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How Does Graffiti Affect Your Life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ESKiMO2, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. jaketherake94

    jaketherake94 Senior Member

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    not really sure what getting me hemmed up in a heartbeat means but like i just write it out to think of the pattern im going to do and then i spray it
  2. rinoh

    rinoh Banned

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    just dont tell everybofy you dumb fuck
  3. TECKN

    TECKN Senior Member

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    yea dont be like "i write _____!"
  4. jaketherake94

    jaketherake94 Senior Member

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  5. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    Oh my lord kid...Don't tell people what you write thats not a good fucking idea.
    The only people who know I write is my girl and my boys THATS FUCKING IT. And most of my friends only know becuase I was a fucking big mouth in my toy days.
    At the end of the day don't go telling your teachers that you enjoy spraying on walls in your spare time
    learn the rules kiddo
  6. jaketherake94

    jaketherake94 Senior Member

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    yeah im obviously not that stupid to tell my teachers i dont like bragg it to kids i just say like yeah i spray apint some times. Like my parents know that i spray paint like i told them that i want to do buildings one day because im just trying it out on wood and canvas right now but my parents were like when your older you can do buildings just if you dont get caught
  7. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

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    who hasn't heard that before? lmao
  8. xylene hug

    xylene hug Elite Member

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    its 2am. i woke up from my nap a few hours ago. i'll be layin tags till 4 i think... hmm... nahh hasnt effected my life one bit..
  9. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

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    graff gave me something to do when im saying im walking my dog, besides smoking.

    btw my dog is dead
  10. wired_615

    wired_615 Senior Member

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    graffiti killed your dog
  11. thedudeman

    thedudeman Senior Member

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    some of the realest shit ive read in a while.. this pretty much sums up every writer that actually puts in the work and paints every night and not just put up 2 little ups stickers and like 5 tags.. i think im gunna have 2 sig this
  12. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

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    nahh that jaketherake kid accidentally snitched on himself and my dog died of laughter
  13. downunder

    downunder Senior Member

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    I think graffiti has shown me what i can do. I'm pretty sure most people in here have been told that they are useless, and lazy, or not committed to anything. But the same people talking all that shit are hugging their pillows while you are out at midnight, doing what you love. I think in some ways it has given me more confidence around people, though at the same time made me less sociable... if that makes sense.

    Anyway, cool thread.
  14. TheMurderousMisterMero_

    TheMurderousMisterMero_ Banned

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    graffiti fucked up my life pretty bad.i think i already posted why.but the more i think about it its alot better than what could have happened.becuase i stopped hanging out with the people i did before i got into graff.which at first i was like thats a bad thing that im drifting away from my friends.but thos same people are all drug dealers and gangsters and shit now.i heard about 3 days ago that one of those people is going to jial for a long time for a string of robberies,tyin people up an shit(he's 19).and i thought to myself.shit man,that would have been me.i mean most of those guys are all either gonna end up dead or in jail.graffiti could land you in jail or in a grave too,but at least im doing something i like...i tried selling drugs.wasnt for in the end i guess it turned out alright.
  15. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    simple. i can't get a 9 to 5 anymore.
  16. NepNEEKgraffing

    NepNEEKgraffing Senior Member

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    graffiti changed my life big time. i go out writin almost everyday allday i meet tons of ppl new frends. it tawt me respect and tru art a way to express myself. in sum ways more than others how to get respect or disrespect on the streets...........but i love it and almost everything it has to offer
  17. adreniline_zero

    adreniline_zero Senior Member

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    not really changed much achuly
  18. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    the biggest blessing, and the biggest curse..

    LIQUIDFOOT Senior Member

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    you get arrested, you get props, ups and downs, but when its all said and done whats it realy about? doin what you want, when you wanna do it