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How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Caught..

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i s r a e l, Nov 12, 2004.

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    GGGGGGGG New Member

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    *********SURVIVAL SKILLS **********

    1. May look dumb, but take a scooter with u, its lite and fast and you can carry it ( ITS MORE QUIET THEN OTHER THINGS YOU CAN THINK OF. )
    2. If u gonna do str8 out bomber status in tha main roads always cover up your face.
    3. Leave no evidence in your pad.
    4. Wear clothes and shoes you comfortable with movements.
    5. Take a hommie with u.
    7. NOW GO OUT AND BOMB THA WORLD !!!!!! :ph34r:
  2. snag

    snag Senior Member

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    if you all are that paranoid just jogger style it... throw on some baggy sweats grab your cans and hit your spots. its not uncommon to see joggers out in the early early morning, ive came across a few my self
  3. aCId II nz

    aCId II nz Elite Member

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  4. NightStalker

    NightStalker Senior Member

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    good tip on the paint can noise magnet , but why doen't it wokr for the markers w/ balls ( OTR Molotov test ) currently im using it on my montana paint ink refill that i carry whit me
  5. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    the magnet trick is sweet but it dont work on all cnas....
    i taged my high school campus "we got 3 high schools on the same land and got classes in all 3 so we got like 10 000 kids there"
    As for the 1 dude who was sketchin' on a paper and turned it in.... WTF!!!!!!??? I keep a note book of future bombs' an stncils and shit like that never stuff i have all ready done.

    my ways of not gettin caught r

    1. Be fast... the faster u bomb the faster u can leave with minimal chance of being seen.

    2. Where laytex gloves.... if they get paint on them drop um'

    3. When u leave stick to side streets.

    4. if u see a pig run like fuck

    5. dont carry id with u.. if they dont know who u r they cant do shit!

    i almost got caugt doin' a bomb... the cop rolled be hind a warehouse were i was taggin' with his lights off ... he was eatin his lunch or some shit. i got bout' half done and was ready to bounce, cuzz i saw him, then he hit the wall with the spot light. he was like 20 feet away and blocked my ony way out! he came over 2 me and was like

    watcha doin' son

    nothin' i say

    he wa slike you know i could charge u with vandlism and disrtucton of private prop and like 3 other things'

    i was like i knew, but im a minor and its my word aganst your that i was here...

    he was sweet he was like
    finish this wall then go home... He got on his radio and told everyone my discription and told them to arrest me if they saw me.

    then he was like there now if u get caought its your own falt.
    i tolda ya 2 leave

    he stayed there untill i was done.

    then i bounce. i went to a buddys basment on the other side of town. latter that night we went out with no problem...

    1 in a 100000000000000 cops are cool i think i found 1 that night.

    by a smooth talker if u get caught!
  6. Ketamine

    Ketamine Senior Member

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    Dude I don't believe that ANY cop would let you FINISH A WALL, if there are any cool cops all they do is say get the fuck out of here.
  7. -MAK-

    -MAK- Member

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    man i got caught for the 2nd time in may and it wasnt even for tag'n it was for possesion of paint since im under 18. in a year and a half ill be 18 and the only way they can catch me is in the act of tag'n and imma try my damndest not to get seen!
  8. NightStalker

    NightStalker Senior Member

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    hey , your name is my tag , change it
  9. MaD ScRiBbLeS

    MaD ScRiBbLeS Senior Member

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    well it sorta sucks for me because my parents dont know i tag.. and i know they would be real pissed if i got caught or they found how am i supposed to get markers and supplies? i already wrote on my schoolbooks, but i got rid of that problem by getting a new binder and stuff. i wrecked the bathrooms with a magnum cause i didnt have my markers in yet, and everyone knows that im the one who writes it. so i havent done anything in the bathrooms or nothin in like amonth. hopefully it passes over.
  10. "awesome"ONE

    "awesome"ONE Elite Member

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    it's bad for people to know you write at all, even worse when people know what you write, that's really bad man. It'd be a good idea for you not to tag anything at all for a while becuase your already at risk for getting cuaght with a bunch of people knowing.
  11. CL3ver1

    CL3ver1 Elite Member

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    yeh yoh i got da same prolem as scribbles cept mi momz kno i tagg....i wreck a few bathrooms tables and lockers not to many camers in mi skool plus i know all the angles cuz im in the office like everyday...but yeh this dud in mi hood was liek if i see anymore taggs im callin da cops an like everyone in my hood knows me n my boys think anyone will turn us in i meen i dont got beef wit anyone an everyones pretty kool in our hood cept dis ass....
  12. rent519

    rent519 Senior Member

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    ^^^thats not necessarily true ya know...i mean half the ppl i know know my tag and where i live an shit...anyways cops know i write my parents know i write n shit i dont give a rats ass a writer if ur scared of writing just because ppl know u do it then u should just give all ur supplies n shit to some one who knows what to do with friend i go bombing with was bein watched for a few months by cops n anyways i still went bombin n he was still kickin it because cops cant do shit till they catch you in the act....just dont be stupid about things
  13. craigome

    craigome Senior Member

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    don't tell anyone ur tag, apart from other true writers, don't do i tag in ur school either. the more secret u can be the better, and rent519 it not "cool" for everyone to know what u write it will just get u into trouble
  14. MaD ScRiBbLeS

    MaD ScRiBbLeS Senior Member

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    yeah thanks alot. (seriously). me and my friend have been out writing the last two weekends. my markers still havent came in yet. i just get them from my friend cause his mom lets him tag so i just give him the money for the markers. they should come in in about 2-3 days now. i ordered a otr metallic red flowpen, and a otr mini h2b. there arent any cameras at my school. i live in a little town in ohio, like a hour away from columbus. what kind of stickers do u guys use?
  15. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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    I use his off brand of full sheet avery labels that you can get at office depot. They're like $36.00 USD and you get 100 in the pack. Sorta expensive but the work with my inkjet printer so thats why I buy them. For just easy throws I get rolls of stickers through USPS. You can get tons of shit sent to your house for free. Most of the time they never give a fuck.
  16. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    ^^do you know of any place that sends ups stickers to canada?(and is free)
  17. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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    Have you tried looking at the Canadian Postal Service website?

    You might actually have to spend some money! Avery labels aren't that expensive. Especially if you get the smaller sizes. Avery labels work just fine outside as long as you waterproof them. Rubbing a white wax candle over them or spraying them in hairspray keeps them pretty water tight. I usually just do hairspray because it's retarded cheap.
  18. rent519

    rent519 Senior Member

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    yea but the ppl who know i tag arent really interested in it or anything....and if you tag in this city alotta writers r gonna find out...its kinda hard not to let people know you tag....anyway if you wanna reduce the risk just go bombing with sumone who knows how to get out of situations and are smart about talking to n my friend were bombing around this hospital type building n we were walking toward my house n sum guy seen us an when we were crossin the street he said he called the cops...anyway me n my friend go to the bus stop and then these cops pull up and ask us this n that we say were wating for the bus...and off the cops go
  19. MaD ScRiBbLeS

    MaD ScRiBbLeS Senior Member

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    hey mrczar where do i go on the usps site i cant find the labels- do i type something in the search box or what ? help me out plz
  20. MaD ScRiBbLeS

    MaD ScRiBbLeS Senior Member

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    hey mrczar where do i go on the usps site i cant find the labels- do i type something in the search box or what ? help me out plz :ph34r: