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How do you get were your going??

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by ASTAR.DWSP, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. thedudeman

    thedudeman Senior Member

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    go to a car dealership and steal the little papers that come for liscence plates when you get a new car... just tape those over your liscence plate so people will just think that you just bought the car and you dont have your plates yet... plus the kind of people that are out at 2 in the morning arnt usually the snitching type.. theyre either tweakers, drunk people, or theyre going to work and theyre too tired to give a shit...
  2. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

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    shit...i foot it unless somone im bombing with got a whip. i dont OWN a car so im fucked there, sometimes take the bus dont have the luxury of a subway system here too small of a fucking city.
  3. Vyal1

    Vyal1 New Member

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    I either skateboard or take the bus lines.
  4. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    my homie's brother has a car and he drives us to yards and washes after skewl.
    but other then that when i go out on the weekend i walk and catch on random billboards around me.
  5. Waxaddict

    Waxaddict Member

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    Bike, too lazy to walk.

    Hit more, faster, although you gotta lock that shit up for some spots and a quick getaway is easier on foot.

    Plus you can stand on the bike for a little lift if need be.
  6. crystalmeth and abortions

    crystalmeth and abortions Senior Member

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    bike in my city is def the best. though car is easier. i paint in the hood n always worrryin bout sum one robbin my system.. if ur gonna park to paint.... imma say get a hoopty ass whip
  7. Kylt1

    Kylt1 New Member

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    Skateboard or Bike.
  8. Elno

    Elno Senior Member

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  9. Regius

    Regius Senior Member

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    another question. what about in places where you have shitty weather?

    those of you with rainy cities, do you bus?

    those of you who have shitty winters, you still stand and the bus stop and wait for it?

    so lets hear what kinda weather conditions you got, and how you get around
  10. KidReny!

    KidReny! Senior Member

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    roller blading is fun im a nerd so i like to pretend im in Jet Set Radio
  11. Obic

    Obic Member

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    I drive but I park far off like almoast a mile or more then walk. I try and find a few different ways back to my car just in case. If where I need to go is closer though I will just bike.
  12. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    this man already knows. i hate walking to go hit a spot, and then an hour into what i'm doing i'm thinking about my ride. i'm about to sell my car and just get a bike. fuck the bullshit. it'd be alot easier to bomb highways on a bike. and i'm talking a honda not a bmx... just sucks that i can't fog. but fuck it.
  13. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    speak for yourself, all types of people are out at 2 in the morning. including cops on patrol going 15 under the speed limit looking everywhere possible. trust me, if you've been in the back of a cop car, even when they've made their arrest, they look around everywhere, and just cruise. that's why on the highway you gotta take the risk that they won't look a certain way while driving.
  14. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Before,always my ghetto little bmx,after,transit,bmx/park'n'walk/.Now,walk.
  15. MeanMug

    MeanMug Senior Member

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    (2 wheels) CBR F4/ ktm duke2

    (4 wheels) 92 mustang 5.0 (ex chp vehicle)
  16. ComaCSB

    ComaCSB Member

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    public transit then walk to where im trying to get at, bikes and skateboards are too much of a hassel if you are trying to get away.
  17. KRE1

    KRE1 Guest

    hahaha i feel bad for all you mortals.

    i fly bitches!
  18. Alts13

    Alts13 Senior Member

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    walk, how you gonna catch tags in your car?
  19. chiefy

    chiefy Senior Member

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    i get my dog to take me cause hes fast and can jump very high he also can be lookout but if he is too tired or its a long journey i take my stealth bomber usally base jump out of it into dope ass spots. i used to ride my mom be shes all fat old bag now so she got me that racing dog so i was cool with that she was kinda slow anyway. but if needs come to it and i cant get no ride i take my car(peel p50 sporting edition) which is cool cause its good for getaways down alleyways and **** like that. so it's all good in the hood.
  20. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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