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How do i stain porclin?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by WeNeedMoney, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. WeNeedMoney

    WeNeedMoney New Member

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    The title says it all
    I'm trying to stain school tolites

    Not the inside........
  2. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    Dont write on toilets write on walls, porcelin is so glossy and shiny nothing is going to last and even if it does have a ghost its going to look shitty.
  3. 8===D

    8===D Banned

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    whats porclin
  4. HipsterPunks

    HipsterPunks Senior Member

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    scribe it man,
    itll stay there FOOREVVVVERRRRR!!!
    stolen pic
  5. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    atak is the man....... i just write my name with my own shit and herpes juice.... people dont wanna clean that off
  6. corome

    corome Banned

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    battery acid, itll melt right through the motherfucker
  7. Atom615

    Atom615 Member

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    Make a ink mop out of a ton of papermate pens theres tutorials on youtube for it. I made some and when I was filling my mop with the ink it stained my sink I had to buff it with chemicals.
  8. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    use a dalo if u can get your hands on 1. or a texpen
  9. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    i know garvey/pen ink stained my marble sink. Its possible but i think youde be better off scribe'n it
  10. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    get an acid marker, it'll burn into it and they will never be able to get rid of it. that's how people tag trains in nyc since all paint and ink gets buffed