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Markers Or Spray Paint

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by underground_culture, Nov 29, 2005.

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whaddya prefer? makers(pilots etc..) or sray paint( montana..)



  1. textathief

    textathief Senior Member

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    theirs no contests, in teh end markers rock the best, but paint is for different things this is a stupid thread!......not really but i wanna add my 2 cents
  2. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    i like both cause with spray paint u can do bigger stuff faster but then the markers don't make as much noise(if they even do) :D
  3. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    rite now i prefer markers cuz its winter but in the summer i prefer paint cuz it stays around alot longer then anything u do with a marker
  4. Seek38

    Seek38 Senior Member

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    I guess markers for tags, since my tag is complicated and it looks pretty shitty with paint, but on the other hand its kindof hard to do throwups with markers :p
  5. Skesh

    Skesh Elite Member

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    Id say markers

    It makes 'less' noise than spraypaint. You can hear the 'SSSSHH' from meters away and the smell is very strong with spray paint
  6. [breakout]-azer

    [breakout]-azer Senior Member

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    yeah you can smell paint and you do hear the sssshhh noise pritty far away and markers make no noise at all and dont smell much.

    paint is good for big trow ups but markers are better from tags.
  7. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    spray paint for sure
    everybodys into markers now
    markers dont really show artwork
    just hand writing
    who cares if you get heard
    dont be puss
  8. toke

    toke Member

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    markers are cool,
    but paints better
  9. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    paint all the way
  10. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    fo sho, paint all the way, your rep pionts will go up in your local me
    nilla, grafffiti kingpin, holmes.
  11. Rasp

    Rasp Member

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    paint of course looks better but its to big if your trying to sneak in a really populated
    area that your trying to tag
    ehhhhh whatev
  12. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    i would tag with paint, but its too cold and the paint doesnt come out.
  13. Detour

    Detour Member

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    Without Paint there is no graffiti. Markers are all well and good but Paint is where its at.
  14. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    apples and oranges
  15. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    i pee my name in the snow.
  16. !ASK?

    !ASK? Member

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    I like paint, but markers are cool, I say Paint and markers are tied. Check out all of my montana I got, 16 cans. ai128.photobucket.com_albums_p170_GRAFFKING_2006_UncleNedSummer06281.jpg
  17. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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  18. Copieright

    Copieright Senior Member

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    i think he`s a rich fag...
  19. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    i wouldnt really brag about 16 cans..

    but null vote. i like em both
  20. jelis

    jelis Banned

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    i bet he's proud cause thats his age ^