i became skog and now i bomb shit.
  7. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    i beat up some kid named ja and ran his pockets, and all he had was this stupid nickname
  8. skatewave420

    skatewave420 Member

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    i was messing around in class randomly yell ''skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp''
  9. Raptoroo

    Raptoroo Member

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    It was originally going to be Karrit, but I shortened it to KART
  10. ATOMIK187

    ATOMIK187 New Member

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    i always had a thing for nukes and mushroom clouds and that sort of stuff soo i threw that in and put187 .8 and 7 are the number of letters in my first and last name
  11. strongman

    strongman Senior Member

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    I still don't have a name..

    It's dumb.

    I used to go by the Will of D. The will of d is this theme in the anime one piece.

    Got tired of it, it was stupid.

    And then I came up with Strong Man. I wanted something positive.

    Still whack,

    Still thinking, been two years now still don't have a name.

    I was thinking of Ghost Candy.


    But there prolly like 2 thousand cats that write ghost, idk bout candy

    its hard,

    I came up with the initials NKB

    Stands for Never Knows Best.
    I like that, came from fooly cooly. But it's a bit negative, and I hate negativity cuz I have depression, and when ur depresssed u CANT be negative,

    well anyways yeah so far i got NKB, want to keep that and add it to something, or maybe i will drop it haha idk

  12. curlz

    curlz Senior Member

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    just drawing one day and flowing real well came eluck , everyone always asks what the fuck does that mean, i respond , i don't know?
  13. kragtastik

    kragtastik Member

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    no cool story. just thought of a word that involved something I liked, changed a letter and there it was. rockin it ever since.
  14. doksu

    doksu Member

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    I was reading a manga and i read that doksu means the hand of the devil, so i found it cool and nice to write, i decided to use it for legal walls
  15. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    This is dumb. half you kids probly dont even write by the looks of things.
  16. MrTrane18(NOCK)

    MrTrane18(NOCK) Member

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    From micheal jaCKsON ! :) NOCK!
  17. TheViralMural

    TheViralMural Member

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    Don't start biting now. I obtained my Reclip/Reclips through cap exchange speed.
  18. Ashr

    Ashr New Member

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    Pretty weird story behind mine, I guess haha. Every time I would get in my dude Sutro's car, I would always by accident ash my cigarette in his car. Had trouble finding a new name after deciding on changing it, it came up one night when it pissed him off that I ashed everywhere, so I guess it stuck as Ashr. :p
  19. Gestalt

    Gestalt Member

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    I got my name from people calling me Huey, because I have an afro & I look like Huey Freeman from the boondocks. I started out writing Afro, but I changed it because I thought it was unoriginal and obvious.
    I've been playing around with the name 'Gestalt'(Stalt for short), I got it from reading this book called 'Gestalt Therapy Verbatim', it deals with using dreams and inward thinking to overcome insecurities about unresolved conflicts, and brings attention to being one with your body and reality. Gestalt also refers to how our brains perceive patterns in logic and shapes in what we see. I don't really use it though because it takes too long to write, and I don't have enough style to execute it properly yet.
  20. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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    instead of saying hi to people on msn i said hilo to everybody dont even know why probly to be original or something but then i started writing it and realized is has some simularities that relate to my real name and life
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