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Mang Vs Bla

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by bla!, Mar 23, 2006.

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Mang vs Bla

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  1. bla!

    bla! Senior Member

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  2. AMAZ tbscrew

    AMAZ tbscrew Elite Member

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    nice poll.......
    edit:and pics
    edit:and i saw all ur paint and shit...why do u have so much if U SAID ur toy

    edit: fuck u fixed the pics...dang :(
  3. ner_one

    ner_one Senior Member

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    ^well put AMAZ,
  4. ner_one

    ner_one Senior Member

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    meng..... wut were yu trying to do with that...shadow? :blink:
  5. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    well i voted bla beacause its illegal and it still looks better than mengs perfectly legal sketch, so bla got my vote, and should be getting all of the rest of this sites

    no beef meng
  6. Kingz514

    Kingz514 Elite Member

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    yeh voted bla cuz its painted
  7. meng

    meng New Member

    • Messages: 1
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    is alrighty. its true bla did his illigal unlike mine. maybe me and bla will have a real paint battle. bomb thingy one day :D he he
  8. Scarism416

    Scarism416 Senior Member

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    bla bla bla bla bla bla is too gangsta, and its painted...hes ma nigga
  9. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    bla is oozing with phatness man so dope!

    meng 's boring and doesn't actually look that good.
  10. Paint Magic

    Paint Magic Elite Member

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    i voted bla cuz hes cool like that
  11. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    bla i like ure style, simple n fresh... plus props for actually postin a pianted throw cuz no one does paint on here
  12. Ecronomy

    Ecronomy Senior Member

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    looks like it says ela
  13. 12ozDemon

    12ozDemon Senior Member

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    but i agree with ecro, that does look a lot like an e
  14. bla!

    bla! Senior Member

    • Messages: 420
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    ela haha what?!

    I like taht throw cause its simple it doesnt tkae me long to do it. And thanks for the votes
  15. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    null, both swallow.

    FUTUERS FWBCREW Senior Member

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  17. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    im too lazy to vote, so i decided to do more work and post that i was too lazy to vote, which ultimatley created more work for me than just voting.

    as far as i know, if it created more work, i shouldn't have done it if i didn't want to do more work, but since it WAS more work, i decided to do it just to create more work and brag. but thats only as far as i know.

    my brain hurts.
  18. urban.decay

    urban.decay Senior Member

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    mmm gotta vote bla on this one :lol:
  19. streak!

    streak! Senior Member

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    is it not obvious. paint or a sketch. no matter what paint is the winner unless its a sick ass piece vs. a bomb.
  20. ados

    ados Elite Member

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    both are completly wack. what the fuck is up with that b in blas bomb? looks like a downsyndrome E