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If There Was A Fire In Your House...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kronone, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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    hey. i was just thinkin about this n was just wonderin what other people would take...(dont have to be graffiti shit.)
  2. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    probibly the hard drive out of my computer, or my mp3 player/ headphones. I wouldent want to loose like 5k tracks.
  3. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    My amp and guitar.
  4. virus

    virus Senior Member

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    damn....its porn kamera? i got so much good stuff...fuk it ill take my self i dont want to die
  5. KaOs-OneR

    KaOs-OneR Senior Member

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    my dog dont count right..? ... well i think i would take my stash of money.. in case theres no hosue available..
  6. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    the piccasso, the monet....possably the rembrandt....oh and my stash of cubans
  7. /*BlItZ*\

    /*BlItZ*\ Senior Member

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    i'm a heavy sleeper, and knowing my luck i'd probably suficate.
  8. Kronone

    Kronone Elite Member

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    haha...hey kaos....where do you live, im wanna rob you... haha
  9. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    haha ok there tony, you wish. :p

    DROZDHCRUE Senior Member

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  11. sbEr

    sbEr Banned

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    my nuts. i'd take those. oh, and my collection of Mp3 CDs.
  12. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    good answers

    hmm hard question
    my snowboards?
    my skate?

    truthfully i have no idea, sadly i dont have much things of sentimental value....
    but the one thing would be....
    my glasses
  13. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    pool table....all the 9 spanish guitars lying all over the house and the comp probably..... oh and my mom's treasures & my bag of memories n shit...hmmm damn there's so much after i think about it
  14. dotone

    dotone Elite Member

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    prolly my bass, or mp3 player, maybe all my stickers, i put a shit load of work into those things.
  15. K0tt0nKandyandP0psicles

    K0tt0nKandyandP0psicles Elite Member

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    yeah, i'd definitely have to save my kitty too.
    i got a big goldfish in a ten gallon tank that'd be impossible to move. :(
    hopefully the firemen would put it out in time so even if the house was destroyed, my fish and his house would be unharmed.
    i have a bunch of work from other writers, and a sticker collection. i'd have to save that. all the ones from other artists i've traded with, fuck my shit. let it burn.

    definitely those million dollar bonds, like in panic room
    who knows what i'm talking about?
  16. deploreoner

    deploreoner Member

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    good comp for sure...maybe my markers since i got easily 700$ in those and any money i have would already be in my pocket..other that maybe grab my 2 pairs of pants a a few shirts, nothing worse than everyone looking at you and you stare into the wreckage of your burning house at 3 in the morning except you standing there naked...also ive noticed not many people have sentimental things?thats a trip...i got plenty of pictures but i dont give a fuck really...
  17. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    id let all my art work and work of others burn
    no offense to the peoples art i have, i just dont think i need a sticker (or an old blacbook) collection to continue living my life

    i kinda of wonder about the people that want to save their markers and mp3s, is that how they see themselves?
  18. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,966
    • Likes Received: 0 it all burn to the ground and make a ton of shit up for the insurance company bitches
  19. deploreoner

    deploreoner Member

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    no its not that i rely on those things, but hell if ive got nothing left i might as well be able to sell markers until i get everything sorted out...and mp3's...well yeah i guess i see what you mean
  20. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    yeah like my priceless classic car collection, 3 million dollar collection of clasic coins and bills, etc.