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Lookie-Lookie at the Blackbookies: flicks>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by geezpot, May 2, 2004.

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    what up chitlens

    havent been on in a minute.. a long one.. but i peep the sketches here and there to check out what you guys been bangin on lately.

    im glad to see a lot of you are really progressing nicely. finding the niche you excel in and honing your sweet nunchuck skills in a very proper manner.
    i cant really go on a 'so and so, nice work' rant cause most of the people i care to keep an eye on are doing better and better. i do, however, want to direct a comment for roolete. progressing like a beast my boy.. really bangin em out.. just watch for the incorporation of the 'hipster graff' feel on your shit. its not at all like that, but the sort of style i see you getting comfortable with seems like it could take that route if you wanted it to and i think your shit is just too good for that. personally i dont give a shit if something is trendy or whatever.. i like a lot of the stuff that people criticize as being hipster.. i just dont want it to get catagorized and blend in because i think you have real potential to be on top of shit. /rant
  5. MEWTS

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  6. Dsub

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    Damn.. Upon seeing that banger from Mewt, I just feel dirty posting my lowly shit..
  7. sivah

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  11. Dsub

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    Fuck that man those are hot for the most part. I just wouldn't go quite as extravagant on the streched out N's and maybe change the C in the Vicer handy cuz it just looks like a square. Other than that the letters are perfectly legible and stylish.

    Few old ones for talking.
  12. DROWone

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    that blue pen sike is sick!!

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    stuck on the 3rd rail.,,,
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