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How do you get were your going??

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by ASTAR.DWSP, Jun 22, 2009.

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    ASTAR.DWSP Senior Member

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    bmx/on foot... bmxing is kinda sketchy some times more shit to worry about..
  2. markingz.

    markingz. Banned

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    thats a good question, i mean i think biking sounds like a pretty good idea to me
  3. Morbidity

    Morbidity Member

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    i used to ride my bmx or longboard but now i usually get a ride since most of my bombing friends have vehicles
  4. BlacktodaFuture

    BlacktodaFuture Elite Member

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    bike until i get a car and a license
  5. nickstix

    nickstix Senior Member

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    bikes are good...but i use my car and feet now...

    ill drive to a general area and park, get out and walk around hittin spots that arent too close to where i parked...go back and go to another area...the get out and hit up more spots
  6. barks

    barks Senior Member

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    yeah i usually park and walk when i go paint
    never pull up right to where your going to paint, more noise, headlights if at night and license plate number
    basic common sense lol
  7. TECKN

    TECKN Senior Member

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    walk if its close enough
    ride my bmx bike to an area and lock it up
    take bus
    or my friends can drive me around
  8. -Wings-

    -Wings- Senior Member

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    Fuck bikin everywhere man, I just take the busses to goto different areas of my city.
    Alot quicker then biking, plus way more places to bomb.
  9. DietLemonade

    DietLemonade New Member

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    Bus since all i do is sorta go to abondoned shit i got to the local city theres loads of places that are tucked away to learn stuff
  10. MARTYRaz

    MARTYRaz Banned

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  11. Culture_Shock

    Culture_Shock Senior Member

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    i live a mile from the yard, so i just fucking walk.
  12. BlacktodaFuture

    BlacktodaFuture Elite Member

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    rides from kids, bike, bus, skateboard
  13. wpgtags

    wpgtags Senior Member

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    i fucking just hold on to the back of busses and slide through the slush
  14. Rick the ruler

    Rick the ruler Member

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    X2 I'll park, and walk a mile or so. Circle around different blocks and come back. Very paranoid about the car thing, it's an expensive and kinda flashy car. very noticeable.
  15. Rick the ruler

    Rick the ruler Member

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    im SOOOOOO effn jealous


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    no biking is a dumb idea becuase you can run away from someone on a bike specially cops your best off on foot and have a car parked somewhere you can run to pretty quick but not to quick
  17. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    even with a car it sucks gota worry about where u park and if your gunna get towed, ur lisence plate #.... get as close as possible with public transport or a friend and walk or skate the rest of the way.
  18. seT1

    seT1 Member

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    Take the bus/train then walk
  19. thedudeman

    thedudeman Senior Member

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    drive, hop out, bomb, hop in and bounce


    • Messages: 430
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    thats mad retarded^
    someone sees your car type,color license plate number all that bullshit then they call the boys on you then your pretty fucked just park the car a good distance away from you and if you are getting chased dont run to your car till you know noone is following you