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Markers Or Spray Paint

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by underground_culture, Nov 29, 2005.

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whaddya prefer? makers(pilots etc..) or sray paint( montana..)



  1. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    hey y'all i wanted to try out and make a poll so what do ya think?! i prefer spary paint, its faster to do handstyles and u make make ur throwups bigger

    peace out

  2. -=J=-

    -=J=- Elite Member

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    paint no contest!
  3. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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  4. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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  5. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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  6. ow1

    ow1 Senior Member

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    it all depends wat im doing
  7. orinocho17

    orinocho17 Member

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  8. -=J=-

    -=J=- Elite Member

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  9. Senior Member

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    anything and everything
  10. bumsuckfun

    bumsuckfun Elite Member

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    this can't be for real... what real writer would choose markers over paint? ridiculous, and not just because there is already a (maybe more than one) thread/poll about this either...
  11. []ASeR-ONe[]paint slinger

    []ASeR-ONe[]paint slinger Elite Member

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    spray paint!!!!!!!!!!!!
    markers get too fucked up on shit.

    :ph34r: ninjas killed your grandma...
  12. Word Killa!

    Word Killa! Senior Member

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    depends on what and when you dot your things cuz
    you cant do paint in metro in day time cant make
    make markers in rough walll but paint dont bufff easyly...

    i vote paint.Specialy belton or montana.

  13. Word Killa!

    Word Killa! Senior Member

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    and fuck the video of smike...i dont know what its name
    but taht suck...beat 2 time the same guy 2 vs 1.
    fucker.i hope one day taht will happens to you.

    if you think your nice whit this video....your wrong
    think about it plz.
  14. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    you had to much time! [/b][/quote]
    i didn't post that :blink: :unsure:
  15. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    this is such a stupid thread. close it. spray paint by the way.
  16. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    i voted for markers, but i think stickers shuold have been included
    with paint, i usually fuck up more unless its a super chill spot
  17. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    so the fucking toy is tagging on_____ peice, he had it comming to him, fuck him
    what are you sad cuase you saw some blood, get over it, either you do it to some one or someone does it too you sooner or later in the the kid came back with a bike seat acting like he was gunna do something
  18. stigma 2k6

    stigma 2k6 Senior Member

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    i used to use nothing but spray but now i use markers
  19. diarrhea

    diarrhea Senior Member

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    BoFe Of DeM iS iLL!!
  20. alive

    alive Banned

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    only a toy would choose markers