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In need of help with creativity, shapes, and general ideas.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by SHUT, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. SHUT

    SHUT Senior Member

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    Honestly, i didn't know what to name this thread. The point in me posting this is because I have been having artist's block. When I sketch out a piece, either it is disproportional, or inconsistent to the idea or style I began the piece with. Other problems have been with fill designs, like cracks. Also, I just dislike the way my sketches look for the majority of the time. Because of this, I don't get out and paint as much, which sucks. I'm not sure exactly what I am asking of you, except to maybe post ideas on how to improve my proportions or how to improve my sketches and pieces. I would just really like for people to post things such as photo with drawn out pieces in certain styles and a short summary/tutorial on that specific style and how to improve in that style. Your posts are much appreciated!
  2. XCES

    XCES Member

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    stop sucking, might be your best bet.
  3. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    stupid, should be closed
  4. Communisthobo96

    Communisthobo96 Member

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    I have a simular problem at the moment. -__-
  5. Carma7

    Carma7 Member

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    this should be closed. post this in toy questions or toy chay or something.
  6. SiL0)

    SiL0) Member

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    for the size problem, i usually do a little box about as big as i want the word to be. then i basically try to make the words atleast somewhat close to the hieght an width, should help some,..
  7. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    That actually helps, sex
  8. PANE

    PANE Member

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    When i have that problem i look towards someone else's work for motivation! I browse a site like artcrimes or bombing science for motivation. As for the disproportion like the other guy said mark your page use some kind of grid system Comprende??
  9. must.bomb.chicago

    must.bomb.chicago Member

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    or how about starting from the bottom up instead of being the toy and deciding you wana start doing crazy fills and pieces the second week you start writing. Start from basic straight letters. once you get that down, THEN you can start modifying it. But take steps. you can not go from tags to insane fills in a day
  10. nixon

    nixon Member

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    I agree

    must bomb chicago is right, simple styles first. take a box, add some simple dimensional affects (like change the perspective), sketch in big block letters. from there you can add little adjustments. once you get that base just how you like it, proportion-wise ( i prefer fairly same size letters, but thats just me), then you add fills. hope this helps
  11. Chris57662

    Chris57662 Member

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    This shouldn't be here but, well you learn as you go. You can't really teach graff. Just be creative. There isn't a certain way a piece should look, especially wildstyle.
  12. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    that^, just go with yo flow
  13. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    if your work looks "wrong to you" thats bad, youve got to develop your own style and youve got to make your words and letters work in their own way you follow me?
  14. Sim2

    Sim2 Member

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    Well, the thing is, graffiti is something you think and put out on your paper. The only thing you could learn is the differentiation in separate styles. What always seems to help me when I'm sketching is listening to music that seems...freestyle, such as jazz, or hip-hop.
  15. Kinger79

    Kinger79 Member

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    i agree with chris... but draw. ALOT. and it will get better. fuck what haterz say. every time you draw you see whats good and whats bad. and you remember what looks good or bad and you either do or dont do it again.
  16. Kinger79

    Kinger79 Member

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    jazz inspires your graff? what the fuck?
  17. NOKi

    NOKi Member

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    Look at megazines an draw out adds an slogans for stuff not everything in them is straight letters eventualy start adding lil tweaks here a flare there yah dig? Listen to what ever music get you going man wheather it be hiphop, jazz, reggae, etc... Try drawing a kitty if you like kitties what ever gets you going you know? Honestly too in you're black book bite the fuck outta other peoples shit add one style with another eventualy it will help you get flow down but when it comes to the streets don't be toying around yo write you're own shit in you're own way.
  18. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    Try doing small words , its easyer to get the proportions right; i sitched from "SOUR" to "SUBCYDE" and it took me a while to get all of the letters the same size it either went from small to big or vice versa but after alot of practice you can get all your letters the same size.
  19. Stuck

    Stuck Elite Member

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    You know jazz is good for the soul
  20. earf

    earf Senior Member

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    listen to your favorite music, watch exit through the gift shop
    thats how i get inspired