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How-to: Stencils On T-shirts

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Idealeyez, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. Idealeyez

    Idealeyez Elite Member

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    How-To: Stencils on T-Shirts

    Posted by russellh on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 - 02:30 PM

    A few people have asked Stencil Archive for tips and info on spray painting stencils on t-shirts. Some tips I've given them are mostly screen printing tips:

    - use a flat palate (piece of wood, glass, or even marble) to keep the shirt flat
    - make a mark in the middle of the palate so you can center your shirt
    - maybe use spray tack to keep the shirt from moving
    - put the shirts out in the sun or in the dryer to cure the paint
    - if you want tight lines, practice improves your skills

    I've heard from others that painting on shirts is just as good as pro inked jobs. Not much fading or just enough to make the shirt look old and worn.

    If anybody has any tips on stenciling t-shirts, your comments would be helpful
  2. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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  3. MaD ScRiBbLeS

    MaD ScRiBbLeS Senior Member

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    ah i suck at stencils...maybe i can go there to learn how
  4. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    im making one right now. i'll post it tomarow or something when im done.
  5. seckzoner

    seckzoner Elite Member

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    i use normal sheets of printer paper, then i either print out my stencil, then cut around it, or make a sketch, then cut around that. then i use that normal material paint that you can find at like art stores and shit, then i dab it with a sponge. it might sound a little gay, but if you're patient then you can get a shirt to look real nice and clean.
  6. Mensa

    Mensa Senior Member

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    i made one last week of a stencil of mine, used a uni oilbased paint for the handstyles, i'll post it up when i take a picture of it soon - hoo ahh
  7. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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    lol all did was spray paint my T shirt with my stencil, haha
  8. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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    damn you come out with at least 6 threads a day
  9. l33t.b0mb3r.hax0r.ntr

    l33t.b0mb3r.hax0r.ntr Senior Member

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    it really depends on the paint you use. Iused some shitty paint to spray paint a t-shirt and after about the third wash the whole thing was nearly invisible
  10. Alio

    Alio Senior Member

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    how to stencil a shirt
    1. find a stencil in your friends ecko !!Shoe Box!!
    2. take a can of Flat Black and put a Fat Cap on it
    3.Spray it on the a back and fourth motion starting from the side side to side..

    there you go!!!

  11. NeW 2 dA sCeNe

    NeW 2 dA sCeNe Senior Member

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    ^^ what kind of paint did u use and wen u washed the shirt did the paint come off?
  12. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    dont use spray paint.
    just get some fabric paint whatever colors you want.

    lay the stencil, you really dont need anything to hold it as long as it on sometihng flat.
    then get a small roller, i used a 4 inch
    then roll, if your doing a light color you might need a few coats on a dark shirt.
    after it drys, you can use a hair dryer. put a peice of parchment paper over top of it and go over it with an iron, this will keep the paint from fading and from washing out in the machine.
    thats, it really easy heres one i did for a friend.

  13. NeW 2 dA sCeNe

    NeW 2 dA sCeNe Senior Member

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    well ne one got tips for doin a 3 layer on a shirt?
  14. M A G

    M A G Senior Member

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    whats TGU mean?

    haha my friends did something like that..

    just makin sure.
  15. Rambooboo

    Rambooboo Senior Member

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    make a stencil and tape that shit down good and do alot of light coats so it dont get crusty
  16. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    use screen printing fabric ink, it's what you use when making shirts normally, you have to heat seal it with an iron afterwords
  17. EstarFresco804

    EstarFresco804 Member

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    I use fabric spraypaint, round VA everyones diggin the spray effect on the edges so i hit it up on this planet of the apes stencil
    if you want it clean go "artclass" and lay down some newspaper covering the edges of stencil
  18. ironik_wa

    ironik_wa Member

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    i did this b4 and it didnt work...i uesd the wrong colour- only certain colours will work others wont soak in properly... i pined the shirt up on a notice board on each sleave corner and at the bottom
  19. Writenamehere

    Writenamehere Member

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    i usually make my t-shirts with roller, it's fast and easy just make sure you have enough paint, and once i did t-shirt with artline 3cm wide black marker
    and it has stayed for over twenty washes with washingmachine. If i do freehand stuff to fabrics i tighten it into sewingframe(dont know if thats the right word)[​IMG].
  20. satan27

    satan27 New Member

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    i print a stencil on regular printer paper then i put a piece of freezer paper over it and trace the image then cut it out only on the freezer paper. then i get my shirt and iron the freezer paper on so it sort of sticks to the shirt so it doesnt move around and ruin the shirt then i just use acrylic paint and roll it over the stencil and then wait till it dries then i take the stencil off and i got a shirt.