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How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Caught..

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by i s r a e l, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Think Banksy has pretty much dropped the signature by now? I don't know if it's a good or bad idea. I like stencils, but if you are caught with one fresh after the fact it's a bit clearer link to what you did than being caught with some cans on you after a piece. Do your thing, and be cautious.
  2. tom

    tom Member

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    Well... I'm becoming paranoid just by thinking about getting caught. I saw a very good spot where people are always walking by (in daytime I mean, at night it's pretty quiet) but I'm scared that when I spray it ( I don't know ... something like 1 minute) a police car is going to pass by and chase me and fine me and shit. This place is pretty covered in shadows and it's not really by a main road, not even close, there are just some small streets. I want to do a dual layer so I was thinking about spraying the first one then take a short walk to see if things are all right (by the time the paint should dry a little bit, there are like 5 degrees celsius where I live) and come back to finish the job.
  3. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Nothing is risk free, the idea is to try to minimize risk. After that, you just have to go for things. Maintain your composure to accomplish the mission at hand. And act natural, like you belong where you are at all times. As for cars, you're talking about at night, you should be able to see headlights from a mile away. And you're using a stencil, doesn't take long to apply a stencil my friend. Good luck.
  4. dankbudz

    dankbudz Elite Member

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    Continue sitting on the internet you fucking toys.

    Someone should lock this thread right now.
  5. Jonathan Seah

    Jonathan Seah Member

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  6. SuburbanTurban

    SuburbanTurban Elite Member

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    use your commen sence and dont go painting with idiots. or better yet dont go painting at all and your chances of getting caught will go down to 0%
  7. clineee!

    clineee! Senior Member

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    dankbudz can't say shit cuz he has like 1k credits shut the fuck up
  8. Flatlinegrindtime

    Flatlinegrindtime Member

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    As the saying goes 'Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.' Let that be a lesson, especially if you're young and still believe you have bros who would die for you. Save that shit for the cinema. Do your dirt alone and you'll minimize your risk greatly. The thing about this stuff is, we don't do it for ourselves, but for our alter egos. Clark Kent never went around telling people he was Superman. Bruce Wayne ditched some trim when the potential for the truth were to get leaked.

    All the suggestions in the original post were a good starter.

    To add to that list:
    1. Role playing works wonders. They can't rouse everyone being themselves. There are murders to be solved, Raggy! (Provided you aren't making a spectacle of yourself, Shakespeare.)
    2. Use your illusion. The best hiding spots are always out in the open. Become the hiding spot.
    3. Never date a girl who has a tattoo of a dagger. Stick with that and everything else is cream cheese!
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  9. Eduardo Angulo

    Eduardo Angulo New Member

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    If your a middle schooler like me I have a few tips.

    1. Go with an older brother if possible. My brother used to bomb tunnels and was really good.
    2. Do not go with anybody else no friends no nothing.
    3. Also DO NOT POST ANY GRAFFITI ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This is a big mistake for younger artist. People will start to know your habits and if an investigation comes up you will be a suspect.
    4. Also try sneaking out of your home around 1am. This might be hard but will be good way to develop stealth skills.
  10. Eduardo Angulo

    Eduardo Angulo New Member

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    I'm a toy and ready to hit a shipping container once a get a better style. But this thread might help.
  11. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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    l m a o