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Lookie-Lookie at the Blackbookies: flicks>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by geezpot, May 2, 2004.

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  1. Rend

    Rend Elite Member

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  2. ?!?

    ?!? Senior Member

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    ^ toy section
  3. Rend

    Rend Elite Member

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  4. v e n s r.

    v e n s r. Senior Member

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    as much as people appreciate you unloading your entire sketchbook into this thread im gonna have to ask you to take it to the toys thread

    better luck next time..
  5. Artism

    Artism Member

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  6. Artism

    Artism Member

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  7. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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  8. Havoc411

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  9. __:Amok:_

    __:Amok:_ Senior Member

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    oo my eyes they burn
  10. LooP

    LooP Senior Member

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    cooooool cooooooooool niga
  11. HEAT

    HEAT Senior Member

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    how'd u mangage that? mods took my account and they dont even know how to give it back
  12. lethalone

    lethalone Senior Member

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  13. -resq-love-obk-

    -resq-love-obk- Elite Member

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  14. MilkMan13

    MilkMan13 Senior Member

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    yo rend, just keep working on it, define your letters a little more. your a little jagged on a few. when i first started i couldnt come up with a nice throw or piece for my life. 5 years later the improvment is just so great i finally believe that practice does make perfect...and if not perfect...imensely improved to a respectable degree. and i impress myself sometimes now and again. im told im to hard on myself though, looking back on old sketches i wonder why i even kept trying it was so horrible. but if you put your work in on paper and on will learn alot and improve your style...and it looks like your drawing alot..just keep it up. and keep it on paper till your more comfortable with your work.
  15. inimical critic

    inimical critic Senior Member

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  16. * S M 3 B *

    * S M 3 B * Member

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  17. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    practise more man
    keep things simple
  18. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    and dat one above looked like the GES paint that wos on the latest 5 pics b4...

    NEWK: can u do bodies on karaks or u just do heads? id be intrested to c some full karaks if u do em..coz dat head aint bad
  19. sypho_cad

    sypho_cad Member

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    some old shit.

    ^ for DickDecks skateboards.


    ^ooooold. GE dont even exist anymore.


    ^from 2 years ago.

    some shit i got in my book.





  20. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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    nice flixs
    do u kno cope N em or ur book got passed around?