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Markers That mucho sucko

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by sKope, May 23, 2004.

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  1. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    I just got a 640pp Molotow burner marker, There pretty good I recommend them.
  2. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    holdupholdupholdup...washable markers are soo fire for flare chisel tip style hands on paper.

    and marker that suck would be magnums, and most OTR in my opinion.
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  3. jfks brain

    jfks brain New Member

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    Krink marker(k-70)

    This marker looks slick and works slick too,if you are useing it on paper, but unless you like wasting your time running tags that will fade like mine did extreamly quickly! than i would not recomend useing this marker for anything but paper, also the nib is not very workable eather compared to a uni or a pentel nib... I have seen alot better from Krink
  4. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    word man.
    even with the k-71's.
    plus the chrome is complete shit.
    after a couple of tags it streaks like a bitchhhh.
  5. letsg0skate

    letsg0skate Senior Member

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    I hate every marker except small zigs and streakers for small stuff and big zigs and window chalk markers (oink mini mops) for big stuff.
    1. otr scrawl pen- first graff marker I ever bought, and it was terrible. The tags are hideous, and ridiculously messy.
    2. the regular otr paint markers - streaky, leaky, and reaky. Sucky overall
    3. molotow burner marker - a personal least favorite of mine. Leaks EVERYWHERE, couldn't be streakier, and takes about 10 minutes of shaking and a few solid pumps just for like a decent tag, then it will fade in a few days :]
    4. Kiwi mops - The nib is huge wtf are you going to write on unless your tag is one letter, or your hitting the outside of a bus or something. not my least favorite, but definately not one I plan on using again anytime soon.

    Now for good markers

    1. Woodcrafts (chisel tip) Great size for poles, no streaks, easy refill, and come in good colors if you don't feel like refilling
    2. Streakers - great for writing on any surface, dope colors, fade proof even in the hot phoenix summer, writes on poles or other metal or plastic especially well. Great way to spend 5 dollars.
    3. Big woodcrafts - the paint is alright if you don't feel like refilling. Doesn't fade, but buffed somewhat easy. Oh well. fill it with your own ink if thats your thing. No streaks, no leaks, easy refill, great nib size. Availability is great.
    4. Window writers (mini mops) - Can be found at party city, sick drips if you want it, or no drips if you want. Great for squeezing, durable nib, somewhat easy refill, good nib size. use at least once and you will be hooked ;]

    FABLE IR CRU Senior Member

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  7. mada focka

    mada focka Senior Member

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    fuck OTR scrawlsters. though its fat its hella streaky.
  8. toys!

    toys! Senior Member

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    Thoes fucking OTR paint liners suck shit the nib gets fucked in a matter of minutes the paint is watery and so thin they cant cover things like prismas without 5 coats, they are streaky and overall shit. Save your money go buy some decos or hey just rack them all i know is otr paintliners suck really badily.
    Dollar store kiwi knockoffs... the nibs fall out and your paint/nk comes out everywhere.
    Motolw paint markers they are streaky and watery cover almost nothing.
    magniums they blow they run out quickily the fade ect they are shit.

    Markers that dont suck.
    Oil pait streaks from the art stores are a fave of mine really good dont smell so you can use them near people stealtly i have used one with a person sitting in the seat directly ahead of me on a bus. When they buff them there is always a ghost and most of the time its readable.
    Bingo abbers with rusto/ thinner
    I actually like my krink 71 alot its a bleed through blue though it works nice It doesent bleed throguh that well though.
    Otr flow pens. mine was a bit leaky but i put some DOD in there and it works like a charm.
    Otr cold sweat. Works smoothly not leaky otrs are generally shitty but this one is alright.
    anything homemade
  9. Musick8

    Musick8 Member

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    how can i fix my nib
    after use the end gets all gritty and ink wont flow through
    im afraid if i cut it i will screw it up
  10. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    do you mean like regular oil pastel cryaons?
    post a pic or give me a brand name if possible...
  11. MarsWTF

    MarsWTF Member

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    I got a OTR Hard-to-buff, I like it alot. So I was like Im gonna get a empty Moltow marker cos it looks EXACTLY the same to the OTR one. I got it and thought, right lets put some silver grog in this baby. That my friends.. that was a terrible mistake. It was watery as piss and as streaky as shit. OMG Don't ever, and I mean EVER go near silver grog, unless you add something into it. The black was ok but seemed to still be watery, you either don't touch grog or mix it with something else.
  12. harley.

    harley. Senior Member

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    if u can get the nib out, try taking it out and using the other end?
    i know it sounds obvious but still
  13. smile_

    smile_ Senior Member

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    for all you guys that have problems kiwi nibs and what not, if you just wrap it in a sock it will be fine... i hate ripped nibs, i was out last night and my nib ripped haha. ohwell, marker was almost empty anyway, I just used it without a nib.. fortunately oink mops have a regulator so it wasn't like i was just dumping paint out haha. :D and those otr scarl pens are just like big sakuras right? if so, they dont seem bad..
  14. toys!

    toys! Senior Member

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    naw they aint just oil pastels they are called like artsticks or something its just solidifyed oil paint it comes in a cardboard cover like a markwell and looks identical except its like a white and blue piece of cardboard instead of yellow.
  15. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    thanks ill see if i can find em around here
  16. toys!

    toys! Senior Member

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  17. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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  18. Ab()u+1234

    Ab()u+1234 New Member

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    ummm...i think that the otr paint markers that are metallic suck because the streak like a mo fo!!
  19. huskerone

    huskerone New Member

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    I LOVE Magnum markers and they smell incredible.
  20. huskerone

    huskerone New Member

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    I LOVE Magnum markers and they smell incredible.