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How To Pick Locks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AMS_up34, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. morning_wood

    morning_wood Elite Member

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    dirty hands2 graff video, subway section.

    boltcutters are unnefective against anything but padlocks.

    and often theres ways up roofs not using doors, check for climbing, maybe got there from another roof, or when they where doing renovations and scaffolding was there etc
  2. Cccp.aeroC

    Cccp.aeroC Senior Member

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    yeah i was just about to say i saw a kid pick a lock to get into the subway..

    if not for writing, id learn to pick a lock just to have knowledge of it haha
  3. VAbomber

    VAbomber Banned

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    shine no1 cares 4 ur comments
  4. badsanta170

    badsanta170 Senior Member

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    You my friend are a fucking moron, that book will get you killed.


    Well maybe lock pics things...but not a fucking bomb.
  5. VAbomber

    VAbomber Banned

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  6. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    bump because it seems cool
  7. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    word, be creative children..Sheds/garages=FREE boltcutters
  8. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    hey how the fuck does the beer can shank on i hacked work i can't figure it out
  9. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    heres my only advice:
    climb or smash the lock
    i couldnt get that shit on totse to work
  10. Geo

    Geo Member

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    LMFAO! Yeah there just past the CCK!
  11. FunkSoul

    FunkSoul Senior Member

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    search for bump keys

    works pretty well
  12. sheistbugzNY

    sheistbugzNY Senior Member

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    yoo, just type ow to pick locks, or pick lock how-tos somethin alng dose lines, tons of shit will appeasr then
  13. spinthespin

    spinthespin Member

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    anarchist cookbook is fuckin retarded. The only thing that book does is get urself killed. A better book that i recommend is 'Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffmen'.
  14. nerv3

    nerv3 Member

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    if anyone would want to lockpick you gotta invest in a lockpick gun , either a snap gun ( manual pump action) or an electrical one ( obviously more expensive) ...for subways u can usually find duplicate keys online... usually those triangle shaped ones.... if its a small cheap office lock key mechanism use a fuckin paperclip ... and for u-locks u can funny enough use the tube of those plastic bic pens to pen the lock... hope this helped...!


    [Broken External Image]:

    only 50 bucks!
  15. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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    I can pick diary locks with a paperclip :ph34r:
    Thats about all I get credit for..
  16. Mekr4

    Mekr4 Elite Member

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    bahaha.. i can pick alot of locks. its not hard once you learn. find a mechanic to sell you a slim jim and start breakin into cars.. thats how i get paid ;)
  17. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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    How much we talkin?
  18. GnawTheBones

    GnawTheBones Member

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    I have a good PDF on lockpicking, if you want it just PM me. I have been learning, but it takes tons of practice.
  19. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    the metal face place that is installed in empty video,sound cards in the back of your pc words to open normal doors and doors with dead locks on them,slam it in or downwards depending on the lock,the metal flex's but not enougth to break
  20. WestRocMassive

    WestRocMassive Member

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    lock picking is one of the most badass things you can do, ever. it leaves the maidens moist and wanting

    just google that shit, thats how i learned haha