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ironlak vs. montana?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by 3ksta...c, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. sniffy

    sniffy Member

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    It don't matter, use what ever paint you want to. Ironlak is a litle cheaper, but at the same time Montana has more lines of paint and specialty cans. It really don't matter though, use whatever you can your hands on. But I do hear that Ironlaks smell good...
  2. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    "but at the same time Montana has more lines of paint and specialty cans"
    "But I do hear that Ironlaks smell good..."

    good one.
  3. ZMR

    ZMR New Member

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    Ironlak's thicker and cheaper, really consistent for bombing and pretty good with piecing, and valve pressure is pretty decent. Montana takes a few more coats to cover but has a way more color choice, piecing wise they're so smooth and have low valve pressure but the valves are way sensitive for the most part, bombing wise ehh it might take a lil longer if youre doin a fill.
  4. Mod5

    Mod5 New Member

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    Wait........ Rustos are free?! Where?!
  5. .*. RAZ .*.

    .*. RAZ .*. New Member

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    i agree if you push down on a montana cap the wrong way it leaks like a basterd but if your pieceing (and have time) deff use montana , ironlaks are can for little time i use em for throwies with and without fills because you dont need to go over more then twice to have the color show so you save time
  6. Tiktoker

    Tiktoker Member

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    montana wins

    i would take montana anyday over ironlak. montana is all around better is every way.
  7. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    I don't think I'll be buying anymore reloads by ironlak...The white one went crazy pissing all this clear liquid out of the can while not in use...This all started to happen after I took a cap out of the can. Might of just been a stuffed up can to begin with but that was nasty.
  8. mr.slowflow

    mr.slowflow New Member

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    Everyone has their own preferences...No one 'professional' paint is better then the next. They all have their pros and cons in certain situations.
  9. gritz.n.gravy

    gritz.n.gravy Member

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    ironak owns montana. i dont buy german montana. but id take a can of the real montana (mtn hardcore) over a can of lak anyday.

    but half of you seem toy. talking about using premium paint for bombing. and talking about having to outline twice. if your gonna use premium paint just use it for outline. rack your fills.

    kilz is by far better then any premium white paint. under 5 bucks a can. and if your not a wimp you can rack it from a hardware store.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011
  10. ReackOne

    ReackOne Member

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    Bombin science sucks ass... Gief a ban pl0x
  11. gritz.n.gravy

    gritz.n.gravy Member

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    why dont you just not come on this site if you wanna be banned.
  12. stacksmalone

    stacksmalone Member

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    wow .. i dont mind ironlak, but 94's all the way .. lately i have been liking blacks even more than 94's but thats a whole nother argument..


    RETZONE Member

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    Personally, I like Spanish Montana over Ironlak and everything else I have tried, even German Montana.
  14. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    Its that Ironlaksteezy for me!
    Its the right amount of expensive for a baller on a budget,comes in pretty flavors,and smells like candy.
    Honestly though its pretty rare for me to pay for paint so I only get that shit for special occasions.
  15. Shadow_gat

    Shadow_gat New Member

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  16. dirt diggler

    dirt diggler Senior Member

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    There both realy good i feel iron lack goes on kinda thicker and holds true iron lakk 4 me
  17. memphisbleak2133

    memphisbleak2133 Senior Member

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    Ok fuck this... Ironlak is dope and montana is gay.. Ironlak team i suppa sick wid it
  18. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    from my experiences ironlak is thicker, so it has better coverage, and also its cheaper than Montanas, and the best part is ironlak smells nice while your painting with it, but please dont inhale to much becuz we dont wanna see a story on the morning news about a tagger passing out and dieing from inhaling to much spray paint cuz it smelled good.

    LOSTINTHEMUSIC Senior Member

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  20. hhhhhhh

    hhhhhhh Senior Member

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    ironlak fades but smells dope an is cheap
    motana lasts dosent smell as good more $