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Jesus Sucks

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by jesussaves, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. BIGdreamSCHEME

    BIGdreamSCHEME Senior Member

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  2. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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  3. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    lol looks like kathulu
  4. d-stroy

    d-stroy Senior Member

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    This fool talks about in his interview on this site about how he only writes on property that has been written on before..... bull shit.
  5. calculating infinity

    calculating infinity Elite Member

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    looks nothing like cythulu
  6. whosthisguy

    whosthisguy Senior Member

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    jesus saves is proof toys can get recognition. you're going to hell for being a false prophet.
  7. ados

    ados Elite Member

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  8. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    were both wrong its actually cuthulu and yes yes it does, how dare you even dry and deny it
  9. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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  10. klic

    klic Elite Member

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    i didnt know this guy was in fuk graff 2, all he did was put up a couple tags in it though
  11. Raisedbywolves

    Raisedbywolves Senior Member

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    you know i'm pretty sure its c'thulhu

    and yeah im pretty unimpressed by all of this
  12. staone

    staone Senior Member

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    if ur from new york you respect this cat he has many fucking ups
  13. Me_Th_GQ

    Me_Th_GQ Guest

    Mods. close this thread. anyone can just run around flicking their own shit and shamelessly self promoting themselves.
  14. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    SEGAFLO Senior Member

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    what the fuck is the point of this thread...
  16. Neek503

    Neek503 Member

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    What's the point of any thread? what's the point of the internet? What's the point of computers? what's the point of electronics? what's the point of electricity? what's the point of spaghetti?
  17. realtalk

    realtalk Senior Member

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    whats the point of bumping a shitty dead thread?
  18. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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  19. TESTER

    TESTER Senior Member

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    yea this site is about deep descusions into why do we do what we do... its about WHY DO WE DO GRAFFITI, and it's here to ask questions like WHAT IS GRAFFITI?... this site isnt for posting pictures of your graffiti... no FUCK That its all about the art man..... THE ART
  20. Inlyn08

    Inlyn08 Senior Member

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    I never knew Jesus laid out Graff?

    Must be hard running from the pigs in that robe and sandals..
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