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How Do You Get Pumped Up Before You Get Out??

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alio, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. S4d3n

    S4d3n Senior Member

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    I use earbuds for that shit, so I just put the volume down a bit, keep one in my ear and tuck the other in my shirt, works better in winter because a hat will keep it in place.
  2. ouchaoner

    ouchaoner Member

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    usually, i take a hot shower. throw on some clothes. listen to some music, usually hilltop hoods, sublime, the arctic monkeys, or kottonmouth kings. then i meet up with my buddy make, usually get high, and go paint.
  3. Derka_Derka_Derka

    Derka_Derka_Derka Senior Member

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    drink lots of beer! works every time
  4. dceeserkills

    dceeserkills Senior Member

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    watch a little bit of graff videos and jam to some hardcore shit.. pack my backpack or pockets walk to the corner store and get a red bull and begin my journey :D
  5. que1

    que1 New Member

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    i normally watch videos like dirty handz 2 and stuff , and music always helps
  6. seT1

    seT1 Member

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    Listen to music.. pose in the mirror thinking im cool and off we go
  7. what4joke...

    what4joke... Senior Member

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    i do a mad sketch. then masturbate, and OH SHIT. amazing pieces thread here i come
  8. theirwatchin

    theirwatchin Member

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    if u dont feel it no more odnt paint just the idea ov gettin up makes me fukin wana go..but u could listen to pack fm click clack and spray. ill song
  9. Lunchbox

    Lunchbox Senior Member

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    First I put on Tools, "The "Pot" to enter a different mindstate, where I can think in 14 dimensions, then masturbate to pictures of James Maynard Keenan, then grab my stuff and go out and paint.

    It sounds wierd but it works, i promise
  10. Anue?

    Anue? Member

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    Get all my gear togeather, watch a graff movie, lissen to some ATCQ and jackoff

    works everytime
  11. respERATION

    respERATION Banned

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    i get up and leave??

    if you have to "pump yourself up" then whats the point?
  12. .HATESONE.

    .HATESONE. Banned

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    i wait til its late,right...and then i put on my cape and super awesome helmet and my tights with the undies on the outside.after that i sing the pledge of alligence and leave my cave to feed on the homeless...

    SIKFUCK Senior Member

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    I usually smoke a bunch of crack then im ready and fienin
  14. bANshee

    bANshee Senior Member

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    why the fuck is everyone talking about masturbatin in the same exact context, it got old fast, its like a bandwagon post now lol
    i just pack my body/bag and bounce out the back door.
    -40 sucks
    as if that guy from the BAY AREA is bitchin about 40 degrees fahrenheit haha thats like plus 3 celcius or something.. i'd kill for that tonight, minus ten is dece tho haha
    and i listen to some tunes and take a shot or two, only one bong rip or i get sketchy, booze helps that.
  15. vman

    vman Elite Member

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    change your name misses
  16. LAK2

    LAK2 New Member

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    Getting pumped?

    I usually do some sketches before I get out, if I'm planning to do anything. (Half the time I'm just oout throwin' up quickies and tagging.)

    But music, for sure. Usually I'll listen to punk/metal/screamo or something upbeat, but most of you guys would probably listen to some rap.
    Anything loud and fast will get you hyped.
  17. lyonssb321

    lyonssb321 Member

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    Smoke 2 joints, get my ipod, get all my shit together and just go =]
  18. sallybsk

    sallybsk Senior Member

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    I usually do a line of coke with my deformed midget landlord, I then proceed to punch him in the face, then anally rape his asshole(some of you may think that last part was redundant, but I disagree). After that(around 3 in the morning), I find my fire extinguisher full of paint, and go knock on peoples' doors, if they open, I drop the fire extinguisher, and make love to them.
    After "hitting"(oh and I do mean that both ways) several houses, making sweet love to non consenting girlfriends, the cops usually come. At which point, I run and try to catch as many tags(because that's all I know how to do) as possible.
    Oh and if I get to heaven, I do a shoutout to my homie cope2 in a crazy wildstyle piece that's straight outta the 80's SONNNNNNN! *WHAT WHAT*
  19. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

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    i rack cans wit my crew then go out
  20. DoctorOfCrime

    DoctorOfCrime Senior Member

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    Getting pissed is dope, but drinking alot of energy drinks and or pepsi max always gives ya a pumped up lift. Listen to music while doing one of those thing and you well on ya way to gettiing pumped up