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How Do You Get Pumped Up Before You Get Out??

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alio, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    ive tried that before, and i just thought it was so weird
  2. Stim

    Stim Senior Member

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    Drink and listen to decrepit birth or inhuman dissiliency. Sometimes like punching yourself in the stomach wakes you up/
  3. i aint buffin

    i aint buffin Senior Member

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    read the bible GETs you FucK#d UPSZ.3.@
    and for some reason u tag better
  4. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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  5. Spoke One

    Spoke One New Member

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    I listen to cypress hill
  6. wrekstyle

    wrekstyle Senior Member

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    play some gangstarr, or classic nas, 90's hip hop some beer and i wud be in the mood to bomb any-fuckin-THING! (excluding personal property and shit like that)
  7. pencilpusha

    pencilpusha Senior Member

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    just the thought of going out pumps me up...
  8. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    getting all the shit I need to bomb together and then putting my bag on.
  9. thethirdeye

    thethirdeye Member

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    play ma music
    get my stuff together
    maybe have something to eat
    put on my winter gear
    climb out my window
    brake the ici paint stores window
    take all the paint
    and go
  10. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    It's getting harder and harder for me to get excited about going out. It really kindof sucks. I remember when I first started I wanted to go out every fucking night and I'd just walk around for hours bombing everything... now I just put it off till tomorrow, then tomorrow, then tomorrow... I hate it :(

    Whenever I get a nice big new shipment of stuff that usually gets me really excited.
  11. mrmesh

    mrmesh Member

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    I just pump some serious gangsta shit. always gets me in the mood.

    Nah, but seriously, i just drink some coffee, take a dump and leave. Lately ive been goin out alone because my friends doesnt paint anymore because of trouble with the law. That sucks.
  12. ETH3R

    ETH3R Member

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    hit your head on your wall

    or smoke a blunt
  13. SSolomon

    SSolomon New Member

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    If I'm going to go out to paint I'm just anticipating until I can go out, maybe a cig or joint on the way. I try to avoid listening to music, it can keep you from hearing things you need to hear.
  14. ONCE*

    ONCE* Member

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    replay the song Ambush in the night by Loop Troop,
    while a smoke or drink,
    then i pack my shit, and try not to dress too noticeable or gangster
  15. streetlegend94

    streetlegend94 Member

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    Really just spur of the moment shit.....never really plan missions out. I just go bomb when I'm bored or stressed out.
  16. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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  17. calculating infinity

    calculating infinity Elite Member

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    lots of cocaine or meth

    maybe just a bunch of speed
  18. Rynox34

    Rynox34 New Member

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    I usually never feel like going out. Until I start packing a bag with makers, mops, and cans do I start to feel it. Lacing up the old cross trainers really gets me going.
  19. immoral

    immoral Elite Member

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    I pop two viagras, give myself a huge boner and get a sledge hammer and wale on my balls to amp myself up.
  20. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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