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Judgement Thread.

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by -Wings-, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Taro_AAK

    Taro_AAK Senior Member

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    @Rizel - Your coming along nicely, Im gonna give the advice everyone gives because its the best advice TO give. Just Calm it down until you have simple letter structure down, then try and amp it up. Right off the bat your doing good but if you look, your bars are different sizes, your letters dont match or flow together as well as they could, and you have some extensions that dont make a whole lot of sense. But your doing fine, just keep sketching and sketching and sketching and sketching.
  2. Rzl

    Rzl Member

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    I guess I over-do it a bit, need to be more simple, I've been bombing doing tags and throws for years, but im just recently starting to try more serious stuff, thanks for the tips!
  3. Loctorak

    Loctorak Member

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    These are my best I think

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
  4. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Nice stuff this page.
    Rizel- take your shit of Instaham. I know, it's the age of social media and all, but it's like snitching on yourself.
    Good looks people.
  5. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    this was my try at a more simple piece. Judge me all you want 20150102_134631[1].jpg
  6. Ralpmet

    Ralpmet Senior Member

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    stay in the toy section tuke
  7. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    Any advice?
  8. Ralpmet

    Ralpmet Senior Member

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    Just the same as for anyone i guess, go more simple first and get really good at that, from there you can go further
  9. TRUANT365

    TRUANT365 Senior Member

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    15722192679_01206470aa_o.jpg 15387930695_88e0def0da_o.jpg TRUANT.ONER.. Crit's welcome.
  10. Avoiz

    Avoiz New Member

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    Ive been doing this for quite some time, maybe 3 years, but i recently settled on this name and have been doing it seriously for the past 3 or 4 months... do you think im ready for walls yet? 10622939_1560956387477495_6257758544614802851_n.jpg
  11. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Did this in '12. I know im toy, ive been addressed this already. but do you guys think i should develop this style or leave it alone.


  12. shoi

    shoi New Member

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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  13. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    ^^^ Keep practicing. Your basic letter forms aren't that bad and you letter proportions are ok, just keep practicing.
  14. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    @ Avoiz: Not sure what to say... if you've been doing graff for 3 years and that's where you're at then you're not really serious or who knows. But if you are serious then keep practicing and loosen up your hand a little so your letters can have a better flow.

    @ Zoup: That style has potential but at the end of the day it's on you. Do whatever you like and feel comfortable with. If you like doing the 3D stuff then do for it.
  15. shoi

    shoi New Member

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    Thanks bugs! I don't know what but is like that there is something that I missed !
    I feel like that I am in the middle of a toy and an advanced beginner ! I don't know what I need to do to pass this step
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  16. "BLAZE"

    "BLAZE" Guest

    first post, the background is shit and i need to re outline, feedback? 20150210_081243.jpg 20150210_081316.jpg
  17. Socon

    Socon Member

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    Some Friday 13th action for you today!

  18. Siro_

    Siro_ Senior Member

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    @Ask: Def stick to the books for now cause those pieces need work. Keep the shapes simpler and learn the fundamentals.

    @Socon: Looks kinda blury or messy with all the black stuff. Also always drawing things from the front can be boring. Try to give stuff a different perspective.
  19. tonyjdm

    tonyjdm New Member

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    I'm new to this forum stuff what do you guys think about my work it was uzer and switched some to fzer or fze IMG_20150403_170536_745.jpg

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  20. Mildstyles

    Mildstyles Elite Member

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    Tot to the max my man
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