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How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Caught..

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i s r a e l, Nov 12, 2004.

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    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    figuratively not literally, obviously.


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    There is really no reason for all of this. You don't like my post, obviously. ok. Just say that. It wasn't really even that bad if you really read it. I don't like being called a douchebag or a faggot. I'm all for wity, smartassedness(I understand that is not a word). Let the petty name calling shit go.

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    Im just calling it like I see it. I even read a few in other threads and let em slide for bod, but your posts in this thread confirmed my theories.


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    Congratulations. Thanks for the credits.
  5. corome

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    the magnets was helpfull
  6. zachatnca

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    -Do not write your tags on your personal property: yes this is a great tip, my friend got stopped by the cops and right as he was walking away they noticed that he had his tag on his shoes.

    -Keep a low profile: this is probably one of the best tips you can give somone. you never wanna show off that you graff or tell anyone when or where you went bombing.

    -Never tell anyone about your plans: same as the last tip. very important so you dont get caught, you would be suprised how many people open there mouth.

    -Do not write your tags close to your home or neighborhood: this isnt a necessity but if your gonna go big then you cant have your tags anywhere near where you live. "dont
    shit were you eat" the vandalism squad will go through great measures to find where you live. (ex. ask people from the neighborhood, follow your bombing path's etc.) ive had a friend who got bagged because he wrote his name on his door and the next thing you know vandalism squad was at his door

    -The number 1 Golden Rule of not being caught is "Make sure that you do not fit the Profile of a Writer": this is very important you never wanna wear any sort of mask, bandana, or respirator. the only time its ok to wear something on your face is when your doing a piece somewhere semi-secluded so you wont get sick from paint fumes. another very important thing is to make sure your hands dont have any ink or paint on them. ive gotten arrested numerous times because ive had someone describe me to the cops and show them my tag and then next thing you know the cops come and look at my hands and im gone.

    -Check for cameras before you tag: or dont if your wearing a hood just never look up, they cant get anything if they cant see your face cause chances are theres a billion people that are built just like you

    -Want to stop your cans from rattling?: yes this is a good tip, but dont buy the montana ones there way overpriced you can get strong magnets from hardware stores

    -Wipe your fingerprints from empty cans and markers that you throw away: this isnt really necessary unless your leaving them on the scene. i cant imagine cops dusting cans for prints, seems a bit ridiculous. but you never know with the new york vandal squad.

    -Never hit your favorite spots over again. Try to keep a random pattern of places that you hit- yup if you hit a door frequently then the vandal squad will see that you pass by that door alot and they will find you. they go to extreme's to catch bombers.

    -Always have an excuse or alibi ready: this is very important, if a group of undercovers come up to you and ask why your out so late you have to have an excuse you dont have time to stutter and make one up on the spot, and if you do stutter or change your story that could give them reason to search you without a warrant
  7. Salix

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    Is riding around on a bike looking for spots a bad idea?
  8. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    it depends, are you just doin some recon and Looking for spots, or are you actually looking then bombing? cuz this is just me but i always been more nervous on a bike because lets say you get rolled up on. have you ever seen a ***** out pedal a police cruiser? but when your on foot, all kinds of shit you can do to get away(hop gates, hide in dumpsters, climb on a roof, hop in someones yard, chill in an abandon house) you just gotta be creative and shit, police wont be able to keep up.
  9. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    - when your bombing, best suggestion is to take a close friend for lookout. (somone u can trust, etc) even if youTHINK the po-po's / residents act like they never saw you- u may be fucked. even if its an old lady whos like 80- EVERYONE KNOWS crime stoppers #
  10. PG-

    PG- New Member

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    Ever since I moved, I haven't been able to bomb proper. They're not only sticter, but they're of the firm belief that quick buffing makes for less taggers.
    The first week back, I bombed a bit. Test the waters and whatnot. Well, 90% were gone within 12 hours, one more stayed for a week, and only one is still there (around a month)
    I guess their quick-buff policy is right, because I'm starting to think less about my bombing and more about pieces. Bridges and freights are the only places relatively safe from the buff, so go big or go home I guess.
  11. juiceCULT

    juiceCULT Member

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    Escape from police scum using distractions. Firecrackers work if you light and toss then duck into an alley. Never used a tripwire but it sounds like it would work if you got pigs running after you. The trick being set up an escape before you paint in an obvious place downtown in the open. Also something i hate seeing is when a lookout yells RUN or some dumb shit like that. Use your lookout along your escape to distract the cop chasing you.

    CFC-GRAFF Senior Member

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  13. jester070993

    jester070993 Member

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    so is it better to carry my cans in a plastic/paper bag when i go bomb? i always carry my cans in a backpack, but always wondered about this . is that sketch? or is it better to carry in bags, even if its at night? like 12 or 1 in the morning
  14. Crash95

    Crash95 New Member

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    When i first started I always had people spot for me if i was in a trail under a bridge or something... but that magnet thing is mad helpful
  15. biffcreature

    biffcreature Senior Member

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    Biking: Keep near one way streets. If by any chance a cop (or anyone) might have seen you tagging just dip the wrong way down a one way street.

    If there are cars on it then your bombing at the wrong time.

    Have multiple shitty bikes that you can ditch if you have to.

    Don't get off the bike while you're hitting a tag.
  16. SneikT

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    Don't be easily predicted or too cautious.. Just go with the flow and listen to your instincts. It's not rocket science really and there's always a risk of getting caught, that's part of the game
  17. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    Because alot of cans have glass balls you could shake your cans a shit ton before you go out, then shake a liitle bit when you useing them
  18. have a lookout always helps and know your surrounding area

    dont wanna be doing what im sure many have including myself and running into blind territory hoping for the best you manage to get away
  19. pieceandlove

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    That's clever about the one-way roads, I bomb on a bike, but there arent too many one-way roads around where I live right now. I'm a noob but even I know, like, shake ur paint before you go, the shit stays mixed for longer than you'd think. and if you need to shake it later cuz there was a long walk or ride then do it away from where you're going to write, this isn't a movie, nobody shakes their shit at the spot. just my toy ass cent and a half. :cool:
  20. NOKi

    NOKi Member

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    Hit it and move half the time people going about their everyday lives are doing just that and worried about what they're doing not you. You look suspicious an they will look at you suspiciously