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Lookie-Lookie at the Blackbookies: flicks>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by geezpot, May 2, 2004.

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  1. dripz

    dripz Elite Member

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    saggy skin FTW.
  2. ICER

    ICER Senior Member

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    some ok stuff, which is you?[/b][/quote]
    well i did most of the pieces and characters my friend did the pink piece and the character next to it
  3. Dalte

    Dalte Senior Member

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  4. fiction

    fiction Elite Member

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  5. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  6. BoRe-719-

    BoRe-719- Elite Member

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    i love this straight edge demon bear thinger, so fresh [/b][/quote]
    word well, when you order a munny it comes with a coloring book for plan sketches...thats the plan sketch for a munny that im still working on.
    its taking forever

    letters....what do i say, i try but always fail
  7. fiction

    fiction Elite Member

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    thank you.
  8. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    huh? im sorry but i have no diea what i said to you, it was probably late, or else i was on something....cause i thought i hadnt psoted in here in a while


    ai118.photobucket.com_albums_o100_MENTE34_000_0051.jpg [/quote]had to bump this, even teh extensions are sexy
  9. bosny

    bosny Senior Member

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    he wasnt talking to you but referring to the way he draws letters.

    domething recent. im not too happy with it.

    work in progress.
  10. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    some shitty shitty freestyles. im bored and i suck. but its the only stuff ive done in a while.
    colored a shittier freestyle that i finished
    some crits would be fuckin great
  11. BosoeHNT

    BosoeHNT Senior Member

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  12. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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  13. flips25

    flips25 Member

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    thats hot man.. you remind me of caik.. i miss him
    so much.. he was good insperation... yah... but.. im
    loving it much.. im gonna post one im doing soon..
    but my cell pone needs new charger.. so yah
  14. BosoeHNT

    BosoeHNT Senior Member

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    flips ;) this is caik. ive just been fuckin around with other names. and letters. practicin simples n shit. this is the first actual sketch ive finished since summer 06. artists block. ill sketch more today. and see what happens. ill try another caik. maybe itll work this time...
  15. name_one

    name_one Senior Member

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  16. Enmity

    Enmity Elite Member

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    learn how to use cans tho B)
  17. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    ^^^bosny, work on your perspective, the balcony is drawn from a top view whilst the building draw from a point a lil bit lower

    as for caiker^ keep posting that style looks hot!
  18. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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  19. bosny

    bosny Senior Member

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  20. koper

    koper Banned

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