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Lets build on some HIPHOP shiiit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RealHipHopHead, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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    Well im bored figured why the fuck not right.... anyways ill start it off with a few questionable debates and lets keep this thread alive, its a debate not a place to talk trash on one anothers opinons on the selected debates tossed up in this thread. RESPECT!

    oh BTW, Happy 20th Birthday to Ice Cube's DEATH CERTIFICATE

    DJ Q-bert vs Roc Raida (RIP).....who was the illest on the wheels of steel?

    Top 3 Dopeboy Songs That Were Made At least Pre-2000?

    Top 3 OG Songs: ( to clarify I don't mean songs made my OG's. I mean songs made for OG's to listen to) -- (to clarify again, if your under 25, don't answer this question) if ur a true hip hop fan and you actually know ganster rap dont hesitate to answer if u under age of 25 but if ur just some kid tryin to look cool posting gucci get the FUCK outta here haha

    Who are your top 5 producers of all time. You're personal favorite, not who you feel is the absolute best, but your favorite producers?

    gunna bring up CUBE VS COMMON just cuz



    some will laugh some will hate some will agree or w.e but .... did 50 Cent's material get worse over time or did he and G-Unit oversaturate the market to the point to where people eventually just lost interest?

    and final one for td is

    a lot of people say hip hop should be made strictly out of love for the music. with that said...if you've built a following and then realized you're in a fucked up record deal and everyone around you is getting rich but not you...should you walk away from the deal and not settle for a deal with someone else until the numbers are beneficial to you or should you think about the fans?
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  2. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    rest in peace roc raida
    but qbert hands dowwwn

    as for producers go

    dopeboy songs you mean like drug raps and crime?
  3. 32+1 Rounds

    32+1 Rounds Senior Member

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    Pete Rock(RIP)
    J Dilla (RIP)

    Honorable mentions go out to east flatbush project, hi-tek, and alchemist. also Araabmuzik makes some queer soundin but catchy shit. especially his new electronic dream thing. i'm just waitin for some rappers to get on some of those beats.

    50's shit got bad over time, cuz the man isn't hungry anymore. happens to a lot of artists. I still bump stuff from Power Of A Dollar, shit is heavy. hell, the top 3 dopeboy songs pre-2000 can all come from that album.

    as far as thinkin about the fans goes, a lot of cats went hungry doin that, but that's the honorable way out. Like the LOX and diddy shit, they tried to have it both ways but shit ain't happenin..

    here's some joints i'm pretty sure y'all never heard before.

  4. the cannabis evangelist

    the cannabis evangelist Elite Member

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    lord finese
    vinyl reanimaters
    godfather don
    lewis parker
  5. MEMO_HK

    MEMO_HK Member

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    JNYCE (psych ward)
    dj Muggs
  6. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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    dopeboy songs like drug dealing gangster shit almost anything thats hard as it gets!

    why u say Pete Rock(RIP) is that cuz hes not doing much? cuz u kno hes not dead right lol

    also this page anyone can bring up debates drop rare material and all that good stuff, post away boys n girls!

    [Broken External Image]: 5338299_n.jpg
    [Broken External Image]: 9382939_n.jpg
    [Broken External Image]: 570636_n.jpg
    [Broken External Image]: 1824233_n.jpg
  7. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    yah pete rock isnt slowing down nor is he dead. he put out monumental with smif and wessun and the 80 blocks from tiffany album with camp lo plus him a preem have been talking about the pete rock vs dj premier album but who knows when thats dropping.
  8. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    speaking of 80 blocks from tiffany's, is there a link that isn't some soundcloud mix of it??
  9. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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    yeah i hear nothing but great remarks on that album no doubt about that brother! once that drops ill throw it on here for everyone to download
    or or

    faulto i will search around :)

    damn yeah every link is soundclouded but the whole album is for download non the less. heres the link
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  10. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    yah i dont think it dropped it would of been bumping it and would of been all over the ughh message boards.
  11. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    word up. thanks... i didn't think it dropped. forgot about it actually.

    i'll just grab that mix now. gonna throw it in the whip tomorrow.
  12. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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    lets get some debates popping guys... ive tossed a bunch up and pretty much only heard lakim really gave his opinion on the few questionable debates up there lol and 321 seems less aggressive outside his toronto thread and actually has knowledge instead of hatred :p

    and btw thnx for droppin the thread eh lakim!

    heres 2 for yall.. whos are they... [Broken External Image]: 4793672_n.jpg
    [Broken External Image]: 414675_n.jpg
  13. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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  14. PlanetVegeta

    PlanetVegeta Senior Member

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    lupe gets on my nerves with all that complaining. plus he's too poppy. i wanna hear some rap shit not horrible poetry on a club track.
  15. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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    If you have only heard Lupe's major label releases this tape will be almost entirely new to you. Ever since he released his classic debut album, “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor,” the Chi-Town MC has been regarded as one of the best lyricists in Hip-Hop. With this compilation, we bring you the Lupe that most fans never got the chance to hear, until now. Packed with the best unreleased songs, mixtape joints, demo recordings, and even some live cuts, this 3-Disc compilation is a true Lupe fan’s dream. None of the songs here fall short of the legendary level that we’ve seen Lupe Fiasco reach on his studio albums. Not many features at all in this Lupe collection but you will see appearances from the likes of Kanye West, Mos Def, Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah and a couple more. Depriving yourself of hearing this would be like depriving yourself of oxygen. Ya'll came knocking, we answered, here's your treat. Happy Halloween, Y'all.

    that will explain everything about the compilation

    heres the track list for yall lazy bitches :p

    Disc One:

    1. Glory (Feat. Opal Staples)
    2. Handcuffs
    3. Absolute Freestyle
    4. Outty 5000
    5. Horn Synth
    6. Jesus Walks (Ahk-A-Fella Version)
    7. Angels Remix
    8. The Pen And The Needlz
    9. Mass Appeal Freestyle
    10. Welcome Back Chilly
    11. Don’t Get It Twisted
    12. Spaz Out
    13. Comin’ Where I’m From
    14. Dead Presidents Freestyle
    15. Day Dreaming (Live)
    16. So Ghetto
    17. Lu Myself
    18. Failure
    19. Happy Industries
    20. Dear Fall
    21. Slow Down
    22. Fast Money (Feat. Guitar Wayne)
    23. Ghetto Story

    Disc Two:

    1. Chilly
    2. Don’t Look Down (Feat. Mos Def, Kanye West & Big Sean)
    3. Champ Is Here
    4. The National Anthem
    5. Tilted
    6. Can You Let Me Know
    7. And He Gets The Girl
    8. The Run Down
    9. Sitting Sideways Remix (Feat. Jay-Z)
    10. Us Placers
    11. Make Sure
    12. Lean
    13. Superstar (Live) (Feat. Matthew Santos)
    14. Twilight Zone
    15. Much More (Feat. Yummy Bingham)
    16. Real Recognize Real
    17. Conflict Diamonds
    18. The One
    19. Lupe The Killer
    20. Heat Under The Babyseat
    21. Hater Hop
    22. Touch The Sky (Live)

    Disc Three:

    1. S.L.R.
    2. Steady Mobbin
    3. Knockin At The Door
    4. We On
    5. I’m Coming Freestyle
    6. Ooh
    7. Say Somethin
    8. Fire
    9. Didn’t U Know (Feat. Shayla G)
    10. Dynasty Freestyle
    11. Spray Pain And Ink Pens (Feat. Mike Shinoda & Ghostface Killah)
    12. Theme Music To A Drive-By
    13. Thank You
    14. Close Your Mind
    15. A Bathing Harry
    16. Hustlaz Song
    17. Dope Boy Freestyle
    18. I Gotcha (Live)
    19. Popular Demand
    20. Going Up
    21. Mic Check
    22. 1st & 15th Is Back
    23. Trials And Tribulations

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  16. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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  17. "Braze"

    "Braze" Member

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  18. RealHipHopHead

    RealHipHopHead Senior Member

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  19. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    i wanna know why you heads listen to HIPHOP music
    and if you "love" HIPHOP culture why do you love it.

    i listen to HIPHOP music cause i got down with bboying at a young age and there was no music that you can get down to just HARD breakbeats funk soul post modern jazz music and of course HIPHOP to this day i hear jimmy castors its just begun i get goosebumps and i start moving my feet on some uprock shiiiit. HIPHOP raised me gave me lessons that my parents didn't and its idealolgy is nothing but positive (peace love unity having fun knowledge wisdom and understand freedom justice equality) and that stems from the nation of Islam and the nation of Gods and Earth that were involved in HIPHOP from jump street heads dont realize its but HIPHOP culture is spiritual and transenducing BBOYS getting loose on the floor just start to connect to heaven and bust WIIIIILD moves that they dont even know they could do and prb wont do again cause they were in the higher shakra state of being same goes from freestylin rapping in a cypher with heads and everyone is connected kicking fly rhymes from the higher shakra HIPHOP like jazz is an improvisational art form and comes from a higher place THE GOD ZONE
    HIPHOP does say some negative things but heads dont read between the lines these men/women spit what they saw when they were young and put it in the rhymes but fake ass rapper and corporations take it blow it up saying THIS WHAT RAP IS AND IF YOU DONT RAP ABOUT IT YOU WONT SUCCEED.

    so in conclusion I LOVE H.I.P.H.O.P I DONT GIVE A FUCK CAUSE I LOVE H.I.P.H.O.P!!!!!!




  20. Miss Elite

    Miss Elite New Member

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    I remember the first ever "hip hop" album I ever bought was mother fucking Lil Bow Wow... Now before you think 'what the fuck are you doing on this thread' I was eventually shown the light... I was about 6 when I bought that.

    I hate what mainstream hip hop is doing to young kids trying to rap, kids who don't know the likes of the underground cats (KL, Blu (when he dropped below the heavens, dude does way too much now and none of it really matches with his shit on below the heavens), Median, Fashawn, MF Doom, Elzhi etc.) so now they listen to Drake and all that pop rap stuff and try to emulate that in their songs because they think that's hip hop.

    I'm from Australia so our hip hop culture is a little different from the US but none the less, even with our own style, our own culture that pop hip hop doesn't play here either.

    Anyways, I've ranted long enough. Xzibit or Snoop... based on that Doggystyle album I'm going to have to say Snoop. Elzhi or Big Pooh, close call, I've been bumping Elzhi a bit lately so my opinion on that battle would be a bit bias.

    Top 5 Producers (IMO, the beats I would listen to on the daily without a 16 over the top)
    9th Wonder
    Damu the Fudgemunk
    J Dilla (R.I.P)
    and DJ Premier

    Also, I didn't catch the BET cypher that featured Chris Brown and Estelle, anybody got their honest opinions on how they did? When I heard Justin Bieber wanted Luda to ghost write some shit for that I was pissed... But how dope was the Slaughterhouse cypher? Went hard.