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Krylon 360 Help?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Justinm, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. CoronaOne

    CoronaOne Senior Member

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    You can mod these cans to actually have a dot style instead of a calligraphy style to it.....
  2. CrAzOnEr!

    CrAzOnEr! Senior Member

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  3. Boutique12

    Boutique12 Banned

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  4. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    I'm gonna solve this thread once and for all.

    1. Take a razor blade
    2. Cut a thin slice off the tunable part on the cap
    3. ????
    4. Profit
  5. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    i actually like these caps for outlines, if you keep the tip at the same angle when your doing your outline it comes out real crisp, i just dont like the paint inside.
  6. Con-Artist

    Con-Artist Senior Member

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    How bout this, FUCK NEW KRYLON. Dont rack it or buy it. Rustos where it's at.
  7. goonzatwork

    goonzatwork Senior Member

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    the ONLY reason i like krylon at all(the new ones) is beause of the nice variety of colors and easy access. They are alright for handles though, and fills if your filling real solid
  8. BlacktodaFuture

    BlacktodaFuture Elite Member

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    there is some way to take the top off. idk how. i think there is. lets all go steal some and try various methods to taking off these fucking tops
  9. HADES.

    HADES. Senior Member

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    the only ways to use these cans are stock.
    use the fantip it comes with for great caligraphy style tags,
    or use them to fill in a piece, or to color your background colors and effects (great for fading)
    take out the white twisty fantip on the nozzle, and then it has a hazey dot style.
    its great for dusty drippy tags, hollows, and creative destruction. medium to high pressure.

    Those are really the only two options on how to use this paint.
    theres NO way to mod them to put normal caps.

    NOW the quality...
    really watered down paint. not good quality at all.
    okay for primed and pre-painted surfaces, like legals but is too watery to bomb, and use on rough porous surfaces with. very watered down, and will drip. not thick at all, expect to use multiple layers of paint.

    for the money, not worth it. shell out a couple more cents and get another brand.
    VALSPAR is similar to krylon. its a little thicker and is exaclty like krylon when krylon was good. they come in a variety of great colors, and has a FEMALE can so u can use all your traditional male caps.
    i piece with this sometimes, and occasionaly bomb with it when i need dope colors, and the surface is right. i recommend the silver.
  10. Kimo13

    Kimo13 Senior Member

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    hey you all may think im bullshittin you, but this is true. I was lurkin around at one of the local freespots in my town and there's this dude here who writes Relik who was usin black and white Krylon 360's to paint a burner that was like an old skool calligraphy sort of thing. Im talkin about a full size fuckin wild as hell burner. And sure that shit dripped but he was paintin it in such a way that the drips actually looked pretty cool. So yea, they actually do have a use. go figure. you just have to be a fuckin dope writer to pull that shit off.
  11. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    true words of wisdom!
  12. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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    people got used to tha dot style in the 60's..Bucker up and get used to it..find a way to use em and we'll get used to it..
  13. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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  14. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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  15. prefer

    prefer Banned

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    new krylon blows man, dang it was a sad thing to see those caps go:(
  16. dickfartdollars

    dickfartdollars New Member

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    yo i heard u can remove the the actual caliphy piece the dot say u remove that would there be any way to put like the dot or disc from another cap in there
  17. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Art Primo is selling the old Krylon again.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
  18. B.S. P0LICE

    B.S. P0LICE Senior Member

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    why is this thread still here?





    seriously, whys is this shit still relevant? if you havent made a switch to rusto or american accents by now then you should probably quit doing graff asap


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    actually i disagree bs the new krylon if turned to spray wide make very nice fillers....absolutely terrible for outlines obv but work nice for throws and handstyles
    american accents has some dope colors to tho love the greens they got...theres like 4 diff shades at this store near here
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
  20. SouR625

    SouR625 New Member

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    krylon is dead

    hey idk if anyone else has but valspars are really good to use from what ive experienced, the craft size cans are good for banging out a few tags. they also word w alot of caps including the german outlines. color range is okay nothing great kind of remind me of old rusto Painter touch