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How Do You Role?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bla!, Mar 9, 2006.

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How do you role most of the time??

  1. Alone

  2. With someone else

  1. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    i don't have any hair under my armpits so obviously i role alone
  2. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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  3. wrekstyle

    wrekstyle Senior Member

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  4. intifada

    intifada Senior Member

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    I go alone most of the time, but from time to time I will roll with one other writer here. But I also really just like being alone. You have to be more choosey about your spots when youre alone, but thats ok
  5. Zest3

    Zest3 Senior Member

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    I've never been in group up to date, just because every people in my city are completely fags or just completely kings. I guess I'm gonna find someone at my school who writes...

    I have my friend who tags like a toy and graffs good, but he is 90 cm tall, no joke, so that'd be hard to get away with him x)
  6. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    i ride out with the kid who gives me rides to go tag, and i throw him up when i hop out the car, or when we're on foot and he's keepin' a lookout i'll throw him up.

    COBALT Elite Member

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    roll no less than 30 deep
    jp but i always got one person wit me
  8. punk12123

    punk12123 New Member

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    It is a long time since I met you last time
    In these days I did not contact you just because I want to forget you
    But please tell me how I can do that, my dear.
    I am listening to the song right here waiting again and again and missing you now
    It has been a custom to miss you everyday
    I want to start a new life, but I can not
    They say missing one person is just akin to drinking a bottle of icy water
    And then it takes a long time to melt into scalding tears
    Can you imagine that feeling, my dear?
    wow gold
    I took it for granted that our love will last forever
    But in the corner of life you turn left
    And I still stand at the corner
    wotlk gold
    If we knew the result would we have fallen in love?
    If there is next life, please remember your promise, ok?
    Wherever you go and whatever you do
    wow gold
    I will be right here waiting for you
    I loved you in the past
    And I still love you now
    I will love you in the future
    I will keep my promise to you forever
    Bless for you, my dear
    I will stay at the place where you left
    And waiting for you

    Right here waiting for you
  9. Elijah beatty

    Elijah beatty New Member

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    where do you write in arkansas
  10. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    On da wallz, duh