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I got arrested

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mateo morales, May 7, 2018.

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  1. mateo morales

    mateo morales New Member

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    So the other day me and a homie were catching tags while walking on the sidewalk when we got rolled up on by some cops. To make a long story short, we got booked and charged with a class B misdemeanor <$100 and >$750. I already got a lawyer and stuff im just wondering if any of my other tags will be brought up when I go to court. I don't get up heavy, im not all city, and im kinda toy, but I have hit some tags. Do cops have a graff database? or do yall think just the tags we got stopped at will be brought up in our case. before this I have never been arrested. I'm also a full time student so I would appreciate any advice about this situation because im trying to get the charge expunged off my record.
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  2. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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    They'll have one. Wether you're in it depends how much you get up and how well funded they are. If you're using the same name they'll bring up the others to get you on more. But if they haven't already then they don't. I'm not too familiar with the laws where you are. So the best person to speak to on this is your lawyer. Also there's a small chance there's some cops on here so don't go into enough detail that they can find and identify you off here.
  3. arieone

    arieone Senior Member

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    No it wouldn't to do so would be against the law
  4. arieone

    arieone Senior Member

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    For your first offence it will be a fine pay it or go to court up to you you can say you was buffing tags if there where more than one tag there graffiti over graffiti kind of isn't offence depending on where you are in the world
  5. LordCee

    LordCee Member

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    No. Only the tag you were caught will be brought up. Many taggers have the same names . State prosecution isn't bringing in handwriting experts to testify at trial, ususally don't won't even want to go to trial. Most cities hate graffiti and will just hit u with an excessive fine or community service .

    You'd have to do big damage to get a case , hitting landmarks, cop cars, sport stadiums, museums , etc
  6. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Not sure how people are giving advice without knowing where you are. In the U.S. your Miranda rights start with you have the right to remain silent. ANYTHING you say can AND WILL BE USED AGAINST you in a court of law. Don't know how you could argue you were buffing tags with a can of paint, but let's say you take dude's advice and say that. And then the cops say, so you admit you were doing something to the surface of the building. Do you have permission? A permit? No? And that will go to court to be used against you. AND, when you do get to see your lawyer, he's going to tell you you were an idiot for talking.
    The cops may or may not try to bring your other tags against you and may depend on factors such as how much damage you've done, have they been looking for you for a long time (like you've been vandalizing the area), etc. They may add it to their records and sit back and wait to see if you tag more, especially since they now know your name, address, and such. Either way, they can TRY to bring other shit against you but that doesn't mean they will be successful, and that's where keepnig your mouth shut and letting your lawyer handle shit comes into play.
  7. Zeis graffiti

    Zeis graffiti New Member

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  8. rugschoice

    rugschoice New Member

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