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KeepSix [VS] Die59

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by LuStErOcKs, Nov 23, 2009.

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Keep6 or Die59

Poll closed Dec 14, 2009.
  1. Die59

    57 vote(s)
  2. KeepSix

    88 vote(s)
  1. stekone

    stekone Member

    • Messages: 36
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    yea i am torn who to vote for both styles are clean, but Die is a locale dude, so i gotta support the local scene, but great job KEEP your shit is fire
  2. LuStErOcKs

    LuStErOcKs Moderator

    • Messages: 2,287
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    You shouldn't vote on Local Or Out of Townee... Vote on the Pieces.
  3. Asis

    Asis Senior Member

    • Messages: 63
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    this is exactly what makes graffiti god damn beautiful

    keep in many ways your ish made my head explode
  4. JMANN.23.HTK

    JMANN.23.HTK Senior Member

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    Still can't decide keep's shading is ill!

    But Die's piece all in all is phenominal! Letter's / Flow / Composition is amazing!
  5. kejs

    kejs Member

    • Messages: 12
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    well, honestly it was a tough one. i mean it took a little time for me to make a choice, but the results are :| keep six. i mean both have such sick styles and are on a similar level, so it was more like a judgement of my choice and type of style i admire, but it took a while so i voted for keep cuz he s fuckin crazy its way deeper than die and also the letters are so fine if u look closely, so keep is by my opinion better. yo :|
  6. Papa Crucifix

    Papa Crucifix Senior Member

    • Messages: 66
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    I have mad respect for both of them, but i went with die's

    at first glance, both blew my mind, i loved the fill on keeps

    love the flow on dies etc. that's why he earned my vote
  7. crailtap

    crailtap Senior Member

    • Messages: 307
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    both were ill as fuck, i really couldn't pick a better one, i really tried. it just came down to the one that appealed more to me
  8. NouveauP

    NouveauP Elite Member

    • Messages: 924
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    Jesus. both were fucking nuts. My vote went to Keep in the end. Something about the symmetry of it all drew me in more than Die's structure. But yes, both show the precision I one day hope to acheive. Probably the best battle I've seen on BS forums.
  9. iselldope

    iselldope Senior Member

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    they're both dope but i went with die's because it's more overwhelming(hard to explain)
  10. MEWTS

    MEWTS Senior Member

    • Messages: 280
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    keep murdered.
  11. Reincarnation

    Reincarnation Senior Member

    • Messages: 116
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    I voted die because I felt like it popped out more at you with the 3D ya know? But both were amazing entries
  12. Shin325

    Shin325 Member

    • Messages: 46
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    this isnt something you can vote on
    this is personal taste for style, nothing more nothing less
    and my favorite here, on that account, would be die59
    but i wont vote, because voting for one... automatically insults the other sketch
    everyone here who did vote for someone on something other then personal taste for style
    please inform me on any major fuck ups, because in my experts opinion there are none!

    huge props to both players
    this certain level of style is why im still sketching and painting every single day!
    proud to be part of the culture with heads like you in it
    people might be scared by this kind of honesty, calling me names, but i dont care

    it is how it is

    STFUPPERCUT Senior Member

    • Messages: 210
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    nice battle guys, keep got my vote. both enteries were solid
  14. RetaredElephatButtSex

    RetaredElephatButtSex Member

    • Messages: 7
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    i love u dieeeeeeee taking the cake keep is dirty to but i think a lil to complex
  15. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

    • Messages: 451
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    keep on that straight FIRE shit though!!!
  16. tickz

    tickz Senior Member

    • Messages: 75
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    ^^^as shin says,spot on comment, but I went for keeps cus it was more my taste in style, both rock equally, its good to see
  17. joshthesk8ter5

    joshthesk8ter5 Senior Member

    • Messages: 176
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    Fucking crazy battle. Both are gangster as fuck. Would've voted for you keep if your 3d wasnt as dark. voted lust, good shit
  18. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,592
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    Die- Clean as always, fresh letters, but I felt this wasn't one of your strongest peices, still tho its something different ahd has MAD FLOW

    Keep- Progression much, Clean, fresh letters, you should paint all your work like this man

    I nulled Great battle
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2010
  19. Poser

    Poser Member

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    I love them both but KeepSix has so cool coloring that i vote for him.


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