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ironlak vs. montana?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by 3ksta...c, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Pickton's Pigpen

    Pickton's Pigpen Elite Member

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    straight fuckin' facts.
  2. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    i refuse to buy ironlak now. REFUSE.

    ironlak paint is like thick and chunky, covers pretty good... but it constantly clogs caps and the cans seem to run out of paint pretty quick?? i mean filling in a piece and with 3 cans barely having enough to finish

    montana is buttery smooth and i always have leftover paint.

    ironlak is like a dollar cheaper where i buy it, and its done me wrong waaayyy too many times.

    im sorry..... its over between us.
  3. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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  4. sektor163

    sektor163 Member

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    id say ironlak for black nd white then montana for everything else
  5. mclovin14211

    mclovin14211 Guest

  6. TheBombersDream

    TheBombersDream Member

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    Super Late but..

    I would have to say Ironlak covers better then montana. I like the way Montana cans feel a bit better (spanish mtn) but Ironlaks colors and coverage are so much better. Just my opinion...
  7. karPe

    karPe New Member

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    MTN HardCore (spanish montana) for bombing, ironlak for legal pieces, german montnana (gold, black is wack) also for legal pieces, but if ur sure they're gonna last for a long time, cause unlike ironlak they don't fade.
  8. TheBombersDream

    TheBombersDream Member

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    Ya I agree, the MTN Hardcore has great pressure for quick action.
    Ironlak has a newish High pressure can, I have yet to try it. Its 600ml so not the best for stealth.
  9. fixiebandit

    fixiebandit Member

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    Molotow yes plzzz

    what is up with people saying ironlak clogs caps... ive been using it little over a year and never once's clogged a cap...?
    I never used montana i was thinking about ordering me up a pack just never got around to it....
    but molotow is what you'll find in my baggg....
  10. Moe_13

    Moe_13 Member

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    i get to say nothing havn't truied ironlak i only used mtn hardcore for once other then that its 1-2$ cans for the no money or the mtn store is so away and ironlak is not found in my country thats why havn't tried it :p
  11. skesrams

    skesrams Banned

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    Ironwak is shit... it fades in 6 months no joke. its made with acryllic paint thats why it comes out stringy when u first spray it.. your better off with rustoleum, its oil based which can handle the sun for tens years and barely start to fade no joke. thats just my experience.
  12. Yodhan

    Yodhan Member

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    I use Ironlak, Molotw and Mtn94. There are some awesome colors from Ironlak that I really like, but I prefer how Belton and Mtn94 work.
  13. CliffJackson

    CliffJackson Member

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    between ironlak and montana i would go with montana just because the paint is top notch. shits too expensive tho. i would just get some cheap cans and some caps
  14. all_crazy

    all_crazy New Member

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    MTN Hardcore & 94...the 2 best paints out there...IronWak is straight trizzash....clogs caps constantly, fade like crazy, valves ALWAYS break & can becomes useless, made in China...on the other hand...MTN Hardcore is the ORIGINAL...made in the damn MTN factory, not out-sourced to some 3rd world country and made with shit...the colors are ALWAYS consistent...never a shade off...the MTN white is the purest, brightest white I've ever fucking GLOWS....everything that came after MTN is 2nd best IMO....Ironlak...aww man...they came out the gate with a shit product!!!
    when 'Lak was first introduced to the graff world 10 out of 12 cans didn't work...the 2 that did leaked uncontrolably and clogged repeatedly...I remember buying a 12-pack when they first dropped...9 cans didn't spray so much as a drop of paint at can you sell a product that is 90% un-useable??

    perhaps I'm just bitter because I wasted so much money on Ironlak only to be disappointed over & over...BUT MTN is still the king in my book....

  15. kioskonee

    kioskonee New Member

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    to be honest i prefer laks. they cover well nd the paint is thick. problem with them is the valves. i got 4 laks last week and 2 fucked up making me go back and trade them for some new ones. appart from that laks are dope
  16. Sinister151

    Sinister151 Member

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    Ironlak is bomb , montana is too expensive
  17. Jeffrey Inpho Daniel

    Jeffrey Inpho Daniel Member

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    i havent seen ironlak fade, i'd rather just buy the rust-o's , better and cheaper paint, IMO,
  18. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    ^yes, but this thread is MONTANA VS IRONLAK, you have to pick one of those... And its extremely easy to say montana straight scrapes on ironlak
  19. Jeffrey Inpho Daniel

    Jeffrey Inpho Daniel Member

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    ironlak is cheaper, montana is better quality, if you got money to waste, montana, to practice, or do some throws, ironlak,
  20. SLAY_666

    SLAY_666 Member

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    im new to graff so ive been trying a lot of diffrent cans. rusto was my first (just because you can buy it anywhere) but i found a art supply store 5 mins from my house that sells mtn hardcore. i love it, the cans have a great feel, the yellow/pink dot caps come on the cans are great. but i want to branch out and try everything. aside montana, ive bought like 10 cans of EVOLVE, and i like it. it does clog caps from time to time but it covers good and the colors are great. i also got a few cans of clash, and super tramp, wich is part of clash (i think?) and the color POPS and has good coverage. waiting to see if it gets buffed to see how it holds up. im waitin to use the paint i have before i buy more but i was going to get a can of ironlak next. i started with evolve because they are 4$ each, have a CRAZY big color selection, and ship for free when you spend 50$ (from www.**************)