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Long island

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GRAFFITIGRAFFITI, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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    its ya boy silon who rides the long island thread because nyc hates him


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    yall need 2 stop suckin every other writer who tries 2 do their thing like ur the graff congress or some shit. do you and dont worry about how many ppl write the same shit its not like he's biting the other soups style
  3. Judge Doom

    Judge Doom Senior Member

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    that's the exact mentality that is fuckin up graffiti today. yes lets have 4 biners and 4 damas and 4 semps. who cares, it's not like they are biting their style. but the problem is, that okay tool did bite. he straight up copied someone elses shit... fuckin morons. why did i come back to this site. i have more football to watch. peace
  4. noname631

    noname631 Senior Member

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    good looks whatunead i got some pretty good flicks to day check umm out ai51.tinypic.com_ayahbp.jpg ai54.tinypic.com_16i649l.jpg ai53.tinypic.com_24l21jd.jpg
  5. noname631

    noname631 Senior Member

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    ummm u can think i was being a biter but i did not even no oker was a writer till my buddy told me so wat u have o say now
  6. noname631

    noname631 Senior Member

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    its does look like oker but that was only one throwie i ever did wit a face n i did not know he was a writer till my boy told mee n i stoped doing a face ite so dont get ur panties in a bun
  7. Ted Logan

    Ted Logan Senior Member

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    the only thing i love about graffiti is how much graff writers hate things.

    i wish i could go back and not start painting until tomorrow.

    i saw mad spots chillin on the moon.
  8. PeopleShake

    PeopleShake Senior Member

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  10. WeBeSteadyMoshin

    WeBeSteadyMoshin Senior Member

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    silon, when i think of what u would look like, the dude in the pic is it.

    slim is filthy
  11. PeopleShake

    PeopleShake Senior Member

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    bottom of the page bump
  12. Ted Logan

    Ted Logan Senior Member

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    Mr. bunch of 3-d swirly lines with arrows at the end oner.
    nah, slim has mastered his own style and for that i give him respect,
    his style just isnt my cup of tea, as im sure mine isnt his. no hate.
    this shit im taking will not end.seriously. it sounds like a million pennies plopping into a bowl of water. like a rabbit.
    yall fools dont e-poop
    thats whats up.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
  13. ZoomedemooZ

    ZoomedemooZ Senior Member

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    who doesn't love those
  14. richard_o'gaine

    richard_o'gaine Member

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  15. Svuti

    Svuti Senior Member

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    its not that bad, just too much for my taste as well, i'd like to see it actually done, i can't sketch something like that too long before i lose my patience...that and i just paint better...lets see some ny styles people..imma post up , hope you all do too
  16. justin timberlake

    justin timberlake Senior Member

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    OBK STAY UP Member

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    WHo is CMB? i peeped dank ragged modok on sunrise

    STARPLAYER Senior Member

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    ========================================= = = = == = = = = = = = =
    so ya know this iz my bak yard up in there! and after a very breeef reee-kon,,.
    i note-ested a problum,,. and that one next 2 REEVES'' better be kleen! i will check!
    how-ever i am working on a [eee-lab--bret ]] a lab -2- but nun the less a very big
    painting prodject at the mome-ent,. at a spot you will never get 2)) own-lee
    see video-z and flickz of wen finished,,. but wen i am dun with my prodject,,.
    i will ,, well i might send ((REEM)) however i will go over ya! with i gess a very style-lish
    tag,, phat cap,, rusto,, and all that ,, you will like it cuz it will have style,,. but
    you yoused so much black,, your white out line iz crap-o'',, so,, its all primed for a nice big tag,,. somthing like this,, but over ya in paint,,, .
    and i will be takeing that spot back!'' ' 'and posting it allso,, its more phun like dat, jack'''
  20. LoneStranger

    LoneStranger Senior Member

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    budump bump