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How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Caught..

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i s r a e l, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. theprokilla

    theprokilla Senior Member

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    um yea there is special jails for people who dont do violent crimes... u dont do to max security jails with rapist and murderers
  2. bojangles

    bojangles Senior Member

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    yeah imagine someone in jail for being busted for writing in the same place as all them other sickos, they would just be an easy target 4 gays,anal fun boys and the 'you dropped your soap' guys...all of which are homosexual and need an axe embedded in2 their heads and knifes stuck i their eyeballs, sorry, but i fuckin hate gays.
  3. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    hmm so, the other day we me and my freind were out, and we had paint with us and we were gonna hit the skatepark wich is legal in my town. well we were walkin there and we stopped for a second cause someone called my phone so adam sat down and was look in his bag to see what all colors he had. well a off duty cop drove by(he was in a truck but he still had the badge and shit) and he stops , lokks at us, and then drives off. so we get that "hmm we should prolly get outta her feeling" and we book it to the skatepark. well we get there, and my freinds mom pulls up(she knows we do it) and is like I WAS DOWN AT THE RIVER LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS, AND I HEARD A COP SAYING THEYRE LOOKING FOR TWO KIDS WITH A BACKPACK, U ALL NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" so i take it, the off duty cop called his precinct place, and i guess he thought we were gonna tag the buidling we were by, but yeah, i thought it was pretty gay since we were tagging a legal place, and the one time we almost get cought, its when we arent doing anything, but yeah, im glad i heard bout the keeping your hands clean part cause ma freind always got his hands dirty but i got some work gloves i tag with, so ill be shure to let him know. but yeah look out for under cover cops, i got alot in my town cause we got alot of drug dealers and theyll be more then happy to turn in a tagger while there at it. also look for off duty cops, because even though theyre off duty, they can still phone you in like any good semeritan would.
  4. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    the last thing the world needs is human waste like you
  5. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    oh yeah, some guys i know tagged RIGHT by my house, and that pissed me off pretty bad, since i live in a suburb were theres not much graffiti, and im paint alot and i dont want the pigs looking in that nieghborhood for me because those fags did a piece by my house and there gonna be looking around there
  6. Kores

    Kores Member

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    same here, a pal tagged in my building and now there's always a cop in my street, getting material inside/outside my house is pretty hard now :/
  7. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    Yeah, its gay. ive had to change my name 3 times cause of shit like that, its pretty gay
  8. Apple pie

    Apple pie Senior Member

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    i was practicing with my otr on my garbage cans:p and u can see the same ones across ther road at the school:p nothing happened yet..
  9. Eh Mang  I Can't Feel My Face.

    Eh Mang I Can't Feel My Face. Senior Member

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    um yea there is special jails for people who dont do violent crimes... u dont do to max security jails with rapist and murderers [/b][/quote]
    You sure about that? Some peopole are so fucking ignornat like fuck. Yes graffiti can be a minor violation an you may only pay a fine for being busted but sometimes the city likes to make an example or maby they wanted to catch this person for a while and use everything they got against them. In those cases an a lot more people DO go to jail for graffiti along with rapists and violent crimes people not all as often but they still DO. theres even cases of writers getting more jail time then rapistys witch is fucking disgusting, a case specifically i forget who it was but he had a court date right before this guy who was in court for multiple rapes of children and the writer ended up gettin a worse punishment then the rapist. FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE. Writing on a wall that takes two seconds and 5$ to paint over somehow becomes a worse crime then scarring children for life and we all know rape has hardcore effects on youth alot of drug addicts and people wh are nowhere inlife with disabilities often have something like rape happen as a child an they can never deal with it. So if you know who im taling about chime so take that how you wnt it and open your eyes dont just speculate do sme research, peace.
  10. EKE

    EKE Senior Member

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    usually if ur under 18 u just gotta do community service... btw nice sig eh mang :lol:
  11. fawoobaghadz

    fawoobaghadz New Member

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    one BIG tip to not getting caught.......NEVER i mean NEVER go out taggin with someone dumber than yourself...u guyz all better be on the same (IQ) level or at least u be the dumbest 1 in the krew...(that is if ur not a dumbass...i broke this rule one time and i been caught 1 time, now just put 2 and 2 together
  12. mojost

    mojost Member

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    dont bomb while completely wasted
    dont write your tag on your bags/school stuff
    dont tell everyone you write
    only tell people your tag if u can really trust them
    dont write stuff in your school
    dont bring your blackbook wiht you while bombing
    run fast if cops come

    thats pretty much the basics and is jsut common sense
  13. -kosr-

    -kosr- Senior Member

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    Everyone always says dont tell anyone you write.
    That only has some effect if your hitting up your schools and shit. Its not like a cops gonna chase you, you get away, then a random guy says "Thats Tom Jones, he lives at 431 Maple Street. I know because I heard he writes that tag over there"

    Or that a cop wil randomly come to your school and ask if anyone writes and if someone knows someone else that they can sell them out for no reward. Even if they did its not actual evidence.
  14. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    dont suck at life
  15. DROOL

    DROOL Member

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    im currently eating a bacon sandwich. yum [/b][/quote]
  16. The OnE aND OnLY NeS

    The OnE aND OnLY NeS Senior Member

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    a cop was gonna arrest me but i told him "at least im not a gangster stabbing someone or fuckin jumping some kid..." and he said "u know what your right.." and he let me go but theres some that r crooked and they'll kick ur ass...literally...
  17. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    be quiet like a ninja is how its done..
  18. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    its common sense literally. don't do anything that would draw attention.

    RIFR-RTSK LA Member

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    theres other ways of getting caught too. do NOT cap gang hit ups. cause they will find you and fuck you up. also if you do get caught tagging by a cop when you go to juvie or whatever your state gives you dont sy your there cause your a graff writer. you will get the shit kicked out of you
  20. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    Bullshit. If you live in Jersey, every cop is a dick and will arrest you for nothing. If you're not from jersey, then they might have happened.