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How To Meet Other Writers

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by imported_admin, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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    fuck u......... u folow me around everywhere i post u nvr have ne thing good to say so just shut the fuck up :lol:
  2. SouR.oNe

    SouR.oNe Senior Member

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    flow is insane...murking tugboats lol
  3. Schiz

    Schiz Member

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    The only problem with meetin up with people in my area, is the fact that almost all of them think their shit don't stink. I used to idolize them before i met them. We had a few spots met a few great writers one has taught me alot since im a toy, but the rest are way to good to even talk to me..BAH
  4. chig

    chig Senior Member

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    /\ /\ /\ all writers are somewhat cocky IMO.

    haha yeah i met my first writer in the county. he was in there for bs traffic tickets. once you know 1 person who writes, you will usually meet many more and thier friends friends know or can get ahold of any1 who writes in that area. six degreeezzz bitches.

    real chig
  5. vman

    vman Elite Member

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  6. wordsmith

    wordsmith Senior Member

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    im tryin to meet some local writers in my city aswell...we got this undergroundhiphop store which has grafffiti supplies so i hope to see some there one day.
  7. LoZt

    LoZt Member

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    if you do meet someone, dont ask for their cell number..

    heres what you do, if you meet someone, and they dont want to talk, dont keep talking and dont annoying them, and in like, the middle of a conversation, take your cell phone out, and like, check something... if they want to contact you that way, they will ask, dont ask.

    trust me, on this one.
  8. someone else

    someone else Senior Member

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    everyone knows that writers are pretty cocky about what they do, and in most cases don't make a deal about covering it up. this is especially frequnt with newer younger writers, who are the ones you will want to be with at the beggining levels. if you see some punk kid with paint on his shoe and a sake tee, then don't hesitate to aproach them. also, people wearing hats made be local writers is ussually a big indication. just be polite and don't try to sell yourself to them as hot shit. should work for you.
  9. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    to meet other writers you can go here, just check it out ,it looks preatty cool

    preatty self explanitory from there
  10. PANIK

    PANIK Member

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    Man any graffitiers who are or around Logan Square in Chicago holla at me I got cans and marker holla at me at
  11. someone else

    someone else Senior Member

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  12. BELLA

    BELLA Senior Member

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    ne 1 in the Yay.....Killa Kali...?
  13. chi-towns-Flava

    chi-towns-Flava Member

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  14. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    there is like 2 other writers where i am, im pretty sure they both go to my school, cause there are tags and stuff around the school, and the area.

    what should i do to try and meet them, i go out and write but i never see anyone.

    also, anyone think a dj, like records and stuff like that store will sell graff supplies.
  15. stuki

    stuki Member

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    nerdx, I don't know of a vinyl shop in otown that sells supplies... I used to spin alot and never saw any...
  16. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    you in orlando?

    or you just used to spin?
    well i sent them an email, i found their site. but i dont think so either.
  17. @zune

    @zune New Member

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    Hey im new I practice everyday hope to obtain some skills in vector style...
    If you dont know what it is check out this famous krew at 123klan
    if you wanna chat with me about Graffiti or any kind of art sticker, photography etc. hit me up on AIM at urbanchaos000
    O and if there is any important recipes and techniques I should know please PM me so I dont have to be a toy forever.............SERIOUSLY :D
  18. stuki

    stuki Member

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    I'm in that general area...
  19. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    anyone in essex county nj? or in jersey city?
  20. splash1

    splash1 Member

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    if you know any writers just aproach them and speak to them but dont be afraid just be yourselve!!!!!!