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Is 50 Years Old Too Old To Start?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by westbamlove, Apr 20, 2021.

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  1. westbamlove

    westbamlove Member

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    First time poster

    My story:

    Did graphic design when I was 16-18, then in my mid 30's I did a degree in fine art. Then due to severe illness and having to take a lot of medication, I sunk into a depressive state, and I've not done anything in nearly 10 years.

    However, lately, I've started to get back into doing some kind of artwork, but I'm bored with drawing. I've always looked at the world of graffiti, and given my brief stint in graphic design, I wonder if it would be a good basis to start?

    The only thing I worry about is my age!

    I would call myself a more traditional artist (back in the day), but I have no interest in it any more.

    I love the work of Rasko (love the use of colour), Does and Sofles .. i undersstand are big in the game, but I love the recent work of Does (5 years to present).

    So ... would you advise a 50-year-old artist to have a go?
  2. Jainz13

    Jainz13 Senior Member

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    YES! i mean, i know nothing, but would say definitely have a go! if you're physically able to, why wouldn't you? life's short, do what you want, nobody really cares
  3. caron_400

    caron_400 Senior Member

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    Go for it. Get a couple cans of spray paint and find yourself a legal wall. From the artist you referenced I assume you want to do something big and colorful so my advice is to draw something you would like to paint, so you have a plan.

    Watch videos on YouTube. You'll see how people use/hold the can to do different techniques.

    Go do it and take a picture, post it here and I'll give you more pointers if you like.

    Have fun
  4. westbamlove

    westbamlove Member

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    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I was planning to get started on paper first before I break out the cans (I've got some already). I've got quite a few paint markers (Montana) as well. Stupid thing is that I've used the cans and markers, everything ... but graffiti!

    Thing is, there are things about the world of Graffiti that don't interest me … tags/tagging in particular. I just want to get to the meat … so-to-speak. And i'm really nervous about the whole wall thing ... not for fear of being arrested or anything, I think i'e like to get some confidence in my work/ability first.

    The graffiti in my city ... well … it ain't Sofles, that's for sure. I just want to do something that's looks better than what's out there currently (locally).

    Artistically, I've always excelled ... but deep down, I've always wanted to have a go … but never had the confidence to do it.

    Give me 12 months, I'll see what I can come up with!
  5. caron_400

    caron_400 Senior Member

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    For sure get something you love on paper first before going to a wall.

    Do you have a graffiti name or a moniker ??

    For your tag/signature, I suggest doing some on paper first. Doing letters individually at first to get shapes that you find appealing, and bringing them together. Pen for skinny cap or round marker and chisel tip highlighters for the bigger paint markers.

    For a bigger piece, I suggest doing straight letters first. Make your letters balanced, readable and simple. Put a 3d on your letters. From the side or from popped perspective.

    Try out different color schemes. On the same designs. Don't be afraid of doing something wrong or "not right", experiment and have fun.
  6. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    Since you have experience in graphic design this should all come faster, but tags are something that you need a firm grasp of. There are lessong in every level of graffiti and jumping straight into the meat of it is often what begginers do, and that's why were left with places polluted in ugly tags and pieces. Those are the people that gives graffit such a bad rep. You have to learn tags, straight letters, throws, striaght letter pieces, pieces, and wildstyles (needs to be in this order). I'm sure as far as tags and straight letters go you'll learn super fast since you already have an arsenal of graphic design fonts at hand. You need to watch "The Artist Block" of youtube. He is the only internet recource you can trust as far as learning graffiti goes. He's also a fine artist so much of his non graffiti techniques he incorporates should be familiar to you. I'm very impressed that your jumping in at 50! I wish you good luck in the long journey ahead.

    PS. If your painting in the U.S just use Rusto. If you can't piece with rusto then you don't deserve to be using montana.
  7. westbamlove

    westbamlove Member

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    I tried tagging a while ago … it bored me rigid doing them :(:(, although I kinda see the benefit ...

    As for Rusto … (i'm in the UK) I looked at alternatives to the Graffiti brands, but they're twice the price if not more, than the graff stuff.
  8. Sofie

    Sofie New Member

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    Go for it. I respect your interest and courage!!!
  9. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    My bad about the rusto. That's pretty harsh.
    Tagging is really just the start to learning the underlying fundementals of calligraphy that graff is built off of. It's how to beggin to learn to learn the graffiti style as well as working on the graff fundementals. It's probably the most boring part, and very few people I teach can appreciate the benefits of it, but handstyles are very important. You just gotta work through it because it only gets harder and more complicated;).
    Last edited: May 27, 2021
  10. Slushi 6989

    Slushi 6989 Moderator

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    Wow I just puked in my mouth
  11. westbamlove

    westbamlove Member

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    I guess for me, I spent years on typography, fonts, 3d lettering etc ... I was doing that back in 1990 for my diploma at art school … and which I've continued to use throughout the years, so I feel confident enough with such things. Wildstyle is something that probably I'll avoid. It's not that I don't appreciate it, however, I don't get into - meaning, i never search for wildstyle in google images for example.

    I have a name set out for myself ... and i've got enough art equipment to play around with ... let me play around with some tags then.

    how will i know when it@s the right time to move onto the next level?
  12. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    You've just gotta find an artist in your rejion to help you because it verys from place to place. I'm not to familiar with the U.K graffiti (not a big fan of it) so I wouldn't be the one to tell you. I think just find a solid tag for now and work on handstyles for a while. You can practice throwies at the same time, but they are more sound once youv'e kind of gotten good with your particular letters. But again you just gotta find someone in your rejion you know is good enough to help you. It shouldn't be super hard since everyone has social media these days.
  13. SumYungGai

    SumYungGai Elite Member

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  14. westbamlove

    westbamlove Member

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    I don't feel 50.

    I have been bad. I tried to go straight to the meat, without doing the groundwork. it was ok … we're not talking Does quite yet! I need to act on the advice given, go back to the beginning and spend at least a few months on tagging first.
  15. Classic

    Classic Senior Member

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    Graffiti is vandalism. It’s going out at night and lowering property value. I don’t think this is what you meant or am looking to do.

    plenty of people put up plywood walls or go to legals and paint but that’s not graffiti. That’s painting.

    So put up a plywood wall in your yard, buy some paint and paint a face or flower or some letters ... anyone can paint.

    graffiti, the grimy get up game ... is not for anyone over 25 really IMO
  16. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    Stop looking at the best of these best guy lol. It's an unrealistic and degrading goal. Look into John Grim. He's a fine artist and graffit artist. He keeps things simple and shows you how to perfect the basics. He's probabaly the best level you could get too starting this late.(He's pretty good)
  17. RHEAL

    RHEAL Member

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