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How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Caught..

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i s r a e l, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. ZOT

    ZOT Senior Member

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    Yeah like when I got caught the cops asked if I had a tag , I said 'whats a tag?'

    he believed me cuz I was acting really retarded
  2. trooperman

    trooperman Member

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    your mom sent you that lucky my mom found out about me and sent me a visit to me room lol no but i cant go anywhere for a while
  3. trooperman

    trooperman Member

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    what happens if you get caught with a can in your hand?
  4. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    if ur writing, ur arrested... if u dont run. if ur not writing and u have a can in ur hand, i dont no y u would have a can in ur fucking hand .
  5. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    keep ya phone on silent or vibrate
  6. elfboy382

    elfboy382 Member

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    Turns out in fuckin reno, you can get a felony if you get linked to enough tags. and thats 1 to 3 upstate
  7. RaGe2

    RaGe2 Senior Member

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    lol really helpful info israel
    this tagger named aloc got caught a few months
    he been on the cops radar for a year
    he just wasnt bein careful enough -__-
  8. Canbz

    Canbz Member

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    i highly suggest not bein under the influence of drugs or alcohol. u cant climb shit when your pissed and after a few billy's paranoia really kicks in.keep a clean head.low profile and plan of attack and escape.that should keep ya out of trub
  9. Lucas

    Lucas Senior Member

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    If you don't wanna get caught then just don't act like a retard. As long as you don't attract attention and act normal no one will even notice you.And if someone does see you, you've got two choices.One sweet talken into believing it's okay cause it's art or two get the fuck out of there a.s.a.p.
  10. spinthespin

    spinthespin Member

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    really.... omg .... i had no idea. oh i know how to reduce the risk of getting cought, , , dont be a fuckin retard.
  11. spinthespin

    spinthespin Member

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    close. this is fuckin stupid. People who are mentally retarded and do stupid shit and dont know anybetter deserve to get cought. im not breaking it down to where its at kindergarden level so all u idiots can understand it. if you come across an idea that just might be a stupid way of getting cought then dont do it.
  12. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    i thought i was being smart about everything.

    got caught hittin a fuckin abandoned place.

    youd think itd be chill there.

    but i guess they had a heat vision camera in a helicopter.

    there was no way to escape really.

    and you cant really deny it when you have a backpack full of paint.

    i tried to say "oh, i found this up against the wall over there and i wanna go home and mess around."

    "whats your motherfucking IQ!! you stupid punk. i know you did that graffiti over there. next time you lie to me your ass is gonna be in the county jail!"

    sucked balls.
  13. KLYPSE6193

    KLYPSE6193 Banned

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    don't be dumb and go out at the right time ...don't walk wit spray paint in yur hand on main streets
  14. orangedot10021

    orangedot10021 Member

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    yo thats dumb, what if a cop sees u coming from a suspicious place and sees u have a bag of paint? leave the paint there its not your problem anymore, thats y writers shud only bring what they think their gonna use. same with caps. AND WEAR GLOVES
  15. saucy

    saucy Senior Member

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    chek this video out, its kinda dulla and boring but very educational.... it teaches u how to talk to cops and shit, it gets into graffiti realted stuff like about half way through, but i think all of it is important for getting out of cop situations
    here's the page:

    ELDORADO Member

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    k to clear up the diff between what Israel and Orange said:
    1: DO clean up all your shit! Esp in chill spots, but overall clean up, do it for your fellow writers (and the planet...)
    2: IF it comes down to getting caught OR cleaning up, DONT clean just bounce, whatever you brought isn't worth getting caught for (don't be stupid and bring 'important' things w you (esp if they aren't on you)
    3: IF your a toy/new ect be careful but be 'normal' you will attract less attention if your chill.

    Chill means, like everyone else. NO graff styles yo! NO tagged sh*t. If you can avoid it, dont use messenger bags or even backpacks, plastic bags will do...
    DONT wear just/all black (you can find out why elsewhere)
    DO chill the f* out! You don't need to be drunk/high to chill (but you can be ;) be aware but don't be paranoid...

    This is getting too long, need more pm...

    Edit: I'm half way through the video, from what I know most if not all of this is true for US/Can. Be carefull what you say and HOW you say it. The vid is also super chessy but the concept is right... you can all learn.
    Saucy props for the post man!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2007
  17. -Saiko-

    -Saiko- Senior Member

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    I've never been caught, I'm glad I havent been caught, And I dont plan on being caught.
  18. awreck

    awreck Member

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    People plan on being caught?

    ELDORADO Member

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    with how some people are it wouldn't surprise me...
  20. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    that video someone posted early
    is incredibly usefull
    we have to know our rights as citizens
    we also have to exercise them
    and not get walked all over by some shitdick with a badge and a gun

    the link posted is now dead though
    go a google video or youtube search for
    The Citizens Guide To Suriving a Police Encounter
    its long but it might just save your life (or well being)
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2007