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Lookie-Lookie at the Blackbookies: flicks>talk

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by geezpot, May 2, 2004.

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  1. adelg88

    adelg88 Member

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    amazing work! i hope to be 1/5 that good one day

    the fill is so amazing
  2. calberta

    calberta Member

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    quick outline
  3. DEKOR

    DEKOR Elite Member

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  4. LuStErOcKs

    LuStErOcKs Moderator

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    LoL WuT?
  5. DieHippie

    DieHippie Senior Member

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    lord how old are u ?
  6. wiserism

    wiserism Elite Member

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    i would love to kno who from
  7. wiserism

    wiserism Elite Member

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  8. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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    Lobs....That was a fuckin face melter....big up your crew guys all got the evil agressive styles on all live in tha same area? pm me if you dont wanna post up in public but id like to know where yur all from an whos all in your crew so when i got time i can lurk tha net and do my homework on your fam
  9. Germz Yo

    Germz Yo Elite Member

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    Bamp for usual enjoyment.

    Yes, the fappage has been achieved.

    Me rikey.

    View attachment 546017
    View attachment 546018
    Running out of black microns at the beginning of my school day is a sure-fire way to make me upset.
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  10. zennegen

    zennegen Banned

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    personally, i just use fine point sharpies when i doodle. i use fine liners like microns on full color pieces :/ i just go like every month and grab like 30 sharpies, hassle free :/
  11. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

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    that G on the second piece is fucking rediculous. real solid work overall bro.
  12. Germz Yo

    Germz Yo Elite Member

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    anybody pm me if you wanna exchange
    ill take 5 people
  13. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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  14. k743

    k743 New Member

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  15. sSimpleMindeded

    sSimpleMindeded Banned

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  16. Woven

    Woven Senior Member

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  17. pookienuts

    pookienuts Senior Member

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  18. n_noodles

    n_noodles Senior Member

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  19. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    oh mai gawwwd he writing kerrrsse 8(((((((((

    shut the fuck up guys. i bet theres like 100 people writing kerse in california alone.
  20. actlikeyouknow

    actlikeyouknow Senior Member

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    just so i understand, you delete other peoples opinions and then lay down your own? pretty hypocritical..

    so if i understand your point, its ok to write someone elses name especially someone who put in work and is no longer alive because other people are doing it? fuck that. learn some history, and show some fucking respect. promoting ignorance and toy moves is pathetic and should not be condoned period.