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If You Could Have Sex With Anybody...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Idealeyez, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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    i would do that chick from mythbusters...
  2. Rots takes your Daughters

    Rots takes your Daughters Elite Member

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  3. h!de7

    h!de7 Senior Member

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    LMAO! me2
  4. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    ahh shes so fuckin hotttt

    but for me, Anne Hathaway
  5. Rulz

    Rulz Member

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    Salma Hayek
    Shyla Stylez
    Trish Stratus

    Salma Hayek is a Goddess
  6. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

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    trish stratus' boobs are over exaggerated big
  7. cds_dogg665544

    cds_dogg665544 Senior Member

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    that chick on that razr cellphone comercial you know wheere shes hvaing a sword fight with that guy with that guy with her phone in the subway
  8. ladie.salo

    ladie.salo Senior Member

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    just cuz he's not hot doesnt mean he wouldnt be a good fuck.

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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  10. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    haha, yea....ain't her name Tori Byron?
  11. Lieon

    Lieon Senior Member

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    Keira Knightley, idk i gained some sort of fascination for her after watching that last pirates movie....
  12. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    yo shes fucking fit. you seen domino? shes got some fine titties.. shes prolly a dom, seems like the kinna girl
  13. Lieon

    Lieon Senior Member

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    Hell yeah she looks in better shape than i do shit, lol i get you though she has something strong looking about her
  14. milfhunter

    milfhunter Elite Member

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    Lisa Ann,puma Swede,jessicca Alba,jessica Simpson
  15. ca$hville

    ca$hville Senior Member

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    what he said
  16. CorrereLaCitta

    CorrereLaCitta Senior Member

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    I would have sex with one of the good looking African chicks (not african american)in my class just the fact that they are quiet and keep to them selfs is abit of a turn on.
  17. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    I know who shyla stylez is... Her face is kinda whack tho
  18. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    either elisha cuthbert or eva longoria
  19. queenZroyali$t

    queenZroyali$t Member

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  20. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest